'You've always had a voldtægtsfantasi – now you see it’

I have previously told about my friend Trine at this place. Trine (the full name is the editors you know) is 50 years old and a lawyer in a government ministr

'You've always had a voldtægtsfantasi – now you see it’

I have previously told about my friend Trine at this place.

Trine (the full name is the editors you know) is 50 years old and a lawyer in a government ministry. In 2017 she was, according to the indictment raped in his own bed by his ex-girlfriend, who allegedly repeatedly knocked his fist right up in her abdomen, so she bled for many days after.

ex-boyfriend was acquitted in the Copenhagen city Court in may. Here the judge said in his final instruction: 'We know that the defendant says: 'You've always had a voldtægtsfantasi – now you need to experience it'. Here shares the court's opinion itself. We have had a different opinion of whether it was a threat.'

I allowed myself in this context to conclude that judges meningsmæssige discrepancy may mean that the two of them simply watched the suspected person statement as a promise. I also concluded that a great deal more about the Danish legal system in the context, I can tell.

Well, it has now been a half a year's time, and julemiraklet has happened: the Prosecutor's office appealed the case to The high Court, and on Wednesday, 18. december I'm sitting ready in Bredgade 59, to attend Bevisankesag P-1347-19.

I needs to spend a few days in the court of appeal, is a miracle for several reasons.

Partly it is so infinitesimally few of the over 5400 rapes and attempts that are committed every year in this country, who all are reported to the police – about one-fifth, or 1.079 last year. Of this was says and writes the 69 people convicted. 69. Sixty-nine.

Secondly, the law is such that if you have been subjected to rape and report the situation, and it actually comes to court and end up with an acquittal of the accused – which the often do, because the law is totally absurd and inadequate – it's even more rare that the prosecution anchor the case to a higher court.

For rape cases has messed things up and ressourcetunge, and as we have been able to read in the media in the last long while, prosecutors are understaffed and overworked.

And on the other hand – and this is probably the most important thing – it is extremely rare that an alleged victim of the rape has as much stamina as Trine, who throughout the process has called open the doors to its case.

Good enough, there is public in the administration of justice in Denmark, which of course means, that you, dear reader, are free to meet up for a trial and listen in, but the vast majority of rape victims choose on the recommendation of the prosecutor and the private bistandsadvokat to close the doors during their own testimony (I must remember not to is the counterparty in its own voldtægtssag, you are only a witness, and it means that you do not have any rights in relation to the decision whether the matter should be appealed o.l.).

This means that only extremely rarely is uncovered, what you are really asking rape victims about, and what are the arguments that are being used. They closed the doors 'protecting' the victim said. It is easy for me to say, but I wish many more thought as Trine. Namely, that the only way we get afstigmatiseret voldtægtsforbrydelser, is if the public can follow.

today should be ashamed when one has been raped. For what did you out (or at home) so late, why had the clothes on, why you were full, why, it fell asleep, why cried you don't no, why did not his way?

You should also be ashamed, if you report the situation to the police, are you aware that you may risk destroying the anmeldtes life, and that the cases, moreover, are difficult to investigate and rarely gets to something?

If the case reaches the court, must be ashamed of his testimony and his tears and his anger.

And if the accused are acquitted, one should be ashamed that you even mentioned the abuse. And to think that it would have been much better had kept his mouth shut and failed to destroy the good mood.

Tier one, must, in turn, live with the pain the rest of his life. The men and women I meet. A year after 10 years after 25 years after. They will never forget the abuse. Some times I'm the first one, they tell it to.

Trine has decided that she will not keep quiet. And I had to greet her and say that you are heartfelt welcome to the Eastern high Court on Wednesday, 18. december at 9.30 am, if you want to know more about how a judicial treatment of the Criminal code § 216 takes place in Denmark today.

I'm sitting there.

With my eyes and ears wide open.

And hope for even a julemirakel.

Scroll Grabow

Scroll Grabow has for more than twenty years been topledelses and kriserådgiver for companies in the Nordic region. In the last seven years she has operated her own consulting firm. She is born in 1971, msc. mag. in old norse philology, mother of two, liberal, and completely devoid of patience.

Date Of Update: 16 December 2019, 20:00