Coronavirus/Floyd death: US politicians warn of a rising risk of infection due to Demos | policy

The USA seems to be the Coronavirus so slow Mr. But the Demos in the course of social grievances, could undermine this success. Politicians are sounding the Ala

Coronavirus/Floyd death: US politicians warn of a rising risk of infection due to Demos | policy

The USA seems to be the Coronavirus so slow Mr. But the Demos in the course of social grievances, could undermine this success. Politicians are sounding the Alarm. But the minorities are stuck in a Dilemma.

In the U.S., thousands of demonstrators* to go every day because of the social grievances to the streets. This distance rules and protective measures are ignored. The summons of the danger of a new Corona-spread up.

Munich - It's a phenomenon from all areas of life. A Problem is only as long as as a real Problem perceived , until the next appearance, and all the sets existing in the shadow . So quickly, the grief can be replaced by once-and-forget. Which, of course, a giant is a big Problem, if the previous Need has not yet alleviated a long time ago.

such As the Corona-pandemic* . In the U.S., as in much of the rest of the world for weeks, the dominant theme. Until a white Cop squeezed on the floor-fixed African-American George Floyd* in his arrest nearly nine minutes long, the knee on the neck and allow the air to Breathe took. Thanks to a a witness filmed Videos , the whole world took part in this, unfortunately, is not unprecedented Drama.

Corona-risk by Demos in the United States: Floyd-death reveals to social ills

The tacitly accepted death* of the defenseless man revealed once more the abuse , which minorities in the United States are still exposed to. And brought an already bursting filled the barrel to Overflowing. Since then, it is demonstrated in many cities of the country day after day, night after night , often in a peaceful manner, but sometimes also fire dismissal.

the Latter is bad enough. Similarly devastating is the fact that in these demonstrations and rallies no distance rules , and often no other protection measures* taken in the face of rampant Coronavirus. That's why Dr. Jerome Adams, specialist and head of the US food and drug administration warns about: "It is likely that we will see a new Cluster and potentially new outbreaks be."

+ Demo with mask: These protestors have access to one of the numerous protective measures that come close to but belonging.©AFP / ANGELA WEISS

Corona-risk by Demos in the United States: "Covid is still a Problem"

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of the Corona-Hotspot mutant state of New York is talking about the the masses and mixing of the protesters to the Conscience: "I know many of the protesters are annoyed and not hear any more of Covid want to, as if it were yesterday. No, Covid is still a Problem. the Covid kills still - are you aware of this and respects this.“ In Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti is afraid of already so-called super-spreader events , if thousands go on the streets.

Although there is, according to the New York Times still no scientific evidence of the extent to which Sars-CoV-2 in Humans, such as Demos could be transferred. But the Problem is: Because of the - if at all - only too late occurring symptoms* join us this uncertainty for some time.

Corona-risk by Demos in the United States: Singing or Yelling may accelerate distribution

Indeed, experts emphasize that the risk of contagion* was open to the sky nearly as large as in closed rooms. But just the grape Singing or Yelling of slogans in a Human is likely to give the Virus quite a boost. "It's stressful when a whole bunch of people gather together, to cry together, what is known to be an effective way to spread of the Virus is" - quoted by the Times, the book dealer Jamie Schwesnedl, whose Shop is not far from the home of a police station, which was set in the Wake of the protests already on fire.

" people risk their lives, their health , in order to prove their solidarity with the Black," explains Kelli-Ann Thomas, who is campaigning actively for the strengthening of the community. This plays just not at the risk of an escalation, the violent could have collisions with forces of law and Order result, but it is clear also: " The police violence against black people - this is also a pandemic."

Corona-risk by Demos in the United States: "Covid and protests of parts of the same discussion"

For a lot of health experts are of the connection to the Corona-crisis and the now pervasive clear unrest already the sun: The anger about the social ills in the United States is also mirrored in the relatively greater Numbers of Corona-Infected and deaths among African-American citizens. Or, as Eleanor Murray, an epidemiology Professor at Boston University, in the Times puts it: "turned Last week, all about Covid , this week it only went to the protests . In truth,> parts of the same discussion are both

Due to the background of the unrest, but also the possibly devastating consequences. Just as the United States recover from the pandemic, which is called in the country there is already a six-digit number of lives . However, large cities would report to the Times, according to continue to every day, hundreds of new cases . In the County around Minneapolis, where Floyd came to a violent death, would have been infected in the past week, more than 1000 people.

+ skip the line because of disobedience: protesters are gathered, took to their festival.©AFP / MARIO TAMA

Corona-danger by demonstrations in the USA: tear gas-the use of cough attacks

danger conjures up the actions of the police in Curbing the wave of protest. Finally, are provoked by gas used attacks of coughing, in addition, the the protesters, to better control and occasionally people in buses, Vans, or mobile cells cooped up .

All of the can play the Coronavirus in the cards. Also, that only a few people cover mouth and nose* . And if they are, more to the goddamn mask as on the prevention of the virus spread. So, the coverings are grapes may already be in the midst of the people removed again. Remedy could create a mass test* , the but also bring a false sense of security: Not every negative result is synonymous with infection freedom.

Corona-risk by Demos in the United States: Epidemiologist calls for quarantine for protesters

another solution Dr. Emily Landon brings to the game. The Epidemiologist from the University of Chicago demands that: "people who have participated this weekend in the protests should remain 14 days ." Her appeal: "you will Go for 14 days quarantine* . This is difficult, because more and more will open, but it would be the best for all of us.“ It will also become clear: It would have to be run on a voluntary Basis. To make so it will be difficult.

Probably the large majority of protesters and activists is also given the heated atmosphere really are not aware of, which is the risk , you expose yourself to. Others you also take in the purchase. For the big picture.

Corona-risk by Demos in the United States: "Choose between death by Covid, or death by Cops"

Yolanda Williams sees it, meanwhile, is pragmatic. The single mother who is in a Podcast tips to the education of black children will stay away from the protests that encourages others to participate. Because the black community is standing in front of the Dilemma : "The Problem is that we have to choose between death by Covid and death by Cops."

U.S. President Donald Trump is threatening in the face of uprisings in the country already with the use of the military*. We also offer two comments: "Trump is using the tragedy of"* and "Trump is unfit for his office"*.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.


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Date Of Update: 03 June 2020, 14:33

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