Corona: Aldi lights a fuse to a powder keg - Sensitive price plans in the case of meat | consumer

The Corona-crisis is causing great problems in the German economy evident. Aldi now wants to reduce certain prices - suppliers, customers and expert are outrage

Corona: Aldi lights a fuse to a powder keg - Sensitive price plans in the case of meat | consumer

The Corona-crisis is causing great problems in the German economy evident. Aldi now wants to reduce certain prices - suppliers, customers and expert are outraged.

The Corona-crisis also has a major effect on the German economy. The focus of the meat industry - Aldi has recently now wants to apparently hitting Profit. The plans provide for uproar among supplier , but also customers and experts . Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in Germany*. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures*.

Munich/Mülheim - Corona-pandemic has a little unexpectedly, a very old Problem again brought to the table - literally: according to experts, the Situation in the German meat industry for years borderline. Mostly from other States employee. And also for animals . Now Corona can bring outbreaks in slaughterhouses a new dimension to the topic.

the Green politicians, but also of the CSU - demand in view of higher prices for meat products. But it happens to be one of the price-maker in the German food trade is planning other: Aldi want to reduce according to the report, the shopping costs for meat and sausage products . It is actually so, is likely to follow the other chains probably.

Aldi wants to reduce, in spite of Corona meat prices: a letter is circulating and ensures displeasure

food newspaper quoted online from a letter from Aldi Süd , submitted to the journal according to its own information. Therein will be referred to currently, cheap pork-prices , and demanded: "Our common goal, the dynamic growth of tyres at very short notice and in an attractive offer for our customers".

Aldi Nord were in a similar Letter, it means citing sources in the meat industry. The two discounters-sisters* planned a selling price reduction 29. May - may, the purchasing prices may, even with retroactive effect to 1. May be reduced.

Aldi in the Corona-crisis: "Lights a fuse on a political powder keg"

increased cheap course provides just the sensitive topic of meat a little surprising for resistance. So the "conversations with Aldi buyers is according to the food magazine sub-suppliers of" very Ford the speech.

Other interlocutor of the weekly newspaper appears to have been even more pronounced. Aldi light "the fuse on a political powder keg", the meat manufacturer quoted, of "a big misunderstanding" and a "false Signal" is the speech. The necessary Corona-measures sat providers already under economic pressure. Also, the German animal protection Association language with a view to the Aldi targeted reductions in the price of a completely wrong Signal.

"The demands of Aldi are completely unconscionable," said in addition, the President of the Federal Association of the German meat industry, Sarah Directly , the dpa were. Especially in view of the efforts of the sausage wasteland in the past few weeks, the security of supply in the Corona-crisis with great effort to ensure, not adjust the claim in time. On the resentment in the industry, the height of trust, the pace and timing of the price demands.

Corona brings meat industry in focus - Aldi wants to, apparently, however, prices

Aldi press confirmed on demand, talks with sausage-providers , writes the paper. The price development is currently difficult to predict, argued the discount stores : "for this reason, we have suppliers of sausage goods, and whether it would be in this Situation, the previous invitation to tender procedure has been maintained, or in the dynamic markets adjusted, and so flexible, pragmatic approach taken should be".

At the same time, the discounters sought-Platzhirsch appeasement. "As a responsible merchants" consider it always to the Benefit of the customers as well as the "partnership relation to suppliers". In the case of a calm the markets should be discussed, therefore, also a "return to the previous Procedure".

Aldi wants to use meat prices in Corona-crisis: discounters as "war profiteers"? The first Boycott calls

Nevertheless, there are already in the social networks part of fierce criticism. "These are stores we need to boycott", was read on Wednesday on Twitter even already. The social scientist Professor Stefan Sell language with a view to the debate about meat-prices in a Posting from "war profit". Aldis approach to adapt to the current discussion, "like a fist in the eye".

In a very different way, Aldi was the last even of the Corona-crisis: Not all customers are willing to accept the protection measures, in a branch of it came to a head. It is planned to Aldi Süd, apparently, also a technical solution for the challenges of the pandemic period. More about the history of the Aldi Empire at*.


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Updated Date: 21 May 2020, 19:33

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