Munich: Corona - and racism-Demos - number of participants at the Saturday show development | city of Munich

the organizers of The Corona Demos on the Theresienwiese are failed in their constitutional complaint. Will protested, but this Saturday, for the first time at

Munich: Corona - and racism-Demos - number of participants at the Saturday show development | city of Munich

the organizers of The Corona Demos on the Theresienwiese are failed in their constitutional complaint. Will protested, but this Saturday, for the first time at two different locations.

Already several people at the Munich Theresienwiese against the Corona-restrictions . On the weekend, even three Protest actions takes place in Munich. Scientists advise to silent Protest.

Update from the 13. June, 21. 44 PM: Also this Saturday, has been demonstrated in a number of cities in Bayern . There was both protests against the existing Corona -measures, as well as racism in connection with the killed U.S. citizens George Floyd. the The demonstrations reached, but in both cases the order of magnitude as the last.

Almost 700 people demonstrated to the BR in Munich and Nuremberg, together, against the Corona-measures. In Regensburg, there were 30. The largest Demonstration there in Nuremberg, where just under 1000 people were against racism on the road.

the number of participants compared to the last few weeks back, shows the example of Munich On the Königsplatz information, almost 500 people gathered to BR- - registered were 1000. The police was, therefore, even with 600-700 officers on the ground.

A similar pattern emerged in the case of the Demo against Corona measures in Nuremberg, Germany. Instead of the logged-in 500 participants, around 200 came, according to the report.

Demos and Corona: Three protests at the weekend, experts appeal to participants

first message from the 13. June:

Munich - Last weekend they had cancelled their Protest is still a Protest. "We know every Time unbearable arbitrariness and passages of the lungs, unequal treatment, and obstruction of our right to demonstrate", it was said by the organizers of the Corona-Demo on the Theresienwiese . Background: The city district administration unit had trimmed due to the infection protection the Demo from time to Time to 1000 participants, although 10 were logged 000. The organizers put on, therefore, a constitutional complaint. According to lawyer Christopher hall, Huber, representing the critics of the Corona-measures, due to the development of the Corona case no acute risk for the General population derive, "which is such a massive intervention in fundamental rights justifies". The judges in Karlsruhe seem to be different. A emergency appeal to the Federal constitutional court has been refused full right to demonstrate, the lawyers for the organisers to consider further steps. Spokeswoman Alexandra Motschmann: "notwithstanding the unequal treatment of the demonstrations ,Black Lives Matter' and our fundamental rights-Demos surprise us still ." As reported, on Saturday, 25,000 people on the king's square came to protest against racism. Logged significantly less.

Two Corona Demos at the weekend in Munich

it is also Demonstrated on this Saturday. The organizers of the Corona-Demo have for the first time, get two protest events have been approved. Was requested a demonstration with 10 000 participants of 15 to 17 at the Theresienwiese , another with 5000 participants in the same period for the Royal court . The district administration Department has approved both event again only for 1000 participants.

"We are very excited to see how the handling of the police this Saturday is going to be, when last week on the king's square, 25 000 people for the Black Lives Matter gather were," write the organizers.

Anti-racism Demo on Sunday at the Odeon square

A expected to be large Demonstration for human rights , and against racism, under the impression of the violent death of George Floyd in the United States to give it again this weekend: on Sunday, 12 PM at the Odeonsplatz .

Demos and Corona: experts advise to silent Protest

Meanwhile, scientists have found out that the infection risk increases when protest in a loud is. the "The Council is demonstrate, still" , says virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit of Hamburg's Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for tropical medicine (medical establishment has treated). "If you scream a lot, fly a lot of droplets, and because aerosols will arise." This fly away more than one and a half meters, and could increase the risk of Transmission. However, it is not entirely clear what role aerosols play in the spread of the Virus.

protests in times of Corona: the louder, the more risky

Very pragmatic Christian Kähler speaks from the Institute of fluid mechanics and aerodynamics at the Universität der Bundeswehr München for peaceful demonstrations: "If it is loud and I would like to speak with someone then I come to him automatically closer or talk louder.“ The louder you talk, the more droplets you produce – the risk of contamination increases.

Corona infections in Munich on deep value

On Friday, the city reported a newly infected Person. Health officer Stephanie Jacobs evaluated as a "sign of success of our efforts to contain the Corona-pandemic ." For the evaluation of the long-term infection event, you had to wait but still. Infection hygienic-relevant events are reflected in the rule only with a time delay of ten to 14 days. Jacobs recommends, to continue to avoid "large gatherings of people to keep distance and not to wear where this is not always reliably possible, a mouth-nose cover*".

by Sascha Karowski and David Hutzler (dpa)

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Updated Date: 13 June 2020, 16:34

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