Stress with the Hamburg court: Gangster Gzuz bangs with Baby gun in the air | Boulevard

German rapper Gzuz must be in front of the Hamburg district court. Charge: Illegal possession of firearms, attempted theft and assault – What punishment threate

Stress with the Hamburg court: Gangster Gzuz bangs with Baby gun in the air | Boulevard

German rapper Gzuz must be in front of the Hamburg district court. Charge: Illegal possession of firearms, attempted theft and assault – What punishment threatens the 187er?

Gzuz * must compete in front of the Hamburg * court . the German rapper * with private possession of weapons . the provocateur aversion: Offense of 187ers .

Hamburg German rapper Gzuz was again in the negative sense of the talk. The frontier reluctantly, of the Berlin Fler calls to a fight out* must. starting Tuesday, 23 June 2020 before the Hamburg district court answer. Him violations be accused of being against the gun law , attempted theft and personal injury .

Rapper:GzuzGeboren:29. June 1988 (Age 31 Years), Hamburg, Germany Full Name:Kristoffer Jonas On KlaußPlattenfirmen:!No!Case!, 187 Street Gang, High & Hungry Ent. Azzlackz music group:187 street gang (Since 2006)

English rapper Gzuz must id in front of the Hamburg district court: 187 street gang member with violations of the weapons act

Specifically, it's about that Gzuz in the new year's eve night 2018/2019 with a blank gun to convent street to Hamburg-Eilbek several shots in the air. Through cell phone recording , posted to the 31-Year-old on Instagram , is for him to prove it. In the meantime, the Video has been deleted, but the Internet and the justice does not forget.

+ Cheers 2019! Gzuz aka Gazo, contrary to shoots with Gaswumme the new year in the convent road (Hamburg-Eilbek).©instagram/gzuz187

advised in oblivion, that Christmas in 2019 is an uncharged terrible gun , a muffler and telescopic baton in the house Gzuz to Halstenbek ( district of Pinneberg ) were found. The Spicy this: Against the 31-year-old Hamburg a "stock-strong gun ownership ban is" as a speaker of prosecution the " Mopo " said.

+ he has a good laugh: German rapper Gzuz must be brought before the Hamburg district court. (Screenshot)©Instagram/gzuz187_official

Since all good things come in (at least) three, the listing of the crimes of 187 street gang rapper did not end there. On 13. February 2020 to increase the Hamburg on a petrol station terrain at Hammer Deich in an unclosed ambulance . The reason for this is more than strange: Gzuz should have tried to steal a oxygen bottle . What he could use it, is still not known. Finally, it will have early March a woman to Reeperbahn * punched in the face, and thus nose bleed caused.

check out this post on Instagram to

6 years ago!!!!???? free to play game.

A post shared by GZUZ (@gzuz187_official) on Mar 20, 2019 at 1:41 PDT

187 street gang: German rapper Gzuz and Maxwell with hefty fines

A "proud" balance sheet, could now bring legal consequences with. The above incidents are from the 23. June first of all, over the duration of three days in front of the Hamburg district court of negotiation. Since Gzuz already has a considerable Criminal record , could it be less lightly for him. In addition, Gangster rap is currently parole * and can actually nothing wrong.

Easier said than done, if the Name Gzuz and the passion for the Rude and Provoke difficult to get under. In the worst case, strong> Hamburger , has a prison-past five years adhesive threaten the <. As is more likely, however, that he "simply" have to pay a hefty fine . Thus, the 31 would emulate-Year-old 187-mate Maxwell "" who was sentenced to a fine from 20.000 Euro . And then a Joint before the district court in St. Georg * munden was.

> for A sum Gzuz October 2018 he insulted a police as " pig " and accused him of provoking several bills in front of the feet. As a result, Gangster-Rapper had to pay 32,000 euros penalty . In all other dimensions, the German rapper Kollegah and Shindy move . The latter has Trouble with the justice , since he has used for the video to his Song " Affalterbach " a false hallmarks . Since the Ex-Bushido-buddy from court any statement *, has been denied financial sanctions are certainly. The speech of € 100,000 .

Bonez MC, Gzuz: English rappers, as friends, beyond death

To the same sum, it is a Kollegahs . The muscleman, whose Buddy Farid Bang now for the Echo-scandal from 2018 * sorry, has to pay € 50,000 to daughters of RTL2-Stars " die Geissens "*. This is due to the accusation to have the two underage girl rape threatened. Various German rappers are allowed to access timely, deep in the pocket.

other Concerns of 187 street gang-Boss Bonez MC * has. The 34-Year-old has been musing in an emotional Instagram-Statement on the death * and very thoughtful in terms of early death are shown. Unusually open and honest words of a man who seems to Harbor a similar way to Gzuz a passion for weapons and buddy shot to shock for a music video short-hand ""*. Who knows: Would be Gzuz are remained, he would have to answer might not be in front of the Hamburg district court . // Source:

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Updated Date: 22 June 2020, 07:35

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