FC Bayern: eddy to brutal-not by Alphonso Davies - Why the handle of the VAR? | FC Bayern

FC Bayern Munich was on Tuesday at Werder Bremen. This FCB-Star Alphonso Davies gave strong - and came up with a Yellow card. The FC Bayern Munich* had to on T

FC Bayern: eddy to brutal-not by Alphonso Davies - Why the handle of the VAR? | FC Bayern

FC Bayern Munich was on Tuesday at Werder Bremen. This FCB-Star Alphonso Davies gave strong - and came up with a Yellow card.

The FC Bayern Munich* had to on Tuesday in the SV Werder Bremen ran. A scene from the first half, heated tempers. Bayern-Star Alphonso Davies made an assault.

Update from 17. June, 14.48 PM: For many Fans was the Foul of Alphonso Davies on Tuesday night against Leo Bittencourt a clear assault, and would necessarily need to use the Red card to.

referee Harm Osmers was in the FCB Youngster, only Yellow, what surprised many TV viewers. Also, the cellars of Cologne is not notified and the referee asked the television pictures again to look at, made countless Fans perplexed.

The referee-Podcast Colinas heirs stated that Osmers have evaluated the action of Davies only "as recklessness and not as an assault", which is why the VAR at the end not engaging.

Davies saw later, however, Yellow-Red - and made the championship perfectly. The Triple odds for Bayern are not as large as for a long time. After the game the Bayern left it out of the Park - and took over rival Borussia Dortmund funny. Tell us your opinion: Is it currently in the League due to the dominance of the FC Bayern is not boring?

Update from 17. June, 10.36 PM: Foul of Alphonso Davies Leonardo Bittencourt is heated is still the minds. At least the competition, because on the part of the FC Bayern , there is little to say.

Neither Hansi Flick , yet Karl-Heinz Rummenigge or Herbert Hainer commented on after the match for the canadian Youngsters. However, the FC Bayern had to celebrate the championship. A page but it was a blow nevertheless, and against Ex-Coach, Niko Kovac.

Update from 17. June, 6.25 PM: Bayern eintüteten on Tuesday evening, the title was suppose to be good luck. After the game in the Weser stadium, the shooting star Alphonso Davies had allowed assault against Werder's Leonardo Bittencourt , was Hansi Flick is not very willing to blame the young Canadians.

The FCB Coach had been on the scene, are not even explicitly looked at: "that's Why I have to say anything now. We have become the masters, that's why I'm going to chalk the game now“. Are all sleep in Munich today, only once, but is expected to take place at the Säbener Strasse a Video analysis. And then Davies must reckon with words of caution.

FC Bayern: Davies-scandal -master-Triumph of Occurs

Update 16. June, 22.30 : Alphonso Davies made in the first half against Bremen with a nasty Kick to Leonardo Bittencourt for attention. Actually, a clear Red card - but the Bayern Munich Star saw only Yellow. In the final stage, Davies had to but from the place - for a challenge on Milos Veljkovic, there was Yellow-Red.

FC Bayern in the end it was no matter: It stayed 1:0, so that the people of Munich are again German champion.

FCB-Star Davies with a brutal Kick against Bremen Bittencourt - Fans rage: "Typical Bayern-Bonus"

first message from the 16. June, 21.27 PM: Bremen flood light, rain, Weser stadium - it was a racy League*-the duel between FC Bayern Munich* and the SV Werder Bremen . Finally, a lot was at stake, the SVW is braced against the descent, at the Munich man's cross-eyed on the 30. Title* in the League*.

Clearly, in such a constellation, there are also a lot of testosterone wafting across the lawn. In the case of Bayern-Youngster Alphonso Davies discharged the Motivation but in a special way. The Shooting Star of the FCB was in the first half to Bittencourt an obvious assault against the city of Bremen Leonardo carried away.

FC Bayern: Alphonso Davies with assault against Werder Bremen?

In the mid-term break, the Sky-experts Sebastian Hellmann and Lothar Matthäus were quick to agree: For such scenes there were in the League* the Red card . And the Fans on Twitter a unique opinion.

wrote the trailer, for example: " Typical of Bavaria-Bonus . Each Bremer would have flown with the Red from the square", "by The way, clear Red. Since we don't have to discuss", "a joke from the video evidence," or "I'm sorry for Werder. Such a crass error to decide on descents.“

Alphonso Davies: Bayern Munich Star with a brutal Kick against Bremen's Leonardo Bittencourt

The Twitter community was unanimous: a Clear erroneous decision from the referee Harm Osmers . The Referee was even represents Evil under.

In the Sky Studio, it quickly became clear that Osmers can view the scene, at least, would have again. So it was not a but - Davies only got Yellow . The FCB Star was not, but only whether his nasty step against Bittencourt topic of conversation. The Canadians introduced its Sprinter qualities with a speed of 36,5 km/h he set a new record for the League*.

New has put Bayern Munich to the Bundesliga crown for the eighth Time in a row. Under Hansi Flick, the club of the Isar launched a furious race to catch up*. Comment. FC Bayern has once again lays a magnificent season and the eighth League title in a row and got it. But of Celebration mood to remember, and nothing is in the city*. Only Corona is to blame for it?

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Date Of Update: 17 June 2020, 23:36