Reinhold Messner: photos show girlfriend - she is 35 years younger | Boulevard

Reinhold Messner and his wife Sabine are getting a divorce. His new girlfriend is 35 years younger. First photos show your happiness. mountaineer-icon Reinhol

Reinhold Messner: photos show girlfriend - she is 35 years younger | Boulevard

Reinhold Messner and his wife Sabine are getting a divorce. His new girlfriend is 35 years younger. First photos show your happiness.

mountaineer-icon Reinhold Messner (75) and his wife have been separated for a long time. You can soon get a divorce. He has been going on for a few months, a new girlfriend: He and Diane Schumacher (40) currently live together in Munich. Now he talks about their common Corona*time. He believes that the society it can learn - for instance, in terms of resignation .

Update from 30. April 2020: Reinhold Messner is stuck with his new girlfriend Diane Schumacher to Munich . Fortunately, he has been there for close to 40 years, an apartment in the Glockenbachviertel , such as the SZ (Plus content) is reported. The mountain climbers legend, gave the newspaper a very long Interview - and also talked about how he spends the Corona time. "You need a structure," says Messner, "and the is in. Diane and I have now a dog that wants to run in the Morning. In the early afternoon there is then, for the first Time, a little trip to the river Isar , and later, for the first Time to eat, 17 against clock. Once we were in the climbing garden in beech grove. This rock used to be trained in the thirty years of the best climbers in the world, which made later on the first ascents of the Matterhorn or the Eiger North wall. Otherwise, the morning newspaper read is part of my structure.“

As a climber icon knows Messner danger . In this respect, his assessment of the Gold value, which can take the society out of the current Situation is: "If I have to I won by a danger due to went to a mountain for example, then Self-sufficiency. Because I know that I can do that and survive.“

Messner can currently not in the mountains, not to Alto Adige But he has experienced more things. "For me, surrender has something Positive," he says of the SZ. "My model for success as an adventurer was the waiver. I've learned that If I waive carrier, on oxygen, on fixed ropes, then an Expedition costs a lot less and has a much greater value.“ He is convinced that the world can learn from the Corona -crisis in this point also: "If by the Corona-crisis of the waiver would be in the world to a positive value, then it will end up being a huge success."

Reinhold Messner loves wandering through the Viktualienmarkt in Munich

joy in him, and is currently wandering about the Munich Viktualienmarkt , as he reveals. "This market has tremendous value, so many fresh things, great. The waiver also means to experience fewer things all the more intense and enjoy. About the food.“

And then he says also of Munich - that he is not tied to the Bavarian capital, because he and his Luxembourg girlfriend Diane Schumacher (see below) can Italy , is not so wild for him. "Munich is the major city that is closest to me, this is Milan, Rome or Berlin." The residents have done to him.

A wish Messner has but then, as he suggested, laughing: a hairdresser's ! "It really is become a lot. The grow quickly. Please, the hair salons, I need urgently a date!“

However, the comedian Helge Schneider turns in the Corona-crisis, with unusually serious expression on his Fans: "If it goes on like this, then it's over."

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Reinhold Messner with a new friend in Munich: she is 35 years younger - the First images

Our article of 27. April 2020:

Munich - After the separation last year, the mountain guided climbing legend Reinhold Messner and his wife Sabine divorce in the way. "By mutual agreement, a marriage contract we had," said the 75-Year-old of illustrated Colorful (online as a Plus-content). Messner does not exclude that he and his current girlfriend Diane Schumacher will eventually get married. "We will not see, it is primary important," he said.

Reinhold Messner stuck with a new friend in Munich

Messner and the Luxembourg-born 40-Year-old life because of the Coronavirus* forced in Munich, Germany. Messner said he could in his home Alto Adige travel, his partner was not entitled to enter as a luxembourger, but to Italy. "Now we are sitting in the home office."

For four weeks, the two were nailed together in Munich, according to the image you life in the Glockenbachviertel. "We make the apartment comfortable," says Messner to the image, "I write for a couple of hours on the new book and we for a walk with the dog on the river Isar along. Up we went though, but the nearly deserted Munich is also beautiful.“

+ mountaineer legend Reinhold Messner.©dpa / Roland Weihrauch

The two share a common Hobby, tells Reinhold Messner. "We have a common passion: the mountains. As above, we are of equal value. Diane moves well, I'm slower and not as skillful.“

Reinhold Messner about new girlfriend and the age difference I feel to hardly understand

Even if the two make the most of the time in Munich - it South Tyrol, and the lack of mountains, is Messner.

Reinhold Messner has for some months now, new girlfriend - First photos in the network

In South Tyrol Messner has also in the month of September 75. Celebrated the birthday. And his new love, Diane Schumacher was already at his side. From the Ceremony on Sigmundskron the castle are also some of the few public photos of the two. The Portal suedtirol has published. The lady in Green is Diane:

Also, the picture shows a common recording. Reinhold Messner is not hiding his girlfriend, apparently, but the two also need to use, not every opportunity to the common public appearances. Just as it fits the two soul mates at the best. "Our desires fit together," he summed up the new relationship. "This results in a rope team for a successful can be life."

The two would have never met a partner exchange - but without the Internet, in one of his museums. "The age difference I feel barely. May I say that a young woman rejuvenates an older man? “

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