Daniel stands behind up to 400 burglaries: So easy is it

He is karseklippet, tattooed on right hand, and then he speaks clearly sønderjysk. Okay, he's hardly the only one. Anyway stand Daniel Iversen significantl

Daniel stands behind up to 400 burglaries: So easy is it

He is karseklippet, tattooed on right hand, and then he speaks clearly sønderjysk.

Okay, he's hardly the only one.

Anyway stand Daniel Iversen significantly in comparison to regular people.

The 27-year-old Haderslev-citizen explains that he has committed between 350 and 400 burglaries in people's homes.

And it was a little of each, that was stolen.

"It was everything from Danish design lamps, tables, chairs, shapes, iPads, tv, and sometimes people's Friends codes," explains Daniel Iversen.

B. T. has more than five months uncovered the rekordlange of waiting, victims of crime may find themselves in at the police and the courts.

In the series has the victims of most of the country as Silas Lund, Bente Strunge Hermann, Sallie Nielsen, Charlotte Andersen, Steen Johansen, Mary Jane Williams, Uffe Kurt Jensen and, most recently, Jens Nielsen told about their cases.

Now Daniel Iversen the first offender, who is emerging in the B. T. series.

With his many burglaries, he knows about someone, when it is easy and hard to break into people's homes.

But his advice to homeowners, we return to the.

It all started when Daniel Iversen seven years ago was caught in a drug addiction. Therefore, he needed cash and started doing burglaries.

"In the beginning I thought 'oh, just the police don't come and arrest me'," says Daniel Iversen.

He could, however, breathe a sigh of relief. In each case, in a period of time.

"as I committed several burglaries, and that is not something came the police, then feared I no longer have to be caught. The more intrusion, I made, the more I could see that it was piss easy," he says.

What makes the police so to avoid burglary?

In a report on the situation of the recent time beats the national Police and the attorney general made it clear that the increased priority of the personfarlige crime will be of importance for the treatment of all other forms of crime.

Therefore, the intrusion into the private home.

"It can never worry that the police give priority to personfarlig crime first. When it is said, then we have too many break-ins in Denmark, and it creates insecurity among the danes," says Britt Wendelboe, who is the head of the campaign, Stay Safe.

However, could Daniel Iversen not be to get rid of punishment.

In all, he's been sentenced to 35 months in prison for committing 60 burglaries, which is far fewer than he himself acknowledges to be left behind.

"At a time gets you caught, no matter how good a criminal you are. You get sloppy, and then it is usually, they catch one," says Daniel Iversen, who in the summer came out of prison.

Daniel Iversen is now linked to the Trygfonden, which he as convicted burglar helps to tell about his experience.

Neither the camera equipment, alarm or a guard dog scared him from committing burglary.

"An alarm stopped me not, for there could go many minutes before the guards or the police were there. With regard to the dogs I had actually dog biscuit with. They were so happy," he explains.

one Discovers a thief in his home, he recommends that one makes a noise.

"A thief will run away with the same, he hears any kind of noise or sees people. One time I went into a bedroom, where I suddenly shone on a sleeping man. He did not awake, and I could list out again," he explains.

As a burglar, he was just quite nervous about the suddenly run into in the residents.

"To meet the resident would be the worst thing that could happen. Many have the attitude that if they encounter a burglar, then captures him herself. It will be something of a hassle," he says.

Often he was four times out to check out when people went to work.

"People have to typically work between the hours of. 07 and 08. And then, when they have thrown the kids in the car and is the run of the place, so there is a free house," says Daniel Iversen.

Then he went around the house to check where it was easiest to break into.

He was dressed in black clothes and a halsedisse in order not to be recognizable.

And so it was important to be quick to the actual burglary.

At a public meeting recently in Aarhus showed Daniel Iversen, for example, how a window without sikringsbeslag can be broken up in only 14 seconds.

It is a reason as to why he in particular would recommend that you make an agreement with his neighbors to keep an eye on each other's home.

' good neighbour is important in order to avoid burglary. I was even quite aware of, on any so, that I broke into," he says.

the Question is about Daniel Iversen after his release will be to commit burglary?

the Answer is pretty clear.

"It's the end of the criminal career," he says, adding:

"If I look back, I am not proud. But it was my livelihood, so it was my way to clear myself."

Updated Date: 01 December 2019, 19:01

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