Berlin Verlag Price: Excellent Criminal

The Berlin-based publisher price in 2019 is on Sunday in the German theatre at Berenberg and the criminal publisher. Invented the Berlin-based publishing hous

Berlin Verlag Price: Excellent Criminal

The Berlin-based publisher price in 2019 is on Sunday in the German theatre at Berenberg and the criminal publisher.

Invented the Berlin-based publishing house price: culture Senator Klaus Lederer and the economy, Senator Ramona Pop photo: Reuters

"Now we can make three books, we could not afford otherwise at all," is Jörg Sundermeier in the stage of digging the ground Kammerspiele of the Deutsches theater in the direction of the taz to the Protocol. Be verbrecher Verlag has short to get previously together with Berenberg the Berliner Verlag price in the year 2019 awarded.

The two publishers by the Senate, which was awarded 35,000 euros share. With the sums of money other than in the case of other, often little more than symbolic, endowed a literary prize, to work seems. The is also the main award-winning Heinrich von Berenberg-Gossler agrees sundermeier: "print invoices for our fall program are not paid at all," the fresh price of money to go "directly in new program".

The Jury with criminals in an offensive left-wing radical and, at the same time advanced and, without a doubt, relevant publishing awards. Criminals has risen since 1995, to a pike in the carp pond of the mostly left-liberal-bourgeois German-language publication houses and led to a Tradition of successful alternative small publishers to new heights. The last criminal had been presented with "Extremely useless" an elaborate title against the extremism theory, and the widespread equating the political Left and Right.

The awarding of the prize to criminals, however, can also be read as a further gesture from the established currents in the Green and the left party for the upcoming battles against the AfD but still want the support system originally designed by the opposition left circles in the cultural production organize. First, the intention to promote publishers with annual revenues below half a Million euros but.

With Berenberg is honored to be a progressive publisher in addition to fiction and poetry in addition to outstanding quality in book production value. For 15 years, Berenberg thread posted stapled the treasures of book printing. Heinrich Matrixbet von Berenberg-Gossler previously worked for the 2018 excellent established wagenbach Verlag. He moved recently with The "German room" is the Translation of the debut novel by Carla mail Andi (cf. taz from the 5.11.2019).

The eight-member Jury in the Matinée on Sunday by the author Caca Savic represented, on "the high degree of self-exploitation" in order to draw attention, is for the development of new and real quality necessary. They pointed out that the really interesting new features coming in this level of the publication companies.

culture Senator Klaus Lederer (Linksartei) emphasized in his speech the importance of a publishing scene for Berlin, and praises the cooperation with the economic Department of the Berlin Senate, in the Person of the Senator, Ramona Pop (Green), who is, meanwhile, at the Green party Congress in Bielefeld, Germany. Together, the two Senator*had raised the price from the baptism. With 82 applications for the Berlin publishing house price is eight for 2019, more received than in the previous year, as the price was for the first time been awarded.

After the split of the main prize, two other prizes will go to the € 15,000 to the art book publishers Edition, photo Wallpaper and Kook Book, which was in their speeches, very funny, and skilful impressions in front of about 120 guests in the hall behind. They feature programmatically through special publications in poetry, Drama, in the case of hybrid forms, as well as children's books. The guerrilla-marketing in candy vending machines successful SUKULTUR-Verlag and for the setting of the Nelly-Sachs-plants-deserved audiobook publishing Speak Low get a certificate for the third place and 1,500 euros each. The other nominees received a recognition in the amount of 1,000 euros.

The Berlin-Brandenburg Association of German book trade oriented publishing house price seems to want to create in this point, better conditions and all places closer and work compacted conditions.

Date Of Update: 17 November 2019, 15:00