Pop Star Sonia Liebing: Worse car accident in front of ARD-Show of Stefan Mross | Boulevard

pop Star Sonia Liebing had on Saturday in an accident on the highway on the way to "Always on Sundays" of Stefan Mross. All the more surprised her Fans were.

Pop Star Sonia Liebing: Worse car accident in front of ARD-Show of Stefan Mross | Boulevard

pop Star Sonia Liebing had on Saturday in an accident on the highway on the way to "Always on Sundays" of Stefan Mross. All the more surprised her Fans were.

singer Sonia Liebing was involved on Saturday in a car accident. You had to be in a hospital. Nevertheless, the pop-singer stand on Sunday on the stage of Stefan Mross.

Update 14. June 2020: Despite your car accident upon arrival, the samples stand pop star Sonia Liebing (of 30) in the ARD television programme "Sunday" on the stage. She appeared on the Sunday together with DJ heart beat in the Europa-Park theme Park in Rust and sang the song "Maybe".

In your Instagram Story* the singer extracts of your appearance and comments of many Fans , the Liebing for your appearance praised posted . To stand "on the stage. A very strong love,“ says a Follower. "Proud of You!", read in another comment. "Respect" pays tribute to her also to another Fan.

In your Story, the pop star also thanked her followers* for all the messages you've gotten.

pop Star in the hospital: "Bad car accident" on the way to the ARD-Show of Stefan Mross

Update from the 13. June, 20.44 clock: pop singer Sonia Liebing was after a car accident on Saturday in the hospital. However, the singer dismissed from there. Now the 30-Year-old in a number of Instagram stories reported in their Fans, and reported.

+ Screenshot of the Instagram Story of Sonia Liebing.©Sonia Liebing: Instagram-Story

Among other things, she shared a photo of the completely broken-down cars. In another Story you wrote: "for Us, it's really good so far. Don't Worry about it. We got away with bruises.“ In contrast, your Manager spoke to the image of a spine contusion (see below).

In Video stories Liebing also reported more about the accident and your condition. "This is now the 20. Try and I hope that I will now pull through,“ she begins visibly taken the attempt and managed to end up on Social Media. the "to Me, the words", more missing so a bit of says of the singer, and then declared: "we're fine, we're both doing well. We were both in the hospital and checked out. The car is scrap, but that is sch***-no matter, because it is easy to damage a Sheet of the you can replace. We are really happy that no one was badly hurt in the accident. Since several people were of course involved. Therefore, the counts at the end of the day, and we must now see that we will get the shock somehow digested“.

Sonia Liebing in car accident: Schlager-singer to the hospital

must message from the 13. June:

Walldorf, Germany - Schlager-singer Sonia Liebing is a rising star on the hits -heaven, and is even traded as the new Helene Fischer*. The pretty 30-Year-old started her career only last year and is already an integral part of the scene. In this function, Liebing should promote on Sunday, also their new Single in the ARD Show "Sunday" by a Moderator Stefan Mross. the happened But on the way there is a misfortune.

Sonia Liebing in the accident: You had to go to the hospital

Sonia Liebing was on Saturday morning with your husband Markus on the way to the samples of the ARD-Show "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday" in the Europe Park in Rust how the image is reported. Even from the highway, the singer shared some Instagram*stories with their Fans, and kept this up to date.

check out this post on Instagram to

Hey darlings free to play game. After yesterday's appearance at the swr4 drive-in cinema in Mendig, I feel really good free to play game. Just as it can go now actually, or ? Who of you was yesterday on the spot ? You have a nice weekend ❤ awesome ❤ love it. Thank you height for all your support Kisses your Sonia

A post shared by SONIA LIEBING (@sonia.liebing.official) on may 30, 2020 at 8:13 PM PDT

on the A6 to level Walldorf is on the right track for a period of time, a back-construction site, traffic jam formed. Shortly after eleven o'clock Liebing and her husband are supposed to be dangers in the traffic jam , making the upcoming car is said to have been pushed into other Cars, such as the paper reports more.

Sonia Liebing: spine bruise after car accident

A police spokesman said to the image, that both were only slightly injured. Nevertheless, the couple was brought in a hospital in Heidelberg . Sonia Couple Manager said the picture that the singer is supposed to have a spine contusion involved. the "you should stay 24 hours for observation there, has released, on their own responsibility themselves" , the Manager.

The incredible Plan: After a driver has to pick up the singer from the hospital, wants to experience the 30-Year-old, apparently, in spite of the accident in the ARD program "Always on Sundays". Sonia's husband Markus is not to be worse hurt.

look married to you in this post on Instagram to

9 years 15 years with you and still till all the bones free to play game. Today our and your day is in LOVE ! Only the best for you on your birthday and all the best for their wedding day . Yes!!!! I'd it's always free to play game.

A contribution LIEBING (@sonia shared by SONIA.liebing.official) on may 7, 2020 at 1:52 PM PDT

in the Meantime, Markus has reported Sonia Liebing self via Instagram with her Fans and the incident is confirmed: "and I had this Morning on the way to Rust in a bad accident," she wrote in an Insta-Story. Further you wrote: "We seem to be on. We are extremely in shock, I'll check in later with you.“

Speaking of hit: In the current issue of the ZDF television garden and was at the side of Andrea Kiewel Schlager-Star Florian silver iron. Just then a Helene-Fischer-Double* made her debut.

Meanwhile, blabbed TV presenter Andy Borg live in the TV properly. He backpedaled frantically.* For all Fans of Helene Fischer, an old music Video of just for attention.


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Date Of Update: 14 June 2020, 12:33