Chaotic response of the EU to Corona: Merkel and Macron call for better preparation for pandemics | world

The EU's response to the Corona-pandemic show the need for a Europe-wide approach, there are a total of six head of the government, in its appeal to the EU Com

Chaotic response of the EU to Corona: Merkel and Macron call for better preparation for pandemics | world

The EU's response to the Corona-pandemic show the need for a Europe-wide approach, there are a total of six head of the government, in its appeal to the EU Commission.

Six heads of government are calling on the EU Commission, in the future, better for pandemics to prepare In a joint letter to place emphasis on the lack of medical equipment at the beginning of the Corona-crisis Here you will find the basic facts to the Coronavirus* and the Corona-News from Germany. We also offer them in a map, the current case numbers in Germany. Currently there are the following recommendations to the Corona-protection measures. All of the previous developments to the Coronavirus in Europe, read here.

Update from 10. June, 16.16 at: The EU is concerned that persistent Fake-News campaigns around the Coronavirus and want to take advantage of social networks, therefore, more in the duty. According to a on Wednesday presented a Plan to the EU Commission platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to provide in the future, with monthly reports on their fight against disinformation. In addition, the companies will be invited to a closer cooperation with independent facts controllers .

"During the Coronavirus pandemic Europe has been of disinformation campaigns flooded, which had their origin both within and outside the EU," said EU Commission Vice-President Vera Jourova.

to combat this, it is necessary to "mobilize all relevant actors, from Online platforms to local authorities and independent fact-checker and media support".

Coronavirus in Europe: Austria, allows for travel from 16. June - in almost all EU-countries

Update from 10. June, 13: 28: joy in all of the Austrians, who had planned this summer, a vacation outside the country's borders. Because: Austria from 16. June to travel to most countries in Europe allow. This also includes the particularly of the Corona pandemic affected the neighbouring country of Italy, belong to Minister Alexander schallenberg said on Wednesday in Vienna.

The Numbers of Corona infections in a total of 31 countries, again without limitation, traveled must, be low enough. Be the exception, however, Sweden, the UK, Portugal and initially also Spain.

For the particularly affected the Northern Italian Region of Lombardy, a partial travel warning, with the sound mountain offer still stood. "When you pack the suitcase, do not forget the house of the mind", called for the Minister to comply with the hygiene rules in the foreign country. He campaigned again for a holiday in Austria .

Austria itself continues to be very low infection numbers . The increase within a day could amount to around 0.2 per cent, said health Minister Rudolf Anschober. "We are not out of the woods yet," warned Anschober at the same time, a Slackening of vigilance.

Coronavirus in Europe: Macron, and Merkel is a kind of master plan against future pandemics

first message from the 10. June, 11.14 PM: Berlin/Paris - The leaders out of a total of six members of the European Union have called on the EU Commission , better to pandemics to prepare. On the front: German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and French President Emmanuel Macron .

The chaotic response of the EU to Corona-pandemic have raised questions for the preparation of the EU on pandemics and the need for a Europe-wide approach, demonstrated - with a view to a possible second Corona-wave , said on Tuesday in an appeal to the EU President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen .

Coronavirus in Europe: Merkel and Macron sign the appeal to the European Union

in addition to Merkel and Macron the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, the Belgian head of government, Sophie Wilmes and the Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen have signed it. They hope, therefore, that their strategy serves the paper as a "source of Inspiration for fruitful further debate on the European level," about preparing for future pandemics.

The letter has a special focus on the lack of medical equipment . It is essential to analyze this defect, the heads of state and government. You require a sufficient supply of protective equipment , medical devices, drugs and vaccines.

Coronavirus in Europe: the EU should become for future pandemics in the future, better create

inventories Due to the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus* at the beginning of the pandemic in many places in Europe, masks and other protective equipment for medical personnel in short supply. Many countries have taken national measures. That countries like Germany the export from protective clothing and respiratory masks , temporarily restricted, caused criticism.

The EU heads of state and government want a summit on 19. June , which takes place due to the Corona-pandemic not only as a Video-conference, via the Corona-crisis advice.

The EU-countries are located on a zigzag course between the protection measures and relaxations due to the Corona-pandemic*. So you have to wear in Spain in the foreseeable future anywhere masks, even outside, if the 1.5 m minimum distance to other people is not possible, during the first German tourists to Mallorca* and again elsewhere, strict entry restrictions* apply. the Romania extended the state of alert due to Corona.

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Date Of Update: 10 June 2020, 10:34