Pack the distance noodle in! Free baths start in the season | Boulevard

After weeks of Corona uncertainty may open in a number of States, the free baths. The spontaneous visit to the work is not in many places be possible - and othe

Pack the distance noodle in! Free baths start in the season | Boulevard

After weeks of Corona uncertainty may open in a number of States, the free baths. The spontaneous visit to the work is not in many places be possible - and otherwise, a number of conditions apply.

Berlin (dpa) - the Plan only with distance, visits only with advance notification and queues in front of the pool: Many pools to start in the shadow of the Corona pandemic in the summer season.

In Saxony, the baths may since the 15th century. May the gates open, in North Rhine-Westphalia since this Wednesday (20.5.). Other States in the coming weeks, Hessen want to open the bathrooms, at least for clubs again. Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg still want to wait and see. However, as the visit between the chip shop, the meadow, and jump tower deck?

Online-bookings and time-window

Especially on hot summer days, many yearn for the jump into the cool Wet. But this summer will not be the quick Swim after work anywhere without restriction, such as Christian Ochsenbauer, managing Director of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für das Badewesen (DGfB), explains. In order to channel the stream of visitors, want to offer many bath time card. So for example, in the premises of the "Cologne bath", where customers with E-Tickets will be admitted. "Spontaneous visits are not intended to be," says the spokesperson Franziska Graal man. With the Online registration, the bathrooms were also at the same time your obligation to provide proof. Also in Berlin, where the first baths for 25. May want to open, is planned in such a concept.

distance, distance, distance,

Whether on the lawn, in a line at the diving tower or in the pool: a distance of the order of the day. In Cologne or Düsseldorf, marks are placed on the ground, in some of the bathrooms, the swimming shall be allowed to be beschwommen lanes in one direction only. The approximately 1,50 meters long swimming pool noodles are used as a spacer. The DGfB is recommended to limit the number of people in the pool. "It can then happen that the people have to stand in a queue in front of the pool," says ox farmer. Also on the lawns of the well-known distance and contact commandments apply.

New tasks for the lifeguard

As the visitors with the new rules deal, no one can predict. Operators such as "Cologne bath" and put on the reason of your clientele. "We hope that the other things have already been learned," said Graal man. Nevertheless, the staff are encouraged to check the clearance rules and to admonish, if necessary. Who doesn't want to keep Mat in mind, you must leave the bathroom. In the meadows also Security to ensure forces, not to larger groups. New tasks of the lifeguard. DGfB, managing Director of ox, Bauer suggests that you count the number of bathers and the pool, where appropriate, to lock.

What is not to ensure the rules of the Virus in the end

The distance that the Coronavirus is spread through the air. In addition, the following applies: Disinfect what is going on! Sanitary facilities should be cleaned more often, in Berlin, locker rooms and shower rooms will remain closed completely. Some of the bathrooms also plan every few hours having to stop the operation, and a basic cleaning, such as oxen, Bauer reported. Worry that the Virus spread via the water, by the way, no one: According to the Federal office for the environment Filtration and disinfection in conventional swimming pool water to ensure that viruses are reliably inactivated.

A piece of normality

in Spite of the Corona-sign try, many operators something like normality. In most baths the Little ones can romp paddling pool in the children, told oxen farmer. Also the obligatory outdoor swimming pool-French fries, nothing usually stands in the way, the restaurant is widely open. And in compliance with the spacing rules are also attractions such as diving boards and Slides for the visitors should be accessible. In addition to safety and Hygiene, it namely also one other thing, says Ochsenbauer: "quality of life".

recommendations of the DGfB

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Updated Date: 21 May 2020, 22:35

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