Pop-up cycle tracks in Munich will move for an indefinite period of time | Munich

six street car should be soft sections, tracks for Cycling. The planning Committee has agreed to six temporary bike lanes set up. However, the measure will now

Pop-up cycle tracks in Munich will move for an indefinite period of time | Munich

six street car should be soft sections, tracks for Cycling. The planning Committee has agreed to six temporary bike lanes set up. However, the measure will now be moved.

, After Berlin and Munich are now so-called Pop-up cycle lanes - so temporary furnished and tracks for cyclists. The Test is limited in time until October. The decision was made at the planning Committee against the votes of the CSU and the FDP. It was supposed to on Monday (15. June) with the Pop-up bike lanes start, but the date was postponed.

Pop-up-move cycle lanes in Munich for an undetermined time due to rainy weather

Update 15. June: Actually, it should have been today ready to go. The city wanted to from Monday (15. June) the new Pop-up-Cycling to Berlin model on several major traffic arteries (for Details see below) in the downtown area to stake out.

, But not first. The leaders have not changed their opinion - it's simply up to the weather, such as the AZ has. The rain prevented the Start of Work. And when it can go remains unclear, because the weather will probably remain for a few days to wet-cold. Consolation: Biking in the rain makes anyway only half as much fun.

Update 4. June: planned temporary Cycling in München (see below) should be set up after the Whitsun holidays. "The marks of the new Pop-up bike lanes is expected to begin on may 15. June,“ said the Cycling officers in the state capital, Florian Paul, on Thursday, on request. The Work is expected to take about five days, depending on the weather.

Munich follows with the Pop-up bike lanes the example of cities such as Berlin, Vienna and Paris. At the end of may, the Committee for city planning and building regulations decided on five routes with up to cyclists to give during the Corona-pandemic more space and to make Driving safer. Along these routes cyclists are allowed to use then for the time being until the end of October, car lanes, which are marked as Cycling .

Munich's new Pop-up Cycling: Here, cars have to make space - FDP-chief complains of "Salami-tactics"

Munich - You must be a Prophet to estimate that there will be such debates in the next few years, more and more often. On the one hand, the supporters of the Cycling and footpath development. On the other, those who fight back, the car even more space to take away. In Munich, the Bicycle and pedestrian friends, after the local elections not only in the city Council, a majority . Also extra-parliamentary citizens with two signature collections> have positioned themselves to Radentscheid more than The city Council had committed to the demands of the decision to implement: more and wider cycle paths . And just now implemented: Munich receives sections of five new bike lanes on six streets.

On the Rosenheimer street between Orleans street and Rosenheimer Platz , and between Lilies and lilies are provided to the end of October, so-called Pop-up Lanes. In addition, a temporary bike path on the two bridge street between Erhardt/stone village road and Rumford/ thiersch road is planned, as well as a on the Elise road between Lenbachplatz and dachauer Straße . Also on the Theresien street between Turks and Schleißheimer Straße cars, cyclists have to make room. The same applies to the fork mountain road, between Arcis and Turks road .

In the Corona-crisis use more Munich the Bicycle

"We observe that the Cycling increases," said Green councillor Paul Bickel Bacher – "despite the Home Office, and school." SPD-councillor Nikolaus Gradl added that auto transport have decreased by 30 percent . People were now much more the wheel. "We want to set a sign that people can be safe with the bike on the road. The place is rare in Munich, so we have to deal with it responsibly.“

CSU councillor Heike Kainz said in the Committee, the group "could rate the template positive fundamental reasons". The procedure position . "Here, problems are solved, supposedly, in favour of new ones elsewhere." It would, for example, rescue vehicles ahead get visibly aggravated when driving would be deleted traces. In addition, residents and businesses would not be involved in the decision . You've finally seen the Fraunhoferstraße, the impact it is having. However, were sacrificed at the Fraunhofer-street Parking for a bike lane. In the case of the now agreed temporary bike paths, driving to soft tracks.

FDP leader Joerg Hoffmann is concerned that the temporary traces of the simple facts should be created . "Let's put it another way, what would happen to the get back? I don't believe this is Salami tactics.“

WHETHER the tab was In October to deal with the issue

Green-councillor Gudrun Lux, at least the concerns of the CSU with regard to the emergency vehicles to disperse. "A rescue lane is faster cleared, if as cyclists instead of cars are on the road. Cars are not as fast on the page.“ And IF Dieter Reiter (SPD) promised to Hoffmann, that it as temporary measures to handle . You'll see after October, whether that has been proven, and once again deal with the issue.

Against the votes of the CSU and the FDP, the planning voted by the Committee for the implementation . The new cycle lanes will be established after Pentecost.

The ADFC fears of the Coronavirus-loosening large water waves on the streets of Germany, and calls for a better Expansion of the bike paths.

commuters threatens in Munich the next congestion event. On the Prince Regent-street green phases of the traffic lights will be shortened. However, the city has a good reason for this measure.

Date Of Update: 15 June 2020, 07:34