Markus Lanz, ZDF (TV criticism): Catastrophic decision of the moderator | TV

Markus Lanz was surprised by the politics of the day. Course, he does not listen and prefer to Wolfgang Bosbach talk. Unfortunately, about racism. Markus Lanz

Markus Lanz, ZDF (TV criticism): Catastrophic decision of the moderator | TV

Markus Lanz was surprised by the politics of the day. Course, he does not listen and prefer to Wolfgang Bosbach talk. Unfortunately, about racism.

Markus Lanz want to speak to in the TV on daily politics. He comes across as a poor listener in the ZDF . Markus Lanz ended the show for bad time.

For a Talk-host is Markus Lanz a shockingly bad listener. If he sounds to a Standard-Corona-Update of the Standard-Corona-expert Prof. Hendrik Streeck: "I see it, a certain Serenity, a certain degree of optimism, and a matter of personal responsibility", then that is not reflected at all in the last ten minutes of discussion – but very carefully Lanz' basic attitude to life. No matter if it was in past broadcasts to environmental pollution, disease, or family tragedies, According to Lanz, you need to calm down and nothing Fundamental will change, each man for himself, then all will be well.

TV: Markus Lanz (ZDF) in selective deafness

What Lanz in this shipment does not hear everything, is remarkable. He had a certain selective deafness for contradictions in convenient positions, is known for a long time, but today, this blind spot has covered up practically the whole show. Whether Lanz could then repeat anything from the above? Whether he has heard anything really?

There is the issue of Philip Amthor. The gestriegelte Young Star of the CDU, and one of Lanz's favorite guests has all sorts of committees of inquiry on the neck, because he explain how Markus Lanz and the CDU Veteran Wolfgang Bosbach hair small, political influence and message service-Connections for a US company against a highly lucrative stock options are sold. Even if there is a delayed payment might slip through a legal loophole - a lot of unique you can't demonstrate corruption.

TV: Markus Lanz (ZDF) the good glow

there Is outrage, moral condemnation? Oh what. It's about the good note. Bosbach, the appearance all night long as a conservative caricature, says quite frankly: It's a way to corruption: "for Me, it's about the political impression to the Public that has already latent in the suspicion, to put their own economic interests above the Well-being of the population." Otherwise bribery, said: or not, how to Amthor can make it look like bribery? How could he dare to let himself get caught and to make it look like it is?!

It is expected that Lanz, a bit like a distancing or a moral condemnation, not at all. But how good is he mood is lifting finally out: "He follows normally our invitations very much, in which case, he was unfortunately unable to be here in time." As with a grin he enjoys this obvious lie. "Yes, is-session", giggles Bosbach. "Right," feixt Markus Lanz . Oh, how funny, look at the small CDU-upstart has a bribery scandal at the neck. Problematic? Undemocratic? Shameful? Iwo. Is droll.

TV: the Blind spots when Markus Lanz (ZDF)

The next blind spot: the impressive lawyer Karoline Preisler, who has gotten to her appearances as one of the first heavy Corona-victims in your home to massive death threats, accusations and slander, to reports please, how ugly these people are all out there. But she's doing something else.

it points Lanz for the first time that he has just called a bartender in the Ski resort of Ischgl as a "perpetrator" of the Corona Transfer. These are powerful moments, these opportunities to frightened self-knowledge – these are the moments in which true-to-Talk-Master Shine. It is the totäugig smiling incomprehension is sailing, with the Lanz of such moments over it, as he had heard, indeed, no word that the shipment sometimes so disturbing.

worst of all but the last Segment about police racism in Germany. The deep goes in the pants, with all due respect, when Lanz is not surprising. You don't need to go to the black facing Skanda l at "Wetten dass?" back to the man, a catastrophic numbness in matters of racism certify. On 2. June held Markus Lanz a Talk about police violence against black people in the USA and in Germany with a completely white round.

On the day after, justified by "Lanz"-editor-in-chief Markus Heide's the in order that the skin color would be for the Expertise of no matter. A day later, Lanz of the Afro-German filmmaker Mo Asumang explained that Germany in the core would be, but not a racist country – once told him how she had been attacked in Berlin already for no reason by police officers physically. After that, there were even petitions to ban him from the public television.

TV: Markus Lanz (ZDF) and the racism

All of this is, of course, long since pulled through again by Lanz. What he heard was probably: "let's all calm down and nothing Fundamental will change, each man for himself, then all will be well." This time, he had to be well after all, not even all the white fat-arguments-try – this time it was Wolfgang Bosbach.

The notes equal times: Racial Profiling in Germany. Sure, some officials would prefer to control people with a migration background, but this is simply due to the "lived experience" of the officials in the Problem areas in the "life in Germany", which includes, apparently, that there is a "vast proportion of offenders with a migration background". He goes further, he finds texts such as in the faz, the trust in the police is undermined, "inhuman".

The German political scientist Joshua Kwesi Aikins from gets only two brief speeches, but the rich, in order to Bosbachs border-xenophobic "that The police are just as racist, where it is appropriate"-to bring theory completely collapse. He quotes from the acts of the NSU process, where all of the country police have identified units for years exclusively in the environment of the victim, because the brutality of the killings "can only be used outside the European cultural area located." However, the opposite was right: death is a master from Germany.

TV: Catastrophic decision from Markus Lanz (ZDF)

Suddenly Bosbach back-pedalling so hard and hectic that no False-Argument-unspoken cliché and no logical stone remains on the other. First, he pulls back on the "black sheep", it is so suddenly, but are of course not "symptomatic of the work of our police". Then he is suddenly the opposite of his previous Thesis: "are deeds migrants are more often victims of violence, are less likely culprits, but are more often suspected as a perpetrator." Aha? So suddenly, however? But: "The police has changed significantly in recent years." Training and so on. So you used to be really hard to be racist, but today not so much? What's he getting at?

It is a disastrous decision of Lanz that he's talking to the largest node, the Bosbach in his brain, short-hand ended the show. As a result, he not only creates a rarely foolish final word, but also proves once again that he has not probably hear of him. Therefore, here again, for him to analyze.

For his final word Bosbach get namely the Amthor-suit again, the unpleasant reality destroyed the whole beautiful appearance: "How to strengthen the Verrtauen of black people in the police, if it makes your latent racism?" Wow. For the record: Wolfgang Bosbach black citizens complain of latent police-of racism against throws, that you can damage the Reputation of the police in the case of black citizens. Maybe you should just let no white people about racism join the conversation, you make yourself just ridiculous.

Date Of Update: 18 June 2020, 09:34