TV criticism (ZDF): The Commissioner and the sea: On a dark lake murder on shaky ground | TV

Not a holiday for ZDF Commissioner in a Different way: During the Crossing on the Swedish mainland, a murder occurs. TV -criticism " The Commissioner and th

TV criticism (ZDF): The Commissioner and the sea: On a dark lake murder on shaky ground | TV

Not a holiday for ZDF Commissioner in a Different way: During the Crossing on the Swedish mainland, a murder occurs.

TV -criticism " The Commissioner and the sea: On a dark lake " The voltage effect of the ZDF film in
Who requires a television crime drama much, it is only a insufficient

supported Since the ZDF the German-Swedish Commissioner Robert Anders (Walter Sittler) in 2007 for the first time on the island of Gotland, action, edit the Criminologist and his Team an average of two cases per year. A realistic crime rate of 60,000 inhabitants? In 2017, more recent data were not available, attempts were there on Gotland, four murders, or Murder. The year before there were seven. The ZDF series "The Commissioner and the sea" is moving, therefore, at least statistically, in a reasonably realistic framework. Robert and his colleagues have not run out of work. One is tempted to say: they followed him even.

TV-criticism to "The Commissioner and the sea" in the ZDF: It happened in broad daylight

last-Minute Robert Anders with his step-son Kasper Winarve (Grim Lohman), the ferry to the mainland to Nynäshamn. From there, it will continue to go to Stockholm to Kaspers mother. Not in a dark lake, as the title promises, but in the daylight. During the Crossing of the investigator is noisy, as the words "penetrating body" and "police" on his ears.

The distressed faces of the three crew members speak for themselves. Anders reveals himself as a police detective and learns that the cabin area of the ship, a Dead woman was found. He does what needs to be done, a policeman. And he's doing it under time pressure, because the ferry will dock in three hours. The passengers will leave the ship, and with them the murderer, or the murderer.

"The Commissioner and the sea: On a dark lake" in TV (ZDF): A boy disappears

Fortunately, the ferry has a helicopter landing area. Robert hand is short-be a proven Team flown in, the investigator, Thomas Wittberg (Andy Gätjen), and the coroner Ewa Svensson (Inger Nilsson). A welcome relief, as Robert Else, on top of that to Kasper. After a small dispute had not disappeared up his own business and remained, also responds to calls and loudspeaker announcements. The audience knows more: Kasper has observed the murder, and was locked in a storage room. And it gets worse for him...

has Also allowed the audience is already acquainted with a passenger that carries a gun, and overall, a very peculiar Amount on the day.

furthermore, the writer and Director responsible of drawing guides at the end of Miguel Alexandre early attention to a wedding party. A family from the higher stalls, trying, apparently eager to make the wedding day unforgettable. But not in the usual sense of the word ...

TV-criticism to "The Commissioner and the sea: On a dark lake" (ZDF): Limited voltage

Whether island, snow – covered train or cruise ship-we have completed the places, the allow no access from the outside or an Escape, in crime genre in delightful ways. Look at it is if a murderer or a killer to commit further acts, and always the question is, who will be the next meeting. Miguel Alexandre plays suggestively with this pattern, if a Different’ step-son Kasper device in a hazardous location. Only the voltage effect is limited, because in the German Series of detective stories of the tribe staff rarely Bad happens. At least nothing that could not be until the next Episode to recover.

"The Commissioner and the sea: On a dark lake", Saturday, 30.05.2020, 20:15 clock, ZDF

"On a dark lake" is a typical celebration in the evening crime, not worried about the dimensions and the should not even. Favourably, one could classify Commissioner Robert Differently than calm people. Leisurely, almost matt, in the service-to-rule mode, he performs his tasks. Once he loses his composure and threatens a Suspect with torture, because he hoped the man information on the whereabouts of Kaspers. It does not fit to this figure, and even in this Moment seem to be the emotions slowed down, the nightwalkers, as after two days without sleep.

You like to remove Walter Sittler the brooder, perhaps, as a hothead, he is not convincing. Not the only one tripping threshold that can prevent that completely, and to be immersed at any time in history. As is mentioned several times, should be about six hundred passengers on the ferry. You see only the same small circles, a few extras aside. Then there is this man with the gun who was so smart to focus on the car deck, the surveillance camera to the top.

"On a dark lake" in TV (ZDF): A typical night crime – Who charges more, is only a insufficient

Even smarter, because inconspicuous, however, would have been to simply move a small piece in the Horizontal to. But, perhaps the thing on the part of the Schwerenöters was not thought out as yet so right. Then, however, he's dragging laboriously a heavy load without any Need many meters of longitudinally above the open Deck – there are about six hundred people, ergo, potential witnesses on Board! – to heave to and then exactly at the focus of a surveillance camera on the railing. The scene is clearly arranged, so that the Commissioner can recognize later, the man's face.

The examples show: You must be magnanimous to see the other way to hide that you attend a production. Who demands more from a television crime drama, is supported only inadequately.

Harald Keller

In the ZDF-crime "Stralsund: blood lines"* receives Commissioner Petersen clues to the mysterious Disappearance of a friend and must face up to new crimes.

The Film "waste" from the ZDF-series "Mr and Mrs bull", with Alice Dwyer, and Johann von Bülow is a very successful Thriller with a remarkably good image design and complex history.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Date Of Update: 30 May 2020, 09:35

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