Century games: Unforgettable moments of the football | district München

To 50. Anniversary of the "century game" we have asked players, coaches and officials from the district, which areas are you unforgettable. The memorial pla

Century games: Unforgettable moments of the football | district München

To 50. Anniversary of the "century game" we have asked players, coaches and officials from the district, which areas are you unforgettable.

The memorial plaque at the Estadio Azteca of Mexico city, leaves no doubt: "Partido del Siglo!", so "game of the century" is a reminder of that memorable world Cup semi-final duel between Germany and Italy (3:4 n. V.) on 17. June 1970 in the Azteca stadium posted. A game crack the many millions of TV viewers around the world and the 102.444 Fans in Mexico's football temples of the Seats. At 50 degrees in the shade and in the thin air of 2240 meters above the sea level, the players from both Teams went over their physical borders, fought mainly in the extension of an open exchange of blows, the it is at this level did not exist. The Azzurri kept at the end in a Thriller after 120 minutes, the upper hand, was actually of secondary importance, because the football was the winner on this day, the great. Despite the bitter defeat, it was, therefore, for Wolfgang Overath "the most beautiful world Cup of all times". 50. Anniversary of the "century game" we have asked players, coaches and officials from the district, which areas are you unforgettable.

Jochen Joppa

80, speaker and football-the Deputy of the TSV Grünwald: world Cup-final Germany – Hungary 3:2, 4. July 1954 in Bern. "My game of the century was the world Cup final, Germany against Hungary in 1954. How my father came to cards, I don't know. I was 14 years old and I'm in the rain and lousy weather with him back to the NSU Quick (a small motorcycle with a Crank - ed.) to Bern hazards. Highways did not yet exist, the maximum speed was 60 kilometres an hour, to second 50. We left the day before in the late afternoon. We have taken breaks, had to always look where we can recharge, but Overnight there was none. In the stadium I had a good look and the winning goal from Rahn to the 3:2 is unforgettable. What was unusual is that the Swiss were so for Germany. You would have at the time, so relatively shortly after the war, not believed. After the final whistle has entertained my father with God and of the world, he was anyway a football fool, and was later also in the Association. I think he knew people in the stadium, but I didn't notice at the time, really. On the return journey there was no opportunity to talk about the game. As I said: check-in: rain. Game: Rain. Home: Rain. On the drive home, we slept in Switzerland in a barn two hours, Outdoors in the awful weather. At home we were then, as it was already dark. There was a tea, because we are all arrived frozen. It was already wild. Of course, I found the but with my child of 14 years all great, it was like an adventure for me.“

Frank Schmöller

53, former Bundesliga player, as a coach, 2017 with SV Pullach in Bavaria League champion and present Coach of TSV 1860 München II: DFB-Cup final Hamburger SV - Stuttgarter Kickers 3:1, 20. June 1987 in Berlin. "Incomparably the Cup for me is the final against the Stuttgarter Kickers, is clear. I was 20, it's my first Pro year, I was the same in the Cup final, was even a substitute, and then was allowed to keep the Cup in the hands. So an experience you will not forget. And so many titles I haven't brought Yes also (smiles). We have won in 1987, is also the unofficial football League and I was top scorer, but winning the Cup was my only real title. The final was a special game, because we were Vice-champion against a second division side strong favourites, and then we were after a quarter of an hour 0:1. It wasn't easy. After the balancing, it was a long 1:1, we needed a striker and since the election, fortunately, fell on me (Schmöller came in the 67. Minute - ed.). Ernst Happel has given me himself at the time, that I should make myself ready. At that time there were not as many coaches as it is today, but only the boss and the Co-Trainer. The Celebration is not with today's standards is not comparable: We are after the game back to Hamburg, had a Banquet in our hotel. As 200 or 300 Fans who cheered us were. The HSV would pick up again today, the Cup would, of course, not now while the Corona, but in a normal time, 100 000 people on the street. You wait for more than 30 years, because that was the last title for the club.“

Andreas Schweitzer

46, youth Director of the SC Baierbrunn: Champions League final FC Bayern – Borussia Dortmund 2:1, 25. May 2013 in London. "It is my personal game of the century was the Champions League final of 2013 between Bayern and Dortmund, because I was there myself. It was a Super atmosphere in an all-German final at Wembley, with the right output, and one year after the lost Finale dahoam. For sure, Robben is an experience I will never forget: With the car and the ferry back and forth from Baierbrunn to London and the Last Minute goal for 2:1-victory by Arjen. Just Horny!“

Bertl Prince

61, team Manager of the TSV Brunnthal: world Cup semi-final Germany – Italy 3:4 n. V., 17. June 1970 in Mexico City."There are many games that are never forgotten, but the semi-final in 1970 between Germany and Italy to be part of all cases. I was eleven years old, I cheered in front of the TV, and the disappointment was huge. I was all ready. And even though I'm a lions Fan, I was pissed, how the Bayern players Gerd Muller and Franz Beckenbauer, injured in the shoulder, were used. If you watched the game then 30 or 40 years later, it was pretty disappointing how slow it was, what you also see how the football has developed. But emotionally it is still a Giant.“

Franz Perneker

46, Manager of the FC Deisenhofen: Last Bayern League game of the season 1989/90 TSV 1860 Munich – FC Schweinfurt 05 3:3, 11. In may 1990, in the Blue stadium, Munich, Germany."A brutal experience as a spectator was for me in 1990, the 3:3 between the lions and Schweinfurt, Germany, where, at the time, Werner Lorant was the Trainer. Karsten Wettberg was born in February to Sixty and had started a race to catch up. It last point was the game and the crucial direct duel, would have needed the lions to a victory in the ascent round to collect. I was 16 and lions Fan and was no longer, I don't know why, on the main grandstand. From there, I've seen very good, as right in front of me Libero Walter Hainer in front of the 3:2 for Schweinfurt, the Ball has been carved. Actually, I was, like the other 34 000 spectators, of the opinion that he has the Ball, because he was the best footballer at the age of Sixty. The lions have not done it, but the game was world-class. It was a feeling somewhere between heaven and hell.“

Jan Maisenhälder

49, coach of the U11 of the TSV Hohenbrunn: world Cup final Germany – Argentina 1:0 n. V., 13. July 2014 in Rio de Janeiro. "Since the games of recent times I always. I think at the last world Cup-winning Germany 2014 and Bastian ends Schweinsteiger with his blood nose. He didn't let it get to you, was yourself but totally fair. This is the setting that I like. This image has stayed with me more strongly in memory than the winning goal of Mario Götze. Of course, this is also important because it has led to success, resonates with something Positive. But as Schweinsteiger gave all: That impresses me.“

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