Lübcke-process Frankfurt: Stephan Ernst and Markus H. from Nazi-comrades-enemies of the world were |

In Frankfurt has begun the process in the case of the murder of Walter Lübcke against Stephan Ernst and Markus. h. evaluates. Quickly, it shows that from the fr

Lübcke-process Frankfurt: Stephan Ernst and Markus H. from Nazi-comrades-enemies of the world were |

In Frankfurt has begun the process in the case of the murder of Walter Lübcke against Stephan Ernst and Markus. h. evaluates. Quickly, it shows that from the friends, the enemies have become.

Kassel, President of the government Walter Lübcke died on March 2. June 2019, The 65-Year-old was killed in front of his house in wolf Hagen-Istha by a head shot in court, Stephan Ernst and Markus H. - from the Nazi were comrades enemies

Frankfurt – Shortly after 10 o'clock on this Tuesday all the process involved in murder of Walter Lübcke* place in room 165 C of the Oberlandesgericht Frankfurt : Irmgard Braun-Lübcke, the widow of the Murdered man, the sons of Jan-Hendrik and Christopher, the representative of the Federal Prosecutor, the accused with their defenders, the judges. Since the first striking image is clear.

+ Stephan Ernst is on trial because he is supposed to have murdered Walter Lübcke.©Thomas salary, dpa

Stephan Ernst , the main accused, as he sits in a dark suit and white shirt, behind the co-defendants Markus H. . Wearing a grey Polo shirt, under a faded green hooded sweatshirt, a brown pair of pants that is not properly seated, as he wanted to form a counterpart to Ernst, who was supposed to be his neo-Nazi buddy have been and will be in the proceedings commenced may be a great opponent. Finally, Stephan Ernst last, not he. Walter Lübcke that night on the 2 June 2019 shot , but h. – an accident.

process in Frankfurt: Who shot Walter Lübcke?

Ernst looks out on the dock rigidly to the front, keeps a straight face, h. look to the left, to the right. His first complaint he has received since. the Thomas Sagebiel , the presiding judge, admonished him to get up right at the beginning, in the future, if the court enter the hall.

H. was left to sit trial simple: the hood over the head, the mouth-and-nose guard in the face with a file folder in front of the face. He wanted to remain unrecognizable, as long as photographers and camera people were in the room and recordings made. When they were gone,. h. showed his face adorned with a slight Beard. To him: the family Lübcke , which occurs as a secondary applicant in the process.

+ Also in Frankfurt before the court: Markus H., who is hiding his face.©Thomas salary, dpa

32 days of trial until the end of October are only recognized once, but right at the beginning, it is clear that it could be very tough. the Stephan Ernst and Markus H. each have two representatives and all the four digits immediately applications.

Frankfurt: Stephan Ernst in the suit, Markus H. in the hood

So, Mustafa Kaplan, one of the most Serious looks at lawyers*, both the presiding judge as self-conscious as well as Nicole Schneiders, since may, in addition to Björn Clemens legal counsel Markus H. they have also represented Dirk Waldschmidt, after the lawyer was initially occurred as Ernst's representatives. So you could have internal information. How about other amendments, the Senate will decide, after consultation, about it later.

Otherwise, the process conditions in times of Corona and the tons of files topic. And Björn Clemens speaks of a prejudice of his client – due to the allegedly illegal publication of detention decisions and the reporting of the media. He requested the lifting of the arrest warrant against Markus H. the usual preliminaries – the appearance of lawyers is.

representatives of The Supreme public Prosecutor's office Frankfurt and Holger Matt, the lawyer of the family Lübcke, keep all the concerns to be unfounded. You want, that will be negotiated in the here and now and in the next days and weeks. Matt says, for the next action this morning was hard to bear. As he speaks to the lawyer of the opposing side directly, inform him of Björn Clemens rather harsh on it, it would please mention his doctorate. The conditions are defined.

Stephan Ernst is silent before the higher regional court of Frankfurt

+ Thomas Sagebiel, the presiding judge in the murder case of Walter Lübcke.©picture alliance/dpa

the takes a part of presiding judge Thomas Sagebiel , the mumbling, a short Südhessisch and after reading the indictment, urging the defendants appealed: "don't Listen to the defenders, but listen to me." His years of experience tell him that a confession with repentance will pay, in perspective, always. By Stephan Ernst he read a quote: "you want to do what is right, they said. Use your best and perhaps only Chance.“ This recommendation remains yesterday, unheard of. Ernst's defenders Kaplan responds to his client: "Mr Ernst is listening to on his defender." Nevertheless, repeated Biel say to his Council: "We love an open negotiating style. We always listen to you.“

The reading of the indictment, followed Ernst motionless. Markus H. with the other hand, reads in the files folder each page. Also in addition to plaintiff Ahmad E. takes part in the interested in hearing. The Iraqi refugee was stabbed in January 2016 from Seriously low, nods when his interpreter translated. Again and again, he looks Serious.

Frankfurt: Stephan Ernst, and mark H. worthy, none of the look

recognizes his neo-Nazi PAL Markus H. during the five hours of none look. In the indictment it is, Stephan Ernst and Markus H.* had been friends with. H. s attorney Clemens denies this.

The relationship was collegial. After the first Day of the trial in Frankfurt, there is some evidence, however, that are become the allies of once enemies .

From Frankfurt, Kathrin Meyer, Matthias Lohr and Florian Hagemann

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