GNTM (ProSieben): candidate Theresa loves 28-year-older – parents banish daughter | Boulevard

GNTM-Finale: Almost thirty years older is the new husband of Theresia Fischer. That's why the blonde is still waiting for the blessing of their parents. Ther

GNTM (ProSieben): candidate Theresa loves 28-year-older – parents banish daughter | Boulevard

GNTM-Finale: Almost thirty years older is the new husband of Theresia Fischer. That's why the blonde is still waiting for the blessing of their parents.

Theresa Fischer were Thomas in GNTM-Finale in 2019, the Yes-word. the husband of the Models is 28 years older.On the blessing your parents ' blonde waiting in vain.

Hamburg – Theresa Fischer (28) is probably one of those Ex- in candidates that you will never forget – whether you want to or not. Since the wedding in Greece -final know all of the world: The protege of Heidi Klum is head over heels in love in the sweetheart Thomas (56), the proud 28 years older than you. On the blessing of your parents the blonde is waiting, as yet, unfortunately, in vain, to see how well a TikTok Video .

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GNTM (ProSieben): Theresia Fischer honey Thomas is in the final the Yes-word

In the 14. Season of "Germany's next Topmodel" was simply no way it's top model contestant Theresia Fischer. Whether Live wedding in Greece -the final, the difference in age to treasure Thomas Behrendt or stuffed animal Herbert , this was as a mascot is always and everywhere.

whether the Yes-word a year ago, before the eyes of the model mom Heidi Klum , Thomas Gottschalk , an oversized Herbert, your own competitors and millions of spectators, or the vows of Love to dear Thomas, , the proud is 28 years older than she is - the image -a candidate from Hamburg, Germany* made no secret of the fact that she likes older men. With your wedding in Live TV, which is one of the most beautiful moments in your life, in retrospect, was probably the, could Theresa Fischer definitely a Statement against prejudice because of the age difference . After all, a Moderator Stefan Mross moved now, and married his 17-year-younger fiancée, Anna-Carina Woitschack in Florian silver iron TV-Show, "beat love story".

GNTM (ProSieben): Ex-protégée of Heidi Klum likes older men

at the age of 14 she had her first boyfriend - he was 30! Yes, exactly, the speech is a long-time friend and husband Thomas. your parents wanted to believe their ears when the young Theresa moved language out of it. Completely undeterred, the image -candidate at the young love is not holding on to it, which was, in their eyes, illegal. Because according to German criminal law only apply to persons under the age of 14 as children, and any sex with under 14-Year-old is, therefore, punishable. From the 14. Age must be decided in each individual case, whether or not the intimate act is punishable or not, so the justification in a TikTik Video .

see you this post on Instagram to

❤Levi L????O????V????E???? it's not nice we are all so different and all so different love?!???? only this makes us individually???? lots of L❤love it. I????E????B????E to you Sweet???????????????? . ???? @alexandra_winter_fotografie , what with your man, a super lovable photographer???????????? is . . #hamburg #Hamburg Ahoi #photoshoot???? #couple goals❤ #shooting???? #loveislove???? #photo shoot #model shoot

A post shared by Theresa (@Theresa Fischer) on Nov 27, 2019 at 7:12 PM PST

For Theresa just a: had your honesty to your parents. In your TikTok Video the image laid-candidate, now her acting skills on the day and showed their Fans how their parents had reacted to the love confession . Especially your dad got way be fat. In your Video you showed your Daddy with a Hammer in Hand. If he wanted to beat up darling Thomas ? Wouldn't surprise us, after all, the parents of the Models in the Church were missing. In an Interview with celebrity flash Theresa Fischer confessed to how deep you took this decision: "I have really worn it until the last second, the small hope in me that maybe at least my mother is coming." Unfortunately, the Ex was disappointed-protege of Heidi Klum bitter evil. On the blessing of your parents Theresa Fischer will wait, probably in vain.

+ Theresia Fischer was in GNTM-Finale your Thomas the Yes-word and publicly to their age difference. (Assembly)©Georg Wendt/picture-alliance/dpa & John Neudecker/picture alliance/dpa

GNTM (ProSieben): Theresia Fischer comes their way – even despite the age difference

age difference or not - the 28-Year-old white, what she wants and sets itself on the other head. It was the action #free nipples, for the image -candidate drew blank, your crass claims on ProSieben and the top model-Format* ( reported), her latest nose piercing, the wedding with a 28-year-old man, or the fact that Theresa Fischer had her legs surgically lengthened. Proud to 8.5 inches have been added to your thigh in pain, so that the Ex-protege of model Mama Heidi Klum* today is 1.77 meters tall - a long-legged beauty. Fortunately, she was able to. on Schatzi Thomas count the spoiled you not only financially support, but, you after line and thread * istTeil of the Federal SIP far-to-Digital editors network.

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