The truth: The king of Burladingen

The family-owned company Trigema celebrated its 100-year anniversary. What is the secret of the Swabian underwear giant is? the monkey at his side like sugar:

The truth: The king of Burladingen

The family-owned company Trigema celebrated its 100-year anniversary. What is the secret of the Swabian underwear giant is?

the monkey at his side like sugar: the down-to-earth Trigema Boss Wolfgang Grupp photo: Reuters

The sun is high above Burladingen, the work rests. Here in Baden-Württemberg, on the edge of the known world, where Fox and monkey say good night, Wolfgang Grupp, Commercial head load, all the staff and friends of the house of Trigema to the anniversary celebration on the operation of Parking – a party program of the extra class is announced. Still no one appeared. We think, at least, until we notice that the staff dressed completely in Trigema – Outfit – long-on-the-ground, optically but little from the mouse-grey of the Parking space concrete apart.

Grupp, now 77 years old, the head of the group is still self. In a tasteful suit (Hugo Boss) he welcomes us at the gate and leads us into the Interior of the company headquarters. In the hallway, he presents his images gallery, photos from the past few decades: Grupp hands with Helmut Kohl; Udo Jürgens posing in from Grupp produced Slip in front of the gate; and next to a signed portrait of Markus Lanz, the bears, allegedly, even in the shower Development.

Fashionable colors, daring cuts, the latest Trends – all of this you looking for Trigema in vain. With your aesthetic concept, the company has found a gap in the market and keeps you up-since then busy: fashion to Overlook. Even the military had become on Grupps collections curious, since the Wegseh effect everything so far, yatırımsız bonus veren siteler to stealth technology, potential greater. In addition to a Trigema Outfit to use even in a potato sack as an eccentric vaudeville-bird.

"How to stay so successful for so long in the business?", we have to ask. "You know, a company is like a family," says Grupp. "You can see on a daily basis, you must get along with each other, and there can be no being pawed each other. That is why, worked, worked and re-worked“ To laugh.

Whether he had had never in the mood for something Crazy, we want to know. "Neein, no," says Grupp, and waving. Earthiness is the A and O for an entrepreneur. "We do just regular clothes." Discipline, Betbaba diligence, and normality as a concept in fashion for the silent majority. And that is: To count Grupps satisfied customers divorce lawyers, field hunter, men's clubs, arms dealers, private detectives, the Federal government, the taxpayers and the Young Union from neighboring Trochtelfingen.

Also Grupps office furniture is the traditional furniture made of oak wood, a rubber tree in the corner and stuffed animals on the wall. From the capercaillie to a trade Union head – "Everything is self-shot!", he supplemented.

Large success of Trigema celebrated with a chimpanzee moderated advertising clips before the "Tagesschau". This was something completely New, and also because of the Trigema-monkey, whose name was whose real name is Lars, Ludger Vonnebrink, and the group had become on the Set, the best of friends. As the furry TV Star had to be euthanized, was Grupp for the first and only Time in his life sad, he admits. But he regrets nothing. "I have learned a lot from him!" he says a banana peels and artist swings on a wing chair.

With a tear in the buttonhole, told a group of his greatest Coup: Since decades, animal rights activists about the chimpanzees of the advertising spot. One day, he sent for him secretly by an animated 3D-Version replace. "And this monkey guards not have noticed it, and complained more and more – until I let the thing got busted. That wasn't a real monkey! The embarrassed goods!“, Grupp gloats.

Through the front window we look out to the Parking lot. Outside, the mood is lifted. Grupp has when the program is no slouch. On the stage friend Winfried Kretschmann is Upper just the Warm-and reads jokes from the party program, several people applaud. A murmur goes through the crowd. In just a few seconds, the mysterious Headliner to enter the stage.

drums announce the Surprise Act. From the boxes, Jungle sounds "Drum" – Emiliana Torrini. Uh– uh – uh – it comes from the mouths of the staff. Uh – uh – uh! The crowd roars, jumps, and spins around in a circle. Suddenly, something stirs in the otherwise so controlled Grupp: "excuse me," he says and rushes out.

a Few moments later, we see him on stage again. Uh – uh – uh! Expertly swirls the self-made monkey under the monkey singing, rolling from left to right, climbs the bleachers up and down, and pulls himself to the climax of the Show, the flowers white tuxedo shirt from his body. With bare fists, he drums on his chest. Under the sparkling fireworks bursts for the final stroke, he comes again to a halt. Madness!

Behind the stage, we meet him again. With a 500-Euro note he wipes the sweat from his forehead, before he crumpled it and in the paper ton of throws. "Thank you for your visit," he says. "You see, we are a normal family are operating. Get my children a Sausage sandwich for the way home from over there.“ Then we have to say goodbye again.

Exhausted, he, the great Patriarch acts. Once again, he has given everything for the operation, his life's work. Since his wife Elizabeth is approaching, your husband is a Trigema Jacket around the naked torso and in the same moment we have lost him out of sight.

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