Donald Trump: Now his brother wants a book about the President's family to stop | policy

publish Donald trump's niece, Mary, is planning a book about the "most family in the world". This should be prevented by all means. Donald Trump* and his f

Donald Trump: Now his brother wants a book about the President's family to stop | policy

Donald trump's niece, Mary, is planning a book about the "most family in the world". This should be prevented by all means.

Donald Trump* and his family: the niece of the U.S. President want to publish Mary Trump your uncle calls a "disturbed man" New book on Melania Trump appeared

Update Wednesday, 24. June 2020, 12:00 PM With an injunction in order to prevent the brother of U.S. President Donald Trump the publication of an apparently unflattering book about the President's family.

Robert S. Trump makes application to a court in New York

the New York Times on Tuesday reported, was Robert S. Trump an application to a court in the New York city borough of Queens. Thus, he accuses Mary Trump to break a confidentiality agreement about the legacy of Fred Trump of her grandfather and the father of Donald Trump.

"you attempt to rule our family relationships after all these years, their financial advantage is to be established and to put in a bad light, is both a Farce as well as an injustice with a view to the memory of our beloved parents," said Robert S. Trump accordingly. "I and the Rest of my family are so proud of my wonderful brother, the President, and feel that Mary's action as a true shame."

The publisher advertises, but with Mary trump's "Insider perspective" . "She is the only member of the Trump family that is willing to report the truth about one of the most powerful and dysfunctional families in the world," wrote Simon & Schuster.

Donald Trump wants his niece sue

Update, 15:15 p.m.: Mary Trump , studied psychologist with a PhD, was never a Fan of her uncle, Donald Trump . Although it does not have a Twitter Account, the most frequently she uses these but. The last entry is almost two years old.

Donald trump's niece is a Fan of Hillary Clinton

but Donald Trump in 2016, the race to the US presidency, the initial and also won, because Mary spoke up. A week after the election victory of her uncle, Donald Trump you tweeted your support for Hillary Clinton , which was in their eyes an "extraordinary human being". On election night, she wrote: "This is one of the saddest nights of my life. What is wrong with this country? I have the feeling that the American Experiment has failed.“

Update 11:50 a.m.: According to media reports, was said to have claimed Donald Trump to Confidants, his niece, Mary Trump have signed a confidentiality agreement. In the United States, “Non-Disclosure Agreement“ (NDA) said the contract should have been closed after an agreement between the two in a dispute from the year 2001.

Donald Trump vs Mary Trump: It would not be the first dispute

at the Time, Mary Trump had sued their uncle Donald and his children from his first marriage. Point of dispute was the inheritance of Donald's brother, Fred Trump Jr. , The father of Mary Trump was Donald's older brother. He died in 1981 at the age of 42 of a heart attack, had been looking for him, probably in consequence of a severe alcohol disease.

Update from 17. June 2020, 10:25 PM: Donald Trump is not pleased about the Plan of his niece, to write a tell-all book about the family Trump, and the rise of McDonald's to the White house. The US President now seems to even think about it, Mary Trump , the daughter of his deceased brother.

Donald Trump sends lawyers to prevent the book to his niece

As the US news website "the Daily Beast" reported, Donald Trump instructs its lawyers to examine whether and how one could prevent the publication of such a book in the middle of the election year. The Reporter of the "Daily Beast" cited two sources from the White house.

Meanwhile, the is planned tell-all book for the political Comedians in the US, a godsend. The "Late Show" with Stephen Colbert published a preview on the long-unpublished book, memories of Mary are bogus: "If uncle Donald our nose had been stolen, we had to court to get them back. And every Time he brought a new aunt, he said, we should not get used to dear to you.“

"The most family in the world" - Donald trump's niece is planning tell-all book

first message from the 16.06.2020

Washington - The only niece of US President Donald Trump will publish a publisher, according to the end of July, a paper on the "dark history" of the family clan. the Mary Trump , a Ph. D. psychologist, will explain how her uncle "the man was now threatening the health of the world, the economic security and social cohesion".

+ family Trump: Melania, Donald and Ivanka, another member of the family is planning a tell-all book. (Archive image)©Peter Foley / dpa

Donald Trump: niece Mary wants to unpacking

The, at least, the publisher Simon & Schuster announced. the Mary Trump spent much of her Childhood in the large, imposing house of their grandparents in the heart of Queens, where Donald and his four siblings grew up.

According to information of the publisher Mary Trump in your book, such as specific events and General family pattern of the "disturbed man" created the ruled currently in the Oval Office , including the strange and complicated relationship between Fred Trump, and his two oldest sons, Fred Jr. and Donald.

Donald Trump: revelation books will be published just before the US elections

The 240-page book on the 28. July - 98 days before the US elections in 2020, which Trump likes to be in the President confirm want to leave. The title is in German, translated: "Too much and never enough - How my family's the most dangerous man in the world has created".

Mary Trump reported, "one of the most powerful and most broken families"

Mary Trump was the only member of the family, "the will is the truth about one of the most powerful and most broken families in the world price admit," said the publisher on their website. The news site "the Daily Beast", which had first reported about the planned book, called Mary Trump "which is a family member of the Trumps, which is ready to turn against him". The upcoming publication of the book had become in the U.S. on Monday (local time) known.

Mary L. Trump has a PhD on modern methods of Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, and taught in the subjects of Trauma, psychopathology, and developmental psychology. She lives with her daughter in New York.

The type of her Deal is a book about Melania Trump appeared

It's not the only book to appear in the near future, and it is claimed that it would disclose the internals of the immediate family of the Trumps. The other is "The kind of her Deal" (The art of their success). The protagonist here is First Lady Melania Trump*.

Updated Date: 24 June 2020, 06:36

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