For PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch: The best Couch Co-op games | Games

aligned Nowadays, Games on Online-Multiplayer. A Couch Co-op is rarely available. Some Co-op title recommendations in the Overview. A suitable Co-op is not to

For PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch: The best Couch Co-op games | Games

aligned Nowadays, Games on Online-Multiplayer. A Couch Co-op is rarely available. Some Co-op title recommendations in the Overview.

A suitable Co-op is not to find the game not so easy. Top games are often no fun mode, you can play in pairs on a console. To Play are some tips to have a good Co-op mode, you will find in this Overview.

The Multiplayer modes of video-Whether "Fortnite*", "Call of Duty", "Grand Theft Auto*" or "FIFA": play now almost only play online. But what to do when the best friends are visiting and you would like to gamble, loved ones together on the same console is a round? The selection is perhaps not too large, however, there are some titles that have a fun Co-op . We have some recommendations in the following sections.

A Way Out - The pure Co-op game (PS4, Xbox One)

+ "A Way Out" is designed as a pure Co-op game and you can play just the two of us.©Electronic Arts

On " A Way Out " is it, in fact, a pure Co-op play . This means that it must be played by two. A single-player mode is completely missing. In "A Way Out" slip the two players in the roles of the prison inmates, Vincent Moretti and Leo Caruso. Together they plan to break out of prison.

the players have to work together, tasks can only be solved together. Often, the action runs asynchronously, so that Vincent and Leo are in completely different areas. Played that is in a split screen , of what happens depending on the history of just. The fact that the game's interpretation of the focus will be on Co-op mode, the result is a completely new Gameplay . However, the different passages are not just playfully challenging.

"A Way Out" is an exciting and cinematic game experience , it's not about high scores, but the history that can be experienced together with a buddy. The further the game progresses, the more travel takes up the Story with several unexpected twists and turns.

Gang Beasts - Party-Klopperei with kneading males (PS4, Xbox One)

Less Story, more Action " Gang Beasts ". Here you are looking for a plot in vain. Because in the case of "Gang Beasts" is only one: to fight in the Arena with friends. the Two to eight players to compete against each other and try to hit with the funny and colorful characters , the opponent is K. O., and to throw out of the Ring. The control is extremely vague, but this is intended.

"Gang Beasts" offers a different levels and game modes , including football - as well as a wave mode. Visually, this title looks perhaps a little absurd, but with multiple players the game makes this something exceptional party a lot of fun.

Borderlands 3 - the traditional Loot and Levels (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

+ "Borderlands 3" to satisfy the collector's instinct of the player to second it makes it even more fun.©2K

Who would like his to satisfy the collector's instinct for the colorful first person Shooter "Borderlands 3 is definitely" out of the question. In the split-screen two-player Co-op mode go hunting tons of weapons and other items to find it in the colorful game world. While droves of enemies in the way, which of course also all the interesting equipment.

selection of four characters , all about unique abilities have. By Defeating enemies and Completing main and side missions, players will earn experience points. From time to time the character rises in Level and you can improve the skills. "Borderlands 3" is interesting for those who do not get enough from the Loot and Levels.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Co-op classics from the house of Nintendo (Nintendo Switch)

+ "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" is the most comprehensive Mario Kart ever.©Nintendo

An Italian plumber to rescue the Princess of the mushroom Kingdom from the clutches of a dragon: This is absurd-sounding story is now absolute normality for gamers. Even more absurd is actually, if those characters in Go-Karts and racing against each other and with turtle tanks and bananas, dam of meißen. But "Mario Kart*" counts for almost 30 years, the Standard Repertoire of Nintendo.

"Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" is the last and largest offshoot of the series , published for the Nintendo Switch*. To a total of 48 tracks and eight battle mode arenas you can Ride with up to three friends on one console in the Go-Kart. In addition, 42 different characters as a driver to choose from, including of course Mario, Luigi, Bowser, or Peach. "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe" can be a lot of fun, if you don't mind the colorful look and the sometimes confusing game - but that is part of a Super Mario game as well as the Overalls to Mario.

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Portal 2 - puzzles to solve, and to think outside the box (PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360)

+ "Portal 2" brings the player to Ponder but also to Laugh.©Valve / EA

" Portal 2 "is a puzzle game, in which players of the passages by using the" Portal Gun " have to overcome. With this weapon, two portals can be created that are connected to each other. In Co-op mode you have to overcome two of several rooms with obstacles and Traps, so be careful. A total of four portals can be created and the possible combinations are equal to doubled. A witty Story is by the way offered also.

But it may be expected in the case of "Portal 2" not a party game. The game is therefore rather interesting for those who like to Enigma loosen some very complex . For the Moment all the more beautiful when the challenge has been mastered.

Cuphead - Bock heavy Side-Scroller in the Mickey Mouse Look (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)

+ "Cuphead" shines mainly due to the Comic Look, the Gameplay is very challenging.©StudioMDHR

The cute cartoon graphics is a little deceptive, because in the case of " Cuphead " is a gantry heavy and challenging game . To second in the Co-op mode it is even more difficult to master the Level. The players slip into the roles of Cuphead and Mugman and have to Jump the passages through the Run, and Swing through. Of your fingers you can also provide shots, and thus against the opponent to fight back. At the end of each level, a sophisticated boss fight is imminent. Until the final boss is defeated, it may need a few Attempts and Frustration will be accordingly large.

"Cuphead" is visually definitely an eye-catcher, especially for animation Fans in the style of Mickey Mouse . But newcomers will be a tough nut this is the title of the teeth. Even Gaming veterans expected to be a big challenge.

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