New mountain dump in Peißenberg: From the lunar landscape to the sea of Flowers | Peißenberg

for 28 years, George Karl for the SPD sat on the municipal Council in peißen Berger, for twelve years he was a consultant for the New mountain dump. In the case

New mountain dump in Peißenberg: From the lunar landscape to the sea of Flowers | Peißenberg

for 28 years, George Karl for the SPD sat on the municipal Council in peißen Berger, for twelve years he was a consultant for the New mountain dump. In the case of a walk where he tells of how a mine tailings of the mine, which resembled a lunar landscape, a thriving jewel was.

Peißenberg - "there it is!" George Karl is making a big step into the Meadow, where the lush Green with a strong violet lights: "Orchis militaris, the helmet boy herb", explains Karl and sounds a little in awe, as he tells the story of this Orchid is a strictly protected nature reserve and on the Red list of endangered species is conducted.

It's a clear Morning, one of those late spring morning, the direction of the summer of valiant's already strong. The sky over hohenpeißenberg is a pair of white cloud in bright blue. The meadows of the mountain tailings have created your most beautiful color dress: shades of green in all shades, bright Yellow, violet, lilac, White, and Blue. "It is a pleasure for me every year when I see the flowers," says George Karl, the one they call in hohenpeißenberg, only "Charles, George". If in the spring the mountain stockpile to bloom, then he did not know why he took all the troubles and Resistances have been overcome: "As the heart goes."

New mountain dump: Georg Karl was twelve years speaker

for 28 years, Karl was a member of the municipal Council, twelve years a consultant for the New mountain dump, at whose feet he lives for 20 years he had leased the hunting area there. This hunt he has already given up two years ago and after he now sits in the municipal Council, is also its speakers-time to the end. When he tells of his work as a Council is, is he fast with the theme that was him in all the years the most on the heart: the New mountain dump.

For a walk this Morning, Karl brought a book. It is the beginning of a project, which he wants to dedicate himself to now: the history of the New mountain dump to write down and document. "I'll hold still," he says, and shows pictures from his wallet. Black-and-White photographs that tell the story of peißen mountain's mining past, which is heaps of reason for the existence of the two local Mountain. The 40 million tonnes of tailings have been piled up, which were dug out of the Hohen peißenberg out. Because it was not all pitch-coal, which was obtained in the mining industry.

New mountain tailings pile: The Area resembled a moon landscape

The Old man of the mountain tailings pile to the West of the Schongauer street is from the pigeon's Rock from the Deep tunnels, the overburden from the brick Meier shaft forms the New mountain dump. 75 acres in size, the two heaps are today. In 1971, the peissen Berger, the mine was closed, what also had for Karl consequences: He had learned to be a fitter in the mines and was a member of the miners ' chapel. This has been completely taken over by "Agfa-Gevaert". The New mountain stockpile resembled a lunar landscape – were not in vain, six years before the series "space patrol Orion" follow been rotated. The former overburden stockpile blooms in the spring in the most beautiful colors and also in summer, autumn and Winter, a popular recreation destination for the nature lovers, this is not happening by itself so, telling Karl: "This is not come all by itself so, that was a tough fight."

New mountain tailings pile: the backdrop for "space patrol Orion"

After the New mountain of tailings had not been refilled after the mining in hohenpeißenberg more with the overburden, the nature of the terrain to recapture. The tracks left by the mining, faded gradually, with time, more and more bushes and trees sprouted. Around 40 years after the last coal was promoted from the Hohen peißenberg, threatened the area, which forms the connection between the District "Wörth" and the "village" to house a complete verb: "Here, everything was overgrown," says Karl, pointing to the left side of the hill to the barrier at the Robert-Koch - Straße. About ten years ago, he started to deal more intensively with the New mountain dump. There were developed plans for the restoration of the area: "I started about ten years ago, with great enthusiasm."

New mountain pile: again and again the neophytes have been removed

Here, Karl, since about 60 years a member of the SPD, and his comrades-in-arms is not the Full draw, to the finances of the market were gorge community: "Our focus was always to ensure that we can cheap farm could", he told. With the help of supporters, the municipality and, at times, with prisoners of the prison of Landsberg, among others, areas were cleared, again and again, neophytes away, which would have displaced without fighting the native plants. Much Persuasion it took to convince the farmers, the land on the New mountain halde farm, that sooner or later there will be no more and only two Times mowed and fertilized, it can be said Karl: "Sometimes it was a fight against windmills." But, also, if he had to give in sometimes small, for example, as the disc Golf course was on the New mountain dump will not prevent – that he had never resigned. And it was worth the effort: "When I look down, this is my reward," says Karl, with a view to a Meadow that blooms colorful.

New mountain pile: Four different types of Orchid flower

, Where already for many years on Fertilizing is omitted, to weigh the variety of flowers in the brightest of colours in the spring wind, and many orchids reveal themselves in their most beautiful blossom dress. "There are four different orchids," says Karl: "Where do you see it?" he asks, pointing with outstretched Arm to the Meadow in front of him. At the football field, Karl and his associates have planted several fruit trees and the grounds fenced. There is a veritable sea of Flowers, which undulates in the spring wind: Daisies, buttercups, bluebells, folding pot, and much more grow there in the meantime. Any Jogger, any Walker greets the man with the white Beard who has spent a lot of time up here and spends. Falls, Charles the farewell from the Council and from his Post as speaker for the New mountain dump heavy? He smiles and says: "In the spirit, I'm up here, always here.

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