TV criticism (ARD): And who takes the dog? Martina Gedeck and Ulrich Tukur in the marital dispute in the First | TV

The ARD Comedy, "And who takes the dog?" with Martina Gedeck and Ulrich Tukur light-hearted way, draws on bitter-the balance of a marriage. The ARD starts

TV criticism (ARD): And who takes the dog? Martina Gedeck and Ulrich Tukur in the marital dispute in the First | TV

The ARD Comedy, "And who takes the dog?" with Martina Gedeck and Ulrich Tukur light-hearted way, draws on bitter-the balance of a marriage.

The ARD starts the "summer cinema in the First" The prelude to the Comedy power", And who takes the dog?" with Martina Gedeck and Ulrich Tukur, A couple regulates its separation in the therapy sessions

It took a while, but now they are finally be reunited. The speech, however, is not of the main cast members Martina Gedeck and Ulrich Tukur . The two prove even in this biting Comedy, how well they harmonize with each other, but finally, in the case of the movie romance "Brilliant happiness" (2016) together in front of the camera stood.

no, it's about the Director Rainer Kaufmann and the script writer Martin Rauhaus. The a has been honored for films such as "the talk of the town", "Maria's last journey" or "sugar bread" with every conceivable type of German Film and television prices, the other is regarded in this country as one of the best dialogue writer; together, they have created once the mischievous light-hearted TV Drama "A strong finish" (2009) with Bruno Ganz as a human enemy.

ARD: "And who takes the dog?" has a harsh sound

at Least from the tone of the ARD-Comedy tie in "And who is the dog?" seamless it: What are the two main characters throw and sometimes in the head, is, in part, selected for their viciousness. Rauhaus tells a very simple story: After 25 years of marriage, a man ( Ulrich Tukur ) opened his dismayed wife ( Martina Cover ), he was a Younger met and wanted to start from the beginning.

the Pair is in Good to go apart, it takes the services of a separation companion ( Angelika Thomas ) in the claim; the visits in the practice of the therapist, the framework for action form. In this way, short bays for amazing can provide counterpoints: During the conversation with the psychologist, Doris makes a wider impression, but the flashback reveals how she has recorded George's notice; then you can be in his car "good as new" no more talk. It sounds as if the incident is not very original, and otherwise Rauhaus has not invented a new Genre. First of all, the Film shows the usual conversations with the best friend ( Peter Jordan ) and best friend ( Julia Jenkins ), as well as the surprisingly mellow reactions of the adult children.

ARD-Comedy: Challenging thanks to Ulrich Tukur, Martina Gedeck

Unusual professional Background, however, is George: The zoologist is the Director of an aquarium; the affair with the doctoral student Laura (Lucia Heinze) is not least the result of their common Passion for the love life of the jellyfish. In the story, as from the triangle relationship a dual relationship is: Doris, who has once sacrificed her passion for the painting of the family learns the culture of journalists Axel (Marcel Hensema), and promptly Georg revealed typical symptoms of Jealousy.

The difference compared to similar comedies the common (or individual) sessions with the therapist, in Essence, because the main characters are confronted in this way again and again to each other. Sent Rauhaus and the merchant to ensure that the infringing converts at the end of the tone subliminally. the Tukur and Plate probably have no reason to complain about the lack of acting challenges, both for over thirty years, mostly employed, and mostly for demanding productions actors; but, the dialogues of Rauhaus are once again something Special. Of Tukur , which the author has written the significantly amüsanteren lines of benefits, however, especially. The plans of his future Ex-wife, to start his own company, he comments on evil as a "construction company, for castles in the air".

ARD Comedy, "And who takes the dog?" in the ARD is funny, but never silly

To compensate, Doris has more action scenes: The car of the spouse is not the only one that needs to believe in it. The climax in this respect, a fake theft in the Museum, the Doris live on your new art site transfers. More conventionally, however, Mann's staging of purchase. The ARD shows "And who takes the dog?" , although at the start of the series "summer cinema in the First", but the movie is originally made for television and can not also deny; a fact that even the interesting and varied music (Jörn Kux, Jan-Peter Klöpfel) does not change much.

the how a TV documentary designed bracket is Redundant, moreover, when George and Doris at the beginning and at the conclusion of signs your sensibilities directly into the camera. On the other hand, has been hilarious at times but never silly Comedy actually has a certain documentary character, because Rauhaus the shield and the mutual accusations of the life copied. The reality culminates in a balance sheet George who are able to understand many long-time couples: First, the lovers have made a loud crazy things, then the children, and with them the everyday life, and "at some point, the air was easy to get out." But that's not the end of the story. (Tilmann P. Gangloff)

broadcast date : Monday, 29.06.2020, 20.15 clock, The First and the ARD-Mediathek.

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