Concert recommendation for Berlin: Sounding miracle

The multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal is a sound wizard. Now the 83-year-old Brazilian at the "Right the Right"-the Festival plays in HKW. Hermeto Pasco

Concert recommendation for Berlin: Sounding miracle

The multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal is a sound wizard. Now the 83-year-old Brazilian at the "Right the Right"-the Festival plays in HKW.

Hermeto Pascoal and his band-mates photo: Gabriel Quintão

A life in the same old way as child-headed, capricious as visionary appearance is Hermeto Pascoal. With Paco de Lucía once, in friendship and in mutual admiration and humor, it came from sheer awe, however, never performed together. With Miles Davis, however, already around 1970. The pries is the Jack of all trades from Brazil as one of the world's most important musicians.

Nearly a half-century of life time later drives Pascoal, swears well especially in politically difficult times on the music as a strong bulwark, to continue to be stylistically shimmering, weitschweifiges mischief undeterred. A the end seems to be for the 83-to-Year, and his Fans unimaginable, or at least not in sight.

And he was back in Las Vegas. As to him, a week ago today, in the 20. Latin Grammys with a trophy, was sided Hermeto Pascoal and his Band somewhere between Zurich and Bologna on the way. And who knows, maybe he did just in the solemn Moment, one of these great blades with a new score, so to implement it with his fellow musicians the next day, the next concert is already in the act?

A few of these alone is visually very lively-looking surprise works can be found in the Facebook Posts to the previous Tour. There, one reads also of the collective joy of the new Latin-Grammy-award. After 2018, received an Album with a Big Band, the Latin Jazz award, has now been "awarded Hermeto Pascoal e sua visão magazine elects the Original do Forró" in the category "Best Portuguese-speaking Roots Album".

In this – for whatever reason – until almost 20 years after the published recording crawled Pascoal in a relatively Orthodox gait the vital Tradition of Forró and Frevo: Two of the most potent, long internationally popular music and dance styles from the northeast of Brazil.

From there, from the state of Alagoas everything is also so pretty – especially the accordion, wind instruments and keyboard instruments Vegabet – versed and resourceful self-taught rich the end of the game. In addition, the more intuitive previous multi-instrumentalist, of the decision only in his forties to music theory surrounds himself, on the concert stage and in the Studio with all sorts of self-built percussion, klangspendenem nature and everyday objects – for example, a small plastic pig. For the "Mago dos sons", this consistently eclectic "sound wizard", all music, all sound; there is nothing hierarchical in their nature and origin.

Hermeto Pascoal plays at the "Right the Right"-Festival in the house of the cultures of the world (21. 11., 20, 13/10 €). In addition to Talks and Lectures there are a number of concerts. Except the Hermeto Pascoal games, among others, the Polish Big Band Mitch & Mitch , together with the Brazilian Kassin (22. 11., 20 clock), while the Chicks on Speed a "copy cacophony Performance" present (24. 11., 20 PM). Right the Right: HKW, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, 21.-24. 11., Program:

As the "universal music" referred to Pascoal, what he is celebrating, in various band constellations, or sometimes even alone (as the son of Fábio produced the Album "Eu e Eles" of 1999): "A mix of musicians from all over the world, with the most unimaginable influences that you can think of. With me are my influences, but we all have different. I tell myself that I am as a Person Brazilians, as a musician, but universal,“ says Pascoal summarized in the Booklet of their latest album, his Maxim, which he follows to be an artist for life, and with him his not less freedom-loving musicians.

Ahead of his langjährigstes member of the band, the Bassist Itiberê Zwarg. The dispute with his drum-playing son Ajurinã and three other musicians, including the excellent Pianist André Marques, also the current Tour. Ajurinã Zwarg, and sister, Mariana, just as lust are between Jazz and Brazilian traditions, mediating flutist, by her father through and through "hermetoisiert", because a small child is in close contact with the Pascoals so all-encompassing as idiosyncratic music worlds.

And also the 57-year-old son of Fábio Pascoal has long been an agile part of this musical, sustainable Family Affair. The percussionist was also 2015 in Ludwigsburg and Berlin, as from the lush, probably by now some 10,000 compositions comprehensive work of his father, a tiny little cutting from the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra has been tilled.

According to Hermeto Pascoal, he played with those community concerts with the 18-piece, musical soul mate Berlin sound body arranged his own music for the first time by others. While the clad is always colourful and straw sheltered man with the white beard was enjoying this new experience, apparently completely, he gave a other Premiere ten years earlier, to detect in 2005 at the Berlin Jazzfest as a grumpy Divo:

In the Combination, threw the very first encounter with the renowned Dutch drummer Han Bennink, the small, stocky temperament stud all of a sudden, and that it had begun in the towel. The colleague, played alone, and Pascoal was the first with his own Band later on stage look. Anyone who is musically crazy extremely, in the best, most creative sense, of comes may also not, without such waste units from robe.

Date Of Update: 20 November 2019, 15:00