Markus Lanz (ZDF) TV-Investor paints gloomy picture on the wall | TV

The economic future, according to the Corona-crisis could be devastating. TV Investor Frank Thelen calls when Markus Lanz (ZDF) of politics and the economy more

Markus Lanz (ZDF) TV-Investor paints gloomy picture on the wall | TV

The economic future, according to the Corona-crisis could be devastating. TV Investor Frank Thelen calls when Markus Lanz (ZDF) of politics and the economy more courage for Innovation.

When you Talk of Markus Lanz* the guests about the ongoing-discussed protests against the restrictions on Journalist Ciro Krauthausen compares the ZDF-Talk* , Germany's "luxury problem" with the Situation in Spain entrepreneur, Frank Thelen item puts his Finger in some of the wound of the policy and of the German auto industry

Markus Lanz sent on Thursday, 21. In may 2020, a TV Talk about the loosening of the Corona measures* and "Germany on the road back to normality". With Weil was Prime Minister of lower Saxony to host that advertises with other country governments of the "Auto-lander" to a purchase bonus for the tarnished heart of the German industry. About the risks of the consummation of the easing measures, the Virologist Prof. Melanie Brinkmann , said Markus Lanz .

in Spite of the Corona-crisis return to normality? The Talk at the Markus Lanz show on ZDF

In addition, Talk entrepreneur Frank Thelen was in the ZDF-guest – known from the VOXTV Format "the cave of The lion". In addition, two journalists: Olaf Sundermeyer writes about right-wing extremism and described the perfidious backgrounds to the demonstrations, as is happening in Germany to the restrictions due to Covid-19 (by many people as the "Corona-dictatorship" referred to). To strong <> Ciro Krauthausen , who lives in Mallorca, and of the dramatic situation on the holiday Islands such as the Balearic Islands is told – and how Corona people in Spain, drives into poverty.

Weil describes how the policy had steadily grown in the Corona-crisis : "From experience you will be wiser", says the Prime Minister and told that he will feel less pressure: "Now we have a Plan," he gives pride to the Protocol. The social Democrat does not believe that the policy is gone with the hard Corona-restrictions too far. A special praise received the domestic science, which plays in the fight against the pandemic worldwide, a leading role. A life, as you knew it from before Corona, the former mayor of Hanover, by the way, if there is a vaccine.

Markus Lanz (ZDF): Corona pandemic in Germany as a "luxury problem"

Virologist Brinkmann speaks about the insights of the past few months. The infection biologist is that you could give the Germans the great Corona-risk easier, as there were pictures from the crisis-stricken Italy . However, the scientist expresses understanding for people may be asking if you had to choose the Corona-measures so drastically: Because in this country, beds were intensely empty, the nurses had short-time work, and hospitals are threatened in their existence. In Braunschweig, working with Prof. Brinkmann, the Situation in Germany referred to, with relatively few infections as a "luxury problem". But: Would they have made the Corona-Preventive believes you to significantly higher death numbers .

the risk of Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2* she is startled: there had been a much more dangerous virus, which had spread, but never so quickly. In addition, the novel disease is not only the effects on the lungs, as previously thought. Rather, other organs are attacked, such as the heart or kidneys.

Spain acute poverty not threatened - report at the Markus Lanz show on ZDF

What you need to understand, are reviews on Corona-Lockdown , because of this was lower in Germany than elsewhere: A song of Ciro Krauthausen can sing, lives on Mallorca and of an "extreme burden for the population" speaks. For him Spaniards with the strict Lockdown hardly any problems, because the risk in the country is higher and many people are personally affected. He notes the ever longer queues of needy people to the boards of the country. The growing poverty is due to the fact that the tourism is the most important economic factor on the floor. That Germans take to the streets and protest, he finds strange.

Then the author Olaf Sundermeyer comes to word: "people need clear rules," he says, and accused the policy to have the theme protective masks in Germany waited too long. The decision-makers would not dare to often, uncomfortable things in Public to pronounce. Thus he says also, Corona Apps , the implementation of which had previously failed. Instead, rumgedruckst and the people would keep.

of The ZDF Talk with Markus Lanz on the demonstrations: "The swastika of the Corona-dictatorship"

The core area of the right-wing extremism researcher is supposed to play in many of the Corona-protest actions attended a role: Sundermeyer regular demonstrations and looks quite radical, the Corona would make use of measures to protest against the restriction of their fundamental rights ("the swastika, the Corona-dictatorship"). So, the AfD in the case of such events take part, in order to go on voice to catch and register now even demonstrations of how Sundermeyer performs.

Frank Thelen , TV-tested Investor ("the cave of The lion"), has a Problem in that in the Corona pandemic was late to realize that is also easy to produce "Community-masks" to provide a protection against infection with Covid-19 . "What happens now, is the complete disaster," he says, and speaks also omissions in relation to the introduction of Corona Apps. The entrepreneur demands to hire Startups, this can be controlled, where a Corona of infection is located. Vehemently, the 44-Year-old of politics and the economy, calls for more courage for Innovation.

Markus Lanz (ZDF) TV-Investor Thelen paints economy's dismal picture on the wall

in addition, Thelen does not understand that people on the one hand their identity to Google, Amazon and co. to give, in return for rights to freedom and privacy on the road. In Singapore even Autonomous robots dogs of the US company Boston Dynamics would ensure that people comply with the Corona-spacing . Virologist Brinkmann takes the Shudder. With the example of Thelen would like to depict the slow deterioration of Germany's economic strength. The supremacy in terms of development and technology, he looks lost and is also called the Chinese Social Media network Tiktok , the power in German children's rooms wide.

It's a blazing analysis of the VOX-TV-protagonist, who is also from the Empire of Tesla Boss Elon Musk. The local car manufacturers, Frank Thelen , to be a little innovative. Instead of investing profits in new technologies, they would be distributed and rested on its laurels, while the US giant Tesla is now "worth twice as much as Volkswagen and BMW together". And the lower Saxony government politicians Because the country is also involved in VW? Holds, however, and a farewell to the German manufacturer for premature.

Patrick Freiwah

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Updated Date: 22 May 2020, 05:35

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