Cops are walking around with stomach pain over the skandaleramt police commissioner

'Dictatorial', 'totally absent' and 'udskælder managers and employees in public'. This is some of the ushers on Bornholm a lot of harsh words about the

Cops are walking around with stomach pain over the skandaleramt police commissioner

'Dictatorial', 'totally absent' and 'udskælder managers and employees in public'.

This is some of the ushers on Bornholm a lot of harsh words about the police commissioner Kit In Green-Iversen in a letter to Rigspolitiets management. An important question is, what politilederens tough style means for the employees.

Some of the officers are so badly affected that they go around with a knot in your stomach when they meet on the job.

so says the president of the Politiforbundet, Claus Oxfeldt, who on Wednesday was a meeting about the case on the so-called solskinsø.

"It is the way that is spoken to them, as you do not like, and apparently can be very brutal. The problem is that there are police officers who even have pain in the abdomen, when they arrive at work. Problem to be solved, and it should be solved now. Everything else will be unsustainable," he says.

The second issue is about the many problems with the Kit In Green-Iversen first started in the recent time.

the Answer is no. Fairly clearly even.

Yet the national Police only at the end of november gone into the matter in order to find a solution.

B. T. is come into possession of an email from her, which shows that the major problems have been there for a longer period of time than it has been promoting.

exactly writing Kit In Green-Iversen 24. June an email to all the employees in the politikredsen.

this makes the chief constable aware that some of her employees have perceived, that she publicly called them out during the just ended public meeting on the island of Bornholm.

the Reason for skideballen was that the workers had sent complaints about her behavior. And she admits in the email that she was annoyed by these complaints.

"I was probably more annoyed than I really even thought of the situation. No one was in doubt that I was annoyed with the complaints that I had received," she writes.

In the email she rolls too fast, that she needs to fit more on to show its strong dissatisfaction.

"I shall try to be more diligent in.f.t. the time and place, when I'm greatly dissatisfied with something."

"Experience In the it again, do poke me on the shoulder – it sticks rarely deep, and I am basically not in favour of public skideballer," she writes.

Still, going there all of five months from the politidirektørens own email to all of the cops in the Bornholm Police, to rigspolitichef Jens Henrik Højbjerg, and the other sends someone out to bornholm in order to find a solution.

In an internal mail sent 26. november at 8.56 to all the employees wrote the administrative director at the Bornholm Police, Martin Preisz at real madrid, two leaders of the national Police the day would come for a visit at the police station in Ronne.

the Reason was 'the current situation in the house'.

From the national Police's announcement that they were first informed of the big problems 23. november and then is gone into in the case.

"Police have found that there is a trusting and respectful cooperation in the top management in the Bornholm Police, which has implications for the culture of cooperation in the whole politikredsen," says Rigspolitiets HR director, Ina Eliasen, who affirms, that there 1. February must be a plan for what needs to be done.

Claus Oxfeldts attitude to the situation is very clear.

"I think it is deeply unfortunate," he says, and adds:

"I'm terribly sorry that you are in a situation where the employees do not trust their police commissioner."

Kit In Green-Iversen has not wanted to comment on this article.

She has previously said to B. T., that she's aware of the criticism and listen to it'.

"I take the situation seriously," she said, and continued:

"Police have launched a mæglingsarbejde, as I actively participate in, and I therefore find it natural to keep the matter internally."

Updated Date: 10 December 2019, 09:00

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