Germany-weather: Brutal heat wave to roll on us - DWD, two 35-degree forecast-day | world

Hot, Hotter, Germany. "A brutal heat wave" to roll on us. Even 40 degrees are possible - but first, violent Storms to come. The weather at a Glance. To Germ

Germany-weather: Brutal heat wave to roll on us - DWD, two 35-degree forecast-day | world

Hot, Hotter, Germany. "A brutal heat wave" to roll on us. Even 40 degrees are possible - but first, violent Storms to come. The weather at a Glance.

To Germany "to roll a brutal heat wave." In the whole of Europe it will be in the coming days will be extremely hot, but before the weekend there is ortsweise Thunderstorms and heavy rain. Even cracked the 40 degrees ? It would be a new record for June (see first message of 17. June). Previously, Germany is expecting a rainy weekend (Update from 19. June, 7: 59).

Update from 19. June 14 PM: get the summer ? After the past rainy days, forecasters expect the calendrical beginning of summer at the weekend, only a hazy mix of clouds, some sun, chance of showers and thunderstorms. After all, the maximum temperature according to the German weather service (DWD) commute between 20 and 26 degrees, and thus give a foretaste of the coming week.

Because starting Tuesday, it could be in fact, so far, the summer is coming! With a lot of sunshine are achieved, according to the then maximum temperatures of 25 to 32 grade . On Wednesday and Thursday could be cracked, according to DWD even for the first Time this year, the 35-degree mark.

In the conurbations in West and South - West of Germany, it could come with temperatures more than 20 degrees even to tropical nights. Only in the coastal and mountain regions it remains a bit cooler.

weather: Brutal heat with up to 40 degree rolls toward us, but before that, fresh, fierce Thunderstorms with hail from

Update from 19. June, 7.59 PM: the shows German weather service (DWD) is a largely green card. On Friday morning, the prospects for hikers still seem good. But the orange hues in the South and North of the country warn " distinctive weather" . Germany, a sprinkler before and gewittriges weekend.

Up to the Saturday of the German weather service (DWD) expected heavy showers , which can be in the North-East, even storm-like. "On weekends, there will be areas still showers and Thunderstorms, just not in the intensity of the past few days," said a DWD meteorologist on Thursday in Offenbach.

+ weather: Heavy thunderstorm clouds over Germany in the next few days©dpa / Jan Woitas

A small consolation : The maximum daily temperatures can climb in the coming days in many places a summer level . At least, when the sun is shining. Depending on the sunshine, the values oscillate between 17 and 24 degrees. On Sunday they even rise to 20 to 26 degrees and give an Outlook on the new week. Because the starts according to the figures, with increasing high pressure . "Starting Tuesday, the 30-degree mark for a specific territory will be exceeded. The high summer is approaching,“ said the meteorologist.

weather in Germany: "In Germany, a brutal heat to rolling wave" - warning of heavy thunderstorms in the North-East

Update from 18. June, 16.09 PM : in the Meantime, the German weather service warns particularly the North-East of Germany - here, violent Storms are to the Thursday evening, and heavy rain. From the North-Western lower Saxony, up to Thuringia are within a few hours of 20 to 30 liters per square meter rain . From the North sea to Saxony can occur wind up to 70 kilometers per hour. The Storm should pass over the Friday night rain - on Friday afternoon Storm is a danger here .

+ In Europe, and Germany "a brutal heat wave".©Screenshot of The Weather Channel

Also in the foothills of the Alps will be affected, according to the DWD, heavy rain , here the storm focus will mainly fall on the Friday afternoon. By the fog in the West and the South, the view may fall wide, in the night of Friday to below 150 meters.

weather in Germany: is a heat of summer on us?

first message of 17. June 2020 : Munich, Germany - On Saturday (20. June) is a calendar start of summer . Fittingly, it is in USA significantly warmer. While in the beginning, Storm * provide falls for the local Temperature, could be cracked next week, even the 40 degrees . The Federal Republic is experiencing a real heat of the summer* ?

weather: "On Germany, a brutal heat wave rolls up to"

In fact, "to be rolled out to Germany, a brutal heat wave," as Jan Schenk, a meteorologist at The Weather Channel, emphasized. At the start of the week it around the country for the summer, in the West are then expected even at temperatures of up to 30 degrees Celsius.

The heat and then spreads in the course of the week, from the South-West over the whole of Germany. the 30 degrees are clear, the rule rather than the exception. In addition, we can expect tropical nights, in which the 20-degree mark is not reached. Particularly fierce the heat along the Rhine and East Germany is : On Friday, the temperatures can reach values of 32 to 38 degrees .

weather in Germany: New record temperatures thanks to 40 degrees?

But even more? The meteorologist keeps record values at least for the conceivable: "I don't want to completely exclude the possibility that it could locally be enough for 40 degrees ." Thus, the temperature would wiggle a record for the month of June. This dates back to last year and is located in to 39.6 degrees . Was measured, the value of the heat back in Bernburg / Saale to Sachsen-Anhalt .

is a General increase in the next few days, a clear temperature not only in Germany, but almost in the whole of Europe is recognizable. "From Gibraltar to the Arctic circle" will it be warmer, as Schenk explains. The laying of a huge Deep in the Atlantic , the hot air to the North pump.

weather in Germany: by the end of next week heat storm

Even if these maximum values, of course, not everywhere, to be reached, one thing is clear. In the coming days, you will see one or the other, rather lightly dressed. In USA beach weather prevails . After due to the Corona-crisis* free baths were not allowed to initially open, is not permitted in many regions of the swimming pool visit now and again.

According to current forecasts, the peak of heat wave the end of next week. After location of heat storm *, driving the temperatures then sharply downwards to follow according to the current weather. In the near future, but it is definitely a once hot. What's the weather like in the North, at*.


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Date Of Update: 20 June 2020, 02:36