BMW 5 series 2020: face lift, and more electric power for the current Generation | car

BMW has redesigned its 5-series. Both outside and in the interior the model gets a refinement. Since 2017, the current 5 series Generation, BMW is on the marke

BMW 5 series 2020: face lift, and more electric power for the current Generation | car

BMW has redesigned its 5-series. Both outside and in the interior the model gets a refinement.

Since 2017, the current 5 series Generation, BMW is on the market. This year, the Bavarian car maker missed the models, a new coat of paint. In addition, the new 5-series also receives electric Power.

The BMW 5-series is the oldest model range of the Bavarian automobile manufacturer. Of the current Generation, which is since three years available, were sold according to the manufacturer, so far, more than 600,000 vehicles. BMW* missed this a Facelift and bring the revised vehicles very soon on the market.

The new BMW 5-series: a Modernized Exterior

The new 5-series gets some Changes that stand out at first sight from the outside. Because in comparison to the previous model, the BMW kidney grille is now much larger . However, this is also due to the fact that the LED headlights are the new Version narrower - as well as the chrome trim on the edge of the grille. The luminaires are also available as Laser light and with adaptive curve light available.

From behind, some innovations are also the same, especially in the case of the rear lights . These are now shaped to be three dimensional and have a black outline. They are also like the front headlights too, something narrower than before. All variants of the new 5-series have the same trapezoidal-shaped exhaust pipes - the engine is therefore no longer the fact.

New BMW 5-series: interior digital

+ The touch screen is optionally available with 10,25, or 12.3 inches available.©BMW

interior BMW* has some innovations of Europe, the stinging immediately catch the eye. This is, among other things, the 10.25 inches wide touch screen , about the Infotainment menu is supported. Optionally, this is also a 12.3-inch available. The multi-function buttons on the steering Wheel have been re-arranged to simplify the driver with the operation. Instead of using analog controllers also control the air conditioning via a TFT array. Something more you must look at the center console, where some of the controls have been adjusted.

The new 5-series will also get the BMW Operating System 7.0 , with the intelligent assistant, Apple CarPlay, and more recently, Andoid car are compatible language. the Smartphones can be wirelessly connected to the vehicle. Optionally, the card service BMW Maps is available. In order to keep the Software up to date, there is the possibility to "Remote Software Upgrade". In order to make Updates via the Cloud download.

Enhanced driving assistance systems

During the journey, the new Generation of the travel assistant the driver. The lane departure warning is now available with the addition of a roadway recirculation feature, the new optional " driving assistant Professional " offers, among other things, a rescue lane assistant and Junction warning with emergency brake function. The Park pilot can. in addition, driving manoeuvres, loop in 40-seconds-record and save

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New 5 series: BMW relies more on Hybrid technology

one of the most important innovations in the Development of Plug-in Hybrid offer to currently five different variants. The previous known variant is four-cylinder based, for the first time for the combination "Touring" to. With 215 kW/292 HP you has in terms of performance easily, and optionally, can be had with all-wheel drive combined.

brand new, but only for the sedan, is a plug-in Hybrid with a six-cylinder base with 290 kW/394 HP and all-wheel drive. The advantage of electro-technology: The company car tax is for the user convenient at the same time, the low standard fuel consumption on polished the CO2 balance of the manufacturer.

the majority of The rest of the engine range (from 135 kW/184 HP) is in the future also electrified , even if only in the Form of 48-Volt mild hybrid technology. There, a starter generator with 8 kW/11 HP of power for the relief of the Four - and six-cylinder engines, in addition, it was filed on the injection and charging. Without E-support, the V8 petrol engine comes in the Top model M550i. With 390 kW/530 HP, it still holds a respectful distance from the M5, the Lifting is still to come.

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