Markus Lanz on ZDF: A Moderator amazes with enormous ignorance | TV

He interrupts constantly, he listens, he ignores arguments. The main thing is that he's right (not), but it has often: Markus Lanz. The mission: "Markus Lanz

Markus Lanz on ZDF: A Moderator amazes with enormous ignorance | TV

He interrupts constantly, he listens, he ignores arguments. The main thing is that he's right (not), but it has often: Markus Lanz.

The mission: "Markus Lanz"* from the 11. June 2020 in the ZDF* was a guest, among other things, the Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) of The presenter Markus Lanz shows old weaknesses

Three things you should bring, who goes as a guest to a talk show: self-confidence, competence and a certain degree of Thick-skinned here;. Who is Markus Lanz invite, but something more: A good measure of masochism. Where: This is especially true for people who is the Moderator (none), suspected to be on the left. Southpaw, like his favorite guests Robin Alexander (The world) or Wolfram Weimer (Cicero) touch it only with velvet gloves.

Markus Lanz: fall Permanently into the word and false claims

But one of them carries the mark of Cain "Green" or "social", he should arm yourself. Against permanent To-word-Dropping, counter-arguments Drown out (optional Ignore), against twisting and Insistence on false claims. The was now experiencing Hubertus Heil, labour and social Affairs and to his bad luck a social Democrat. Such people shows Markus Lanz from all that you can say what you want: He runs over them anyway.

Now we have had only yesterday a TV-criticism to Lanz' show, which portrayed him as a Boulevard in thrall. And also this meeting was the first Slating, and you have to ask whether Lanz is the way he is, because he creates through its pseudo-critical nature of the excitation level, which gives him the odds. And whether you should continue to report on this Mainz, outside of the Inquisition office.

Markus Lanz ignored facts

But then again, it seems to be important to show how the arguments of Lanz' delinquents are. Or that he ignores facts. For example, he insisted that SPD-Head of Saskia esque have expressed a General suspicion against the police, as you pointed out the latent racism in Parts of the Federal German police. And he had the statement in writing, but left off a part, and not by Hubertus salvation clarifying disturb – no: Lanz proceeded according to the Motto of the Patriarch of Lessing's "Nathan the wise": "Does nothing. The Jew will be burned.“

That it is the task of a moderator would have been, the disastrous reduction of Eskens statement to counteract in these times, because incorrect citations in the network drifting flowers – as a gift. Instead, Lanz rode his hobby-horse: ignorance. For example, in the automotive industry. That is not advised by Corona in the crisis, as the sociologist Harald Welzer explained, was the host. It was just to make his point: There will be many unemployed.

Markus Lanz: differentiation is not his thing

In the same direction of disaster summon Lanz' note on China was the lack of a sales market for German exports. But, how healing it corrected, especially in the EU. The Minister defended himself against "this wood-cut-like story," had to be "a more differentiated look." The Lanz' thing is now is entirely.

He was described by his Thinking but the representative of a posture, the Welzer aptly. We have lived here, in a sense, in the best of all worlds. But the change all the time. To be successful but have a tendency to resist change. And while the Virus in the world standing just for a moment, "like sleeping beauty" still, we have, according to the scientist, is not a "future image".

Who had held through to the end, then I was able to experience the eloquent and intelligent plea of journalist Jana Pareigis for a closer look at the German racism. You are requested to examine the System of "Racial Profiling" - that is, the attitude about police officers, People of color faster and more likely to suspect and harass. And you elicited from the Minister, as you mentioned the non-enlightened NSU-complex, the commitment: The NSU scandal was "a disgrace to our country."

Markus Lanz - The broadcast

Markus Lanz, ZDF, from Thursday, 11. June, 23.15. The shipment in the network.

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Date Of Update: 12 June 2020, 10:33