TV-criticism to Starbucks unfiltered (Arte): disposable cups as a status symbol, | TV

The authors of a TV documentary taking a critical look behind the Scenes at the international coffee house chain Starbucks and come to some exciting findings.

TV-criticism to Starbucks unfiltered (Arte): disposable cups as a status symbol, | TV

The authors of a TV documentary taking a critical look behind the Scenes at the international coffee house chain Starbucks and come to some exciting findings.

The success of coffee chain Starbucks in TV in a Arte-documentation critical.
A journalist reported first-Hand from the work life at Starbucks. The business policy of Starbucks consists of tax avoidance and unhealthy coffee blends .

Strasbourg – A strange time phenomenon: a disposable packaging is considered to be chic. And the flow just in case of a clientele that is attributable to the new progressivism, in the environmental consciousness, social ethics and cultural diversity. Or, at least, are on Display. The talk is of a filthy cardboard Cup with a plastic coating, which for the coffee transport use. And the status icon will be collected, when to recognize up front that it is clearly visible the Logo of the company Starbucks .

The authors Luc Herman and Gilles Bobon point out this aspect in her comprehensive documentary about the Starbucks right from the start prominent. Because this Trick , the success of the coffee house chain , which today operates worldwide to 28,000 stores in Prime locations is based.

Arte-documentary coffee-house chain Starbucks in the TV: In the sign of the Topless mermaid

As the company in 1971 in Seattle was founded, did not foresee this development. Three friends, a teacher, an author, an entrepreneur, had had enough of the usual labbrigen unit coffee. In Berkeley, there were already a successful shop for quality coffee beans . Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Siegl imported the idea back to Seattle, they named their store Starbucks, and chose as a trademark the Silhouette of a – then still Topless mermaid.

The business prospered, and soon the first branches were opened. With the hiring of Howard D. Schultz in 1982, the turning point came. Schultz said that the Starbucks-stores fresh-brewed coffee to serve. The founders were, however, sold their shares of Schultz, and went on their way.

From an economic Wait Schultz’ restructuring proved to be correct. Thanks to sophisticated marketing strategies, he made the Starbucks to an internationally successful company and brought it in 1992 at the stock exchange. Be private assets is estimated to be four billion dollars.

Arte-Doku to Starbucks in the TV: Undercover among Baristas

Publicly Schultz, the were already said to have ambitions for a presidential bid, and other management positions, which seem to be those of the target clientele to agree to be represented. The keyword Fairness is. the coffee from fair cultivation, fair working conditions. Repeatedly Schultz called for a debt-free state budget. In this respect, it would be helpful if big companies like Starbucks taxes . But you know, at least in Europe, to avoid sent, such as the French documentary filmmaker prove.

In a lengthy, time-consuming research, you have investigated the self-presentation of the coffee brewer to their truth content. Since the employees of the company may not take a public position, has a participating journalist in a store in line and reported first-Hand about the everyday work of the so-called " Baristas ".

Arte-Doku to Starbucks in the TV: sugar for health-conscious

Starbucks has perfected, and what retail merchants are already learning in training: a friendly response from the customer, the Simulation of personal attention, active sell. At the coffee bar the particular flavors, the particular milk, the icing on the cake are the. All for a fee, of course. And, in some cases, very unhealthy. the food scientist have found that syrup blends containing coffee and cold drinks can contain as much sugar as a can of coke.

these offers are also Appreciated in social settings, where otherwise, large health and Calorie conscious. And yet the customers are – the example comes from Tours – for hours in the cold to be at the opening of a new Starbucks branch and a non-degradation to get hold of degradable disposable cups. Their disposal must be paid from the tax revenue...

theme night on TV: Arte shows not only Starbucks-documentation

The ninety-minute documentary film is attractively put up. The artist Cedric Cassimo, usually works with Sand, shaping images of coffee powder and changed it with quick little finger-strokes, makes for an exciting and commenting topics transitions. And, very important, Starbucks not a solitary phenomenon. The content of this film any further conclusions can be drawn. On the business policies of global companies, on the manipulability of the customers, on the contradictory, consumption behavior from all of us.

Arte complements the theme night to the documentaries "The System of milk" (21.50 PM) on the topic of dairy industry and "poor chicken, poor man" (23.20 hours), and on the global egg and chicken meat production.

Harald Keller

"Starbucks unfiltered", 02.06.2020, 20.15 h, Arte

After a television report on the alleged child labor in Guatemalan coffee plantations, the President of the Central American country wants to bring a change in the Law on the way. In the British television station Channel 4 aired on Monday evening, a Film that allegedly revealed how children in Guatemala, harvested coffee, and intended for the sale of the international brands Starbucks and Nespresso.

In Berlin and Hamburg will have to pay customers at Starbucks for your coffee. The coffee house has introduced fees on a mug.

Date Of Update: 02 June 2020, 11:34

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