Facebook Boycott: Zuckerberg wants stronger action against hate and racism - Trump could be the limit | policy

After boycotts of numerous corporations to Facebook to strengthen the fight against hate on the net and racism. Thus, even Donald trump could be restricted Post

Facebook Boycott: Zuckerberg wants stronger action against hate and racism - Trump could be the limit | policy

After boycotts of numerous corporations to Facebook to strengthen the fight against hate on the net and racism. Thus, even Donald trump could be restricted Postings.

Facebook was once again in the criticism of doing too little against hate on the net . the Mark Zuckerberg announced wide-ranging reforms . Also Donald Trump* could be restricted by the measures. + Mark Zuckerberg has announced to strengthen the fight against hate and racism on Facebook to proceed.©AFP / ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS

Menlo Park, California - The Social Media giant Facebook respond to criticism and ad boycott . The network wants to expand its actions against hate messages and plans of the problematic Posts from politicians in the future, mark. the Mark Zuckerberg , founder and CEO of Facebook, announced on Friday (26. June) to, henceforth, a greater range of paid Ads, including campaign advertising 'm going to say under.

Political election advertising constitutes a particularly sensitive issue. the Facebook had to struggle to 2018, with serious accusations, as the suspicion arose, that the company Cambridge Analytica could have taken by data theft on Facebook influence on the US election*.

The actual response Facebook refers to the current view boycotts of large companies. Companies such as Coca-Cola and Unilever do not currently on Display in the case of Facebook, to take action against racism and H ass on the net position.

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook wants to become stronger against hate messages procedure

Forbidden according to Zuckerberg claims that people of a certain "race, ethnicity, national origin, Religion, caste, sexual orientation, gender identity, or a particular immigration Statute, a threat for physical security, Health or the Survival of someone else“. Also immigrants, migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers should be protected, "the end" with a View to constitute it as the inferior or despicable .

Facebook want to mark the in addition, in certain cases, messages from politicians , if you are in breach of the rules of the network, such as Zuckerberg writes. "A couple of times per year, we allow content that would otherwise be in breach of our rules, if the public interest is greater than the risk of harm."

Facebook measures could restrict Donald Trump

This is, for example, in the case of politicians-Talk the case, which had a news value. In the future, it should be noted that if such content violates the Facebook rules. The content will be marked accordingly, but not removed. No exceptions there, if messages could lead to violence or a repression of the right to vote, - said Zuckerberg. Such content would be deleted. The Facebook CEO pointed to the campaigning for the US presidential election* in November, which is likely to be "heated."

In the past few weeks have repeatedly taken care of Posts by US President Donald Trump for eddy. The short message service

Twitter hid repeatedly last Tweets

the right-wing populists behind a warning because of "glorification of violence" or "abusive behaviour". Twitter underwent Utterances of the President, also, a fact check.

Facebook , however, took no such action - and was criticized for it a lot. A number of companies will turn in an election year no election advertising in Facebook. The Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant Unilever announced on Friday, to want to because of the "polarized" campaign atmosphere from now until the end of the year in the United States no more ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to switch. More and more companies are starting to see Ads in Facebook, because the Internet giant takes from your perspective to your little hate comments and calls for violence.

Show-Boycott: Coca-Cola, Unilever, Patagonia and North Face paused Facebook ads

On Thursday, announced the US telecommunications group, Verizon , that he put his advertising on Facebook. The sports article manufacturer Patagonia and the North Face followed. Ahead of a call for a boycott of the organization Anti-Defamation League had gone as part of a campaign under the slogan "stop the hate from Profit". As a sign against racism, Coca-Cola for at least 30 days any advertising in any and all Online networks of sets. "There is no place for racism in the world and there is no place for racism in the social networks," said the boss of the group is James Quincey.

on-line networks should be more "transparency and responsibility" on the day set, he demanded. His decision had nothing to do with the campaign of the Anti-Defamation League. In the meantime, Coca-Cola and its advertising strategy to check and "see if corrections are needed," he explained. Coca-Cola is one of the most famous brands in the world, and enormous sums of money for advertising. In the US, find the 3. November presidential elections instead. The supporters of the incumbent Donald Trump and his opponents are often unforgiving. The deep cleavage is the US company was also in the Wake of the recent nationwide protests against racism* significantly. (lb with AFP) *merkur.de is part of the Ippen-Digital-network


Date Of Update: 27 June 2020, 06:33