A year after the auction, the 5G frequencies | Multimedia

Since the sale of the first frequencies to be used for fifth generation mobile technology (5G) are gone twelve months to the country. Now the 5G train picks up

A year after the auction, the 5G frequencies | Multimedia

Since the sale of the first frequencies to be used for fifth generation mobile technology (5G) are gone twelve months to the country. Now the 5G train picks up speed.

Berlin (Reuters) - With the fifth Generation of mobile communications (5G) want to offer the Provider in Germany, too, an ultra-fast mobile Internet. However, before the first radio mast could be upgraded with the new technology, had to Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica and Vodafone, as well as the Newcomer 1&1 drill pay table a year ago billion for the rights to use the 5G frequencies.

The auction of the required frequency spectrum, went on 12. June 2019 to 52 days and 497 individual bidders laps to the end. Meanwhile, the first 5G-stations are online. The big push is imminent, but still.

cellular towers for 5G

In Germany, around 80 000 mobile phone towers are currently. Some of them are already prepared largely on 5G. There are only some smaller components need to be added or replaced. With the higher bandwidth of 5G, the demands on the Internet connection of the mobile radio stations are growing. While for LTE (4G) is often a radio link for the access to the Internet was sufficient, should 5G hang-stations ideally to a powerful fiber-optic cable.

in addition, for a nationwide Expansion of the ceiling, significantly more stations have to be built. This will be a process that will continue until 2025. The Telekom is planning for this year is to make more than 40 000 antennas for 5G Development on the 2.1 GHz frequency fit. So you want to provide more than half of the population with 5G. It is, however, a lot of white spots.

Problem in the Expansion of the LTE networks

the Expansion is made Difficult by the uncertainty of whether the Provider may also use the technique of the controversial Chinese technology company Huawei, which was used in the Development of LTE-networks in mass. All providers stress the 5G to use the core network is definitely not a systems of Huawei. Telefónica relies on Ericsson, Vodafone, and Telekom want to decide in the coming months.

Heavy, the waiver of Huawei in the area: "We put on the edge of the network to multiple manufacturers. In addition to Ericsson, the is Huawei," says the chief technology officer of Vodafone Germany, Gerhard Mack. "The 5G network in the area we do not have to completely dispense with Huawei antennas, because the part is already 5G-compatible, and only minor components must be replaced." These facilities could be levels with a modest effort on 5G high. "If we were forced to completely abandon the technique of this manufacturer, we would need to replace the affected locations, either the existing technology or - even worse - with a lot of effort to get the actual Mast re-build."

industry private providers

Whether with or without Huawei: Before home users can take advantage of in the whole of Germany completely 5G, the focus will be the Expansion in the industrial sector and in research. In Germany, companies are allowed to make use of, universities, and other organizations locally 5G frequencies, on a Campus, for example, networked production process, in which the Transmission of large data volumes in real time are indispensable. These applications also work then, if not the whole of Germany is networked with 5G.

For the private user, the Provider currently have especially Showcases the specific application are intended to illustrate scenarios for 5G. So Vodafone created a network of two stations in Düsseldorf and Erfurt, with 5G. "The drivers are not able to in the future use such places only for the purpose of refueling or the electric car to recharge," says Vodafone's Manager Mack. "You could use the time, thanks to the 5G also, to pump large Software Updates on the car down." Other Showcases are concerned with how Online gamers can be transmitted when you Play the data with low time delay (latency).

Input, the Smartphone brand

New impulses also come from the Smartphone manufacturers. In the Android camp, the first 5G are now devices like the Huwaei P40 Lite 5G on the market that are under 500 euros. And for the Apple customers expected to begin after the 5G Era this fall with the iPhone 12.

From the 5G-Strengthening benefit but also the customers that do not have device does not have a 5G, because often, will be improved in one go, the LTE supply. In the recent study by the market research firm Open Signal belonged to Germany in addition to Canada and Japan to the countries in which the Download speeds within the last month increased significantly. "Since Germany has as a Nation, massively expanded," says Vodafone's Manager Mack. "We are still in a leading position in Europe. Since the Netherlands and Switzerland are better than we are. But we have to massively catch up."

in Order to improve the quality of the network, you must. the Provider, however, new antenna masts set up, you can share often with your competitors However, to find locations is difficult. This has to do not only with complicated approval procedures. The debate over possible adverse health consequences of mobile phone communication is re-kindled. In the turmoil of conspiracy narratives, in particular, is to be propagated on YouTube, 5G even made for the outbreak for the Corona-pandemic responsible.

5G is in the first phase of expansion in the frequency ranges of sparks, which are also used by 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE). For this spectrum, numerous studies. Most scientists do not believe that mobile phone is dangerous to the health. Also, the competent authority sees no reason to seriously Worry. The President of the Federal office for radiation protection (BfS), Inge Paulini, said: "The health effects of mobile communications are now well researched." Accordingly, there is no evidence for the negative effects, if the radiation is below the limits prescribed by law.

In a second stage of expansion, but also significantly higher frequencies with a wavelength in the millimeter range are used. In this frequency range, even higher performance is possible. The research on the possible health consequences are still at the beginning. And for this area, a new frequency auction would be necessary.

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Date Of Update: 12 June 2020, 10:35