TV review: ZDF-Drama stars above us – crash of a woman to Nothing | TV

From the life of a Adrift: The excellent played ZDF Drama "stars above us" tells the story of almost a documentary of a woman who moves with her son in the fo

TV review: ZDF-Drama stars above us – crash of a woman to Nothing | TV

From the life of a Adrift: The excellent played ZDF Drama "stars above us" tells the story of almost a documentary of a woman who moves with her son in the forest.

TV review to ZDF Drama "stars above us" The Film the life of a woman, the crashing is entirely A special effect of the Drama on the spectator

A woman comes in with a suitcase and a child from the forest, the hair is washed in the toilet of a suburban train station and missed the train. The short of it is awarded as the "best in Class" of your training year. She is now a flight attendant; the teacher wants the participants to "Always happy landings". But Melli Schneider has long since crashed: The single mother is homeless and lives with her nine-year-old son Ben in a tent in the woods.

TV-criticism of the ZDF Drama "stars above us": directorial debut for Christina Ebelt

"stars above us" has called Christina Ebelt her directorial debut. The romantic sounds, but the Film is far from glorify Mellis Situation. Although there are, in fact, exuberant moments in which the mother can enjoy her time with her son, but otherwise, the Director makes no secret of the fact how fragile this unbehauste existence, because most of the time has Melli fear of losing Ben.

Ebelt and her co-author Franziska Krentzien have designed the plot emphasizes episodic, which gives the Film a documentary painting. Basically, he has not even the beginning or the end. Also, the history is not told explicitly, and results from hints: Melli, Franziska Hartmann immensely strongly embodied, lived with Ben in a mold infested apartment. When she refused to pay the rent, has been terminated. Your demented mother lives in a nursing home; friends that you could borrow on a temporary basis, there is probably not. With mid-thirties, she is also too proud to beg. Even the auxiliary teachers (Kai Ivo Baulitz) of her son, with whom she begins a relationship, prepare not revealed, as it really stands out to you.

"stars above us" in the ZDF: The main character is extremely hopeless – TV-criticism

The very special effect of this tragedy resulted in part from the hopelessness of his main character. Working as a flight attendant in the sample time life-the only constant in Mellis, but it also has the Stress, many single mothers suffer: If a flight is delayed, can't you pick up Ben on time of the primary school. The youth welfare office is already on the small family's attention.

When the clerk learns that mother and child are homeless, you are Melli take away the boy. This existence in a constant concern transfers directly to the audience. the "stars above us" is not a movie for people who can't stand it when others have to complete a high-wire act, because such viewers fear prompt the worst: Melli will lose your Job, the mother and the child are attacked in the woods, your tent is destroyed, someone is going to rat you to the youth welfare office.

TV-criticism to the Drama "stars above us" (ZDF): The image design is not a documentary

All this, however, occurs, because Ebelt shy away from the things worse. You don't need. Thanks to the documentary image design of grace – an impression that is enhanced by the renunciation of music – is Mellis fate is depressing enough. As a case study, the author signs the vicious circle in which the wife: Because she has not paid the rent, it has a Schufa entry; because of the Schufa entry, you find a new apartment. Nevertheless, you will not be beaten. Is your son a loving mother and will appear on time and neat to work. Accordingly, great was the respect for this woman, in the course of the film.

"stars above us":

Monday, 15.06.2020, ZDF, 20.15

at the Beginning, as the causes for the alleged drop-out of life are still unclear, the effect is still unapproachable, especially since Franziska Hartmann seems to place no value on it, to embody Melli as a figure of identification. Later, you can afford it, even sometimes lashing out, without sympathy, losing. According to heart-wrenching the scene is finally, as she sees no other way out. The little Claudio Magno does his thing, as Ben is also very exquisite, so the scenes with mother and son love and credibility.

TV-criticism of the ZDF Drama "stars above us": The Film was Ebelt the Primetime deserves

Christina as an author of two excellent dramas about domestic violence, "Opposite" (2007) and "It's all right" (2013). With "stars above us" you wanted to describe how fast you can be in our society on the brink. The Film was originally created for the cinema, but not been evaluated. The Drama is a co-production of ZDF - editors of The Small TV. The Junior running usually work until after midnight. The more respectable, that the "Second" Ebelts Film radiates already at 20.15; he deserves it.

By Tilmann P. Gangloff

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