Why have so many danes had enough

A large study published in the media on Monday Morning shows that around 28 percent of the surveyed danes are either completely or partially agree that muslims

Why have so many danes had enough

A large study published in the media on Monday Morning shows that around 28 percent of the surveyed danes are either completely or partially agree that muslims should be sent out of Denmark.

When the poll shows it, then it's probably because there are very many who have it just as I am; I'm so tired of hearing about islam here and islam there as a reason or poor excuse for everything from the fejeste acts of terrorism to so-called honour-related violence, requirements on restriction of freedom of expression and the right to criticize religion, gender, requirements for special treatment in the workplace, in school or in the swimming pool.

Everything which is of concern to many of us, but which few have the desire to say aloud of the justified fear of being misunderstood or even being called a racist.

It just has nothing – as in nothing – to do with being racist! When you are concerned about the requirement for gender-segregated swimming for muslim girls may not come with the on lejrtur or over, on a fanatical islamist commits a terrorist attack, so rooted in a basic desire for a life in freedom, where religion is a private matter, and where the basic Danish values and rights is a steadfast foundation in Denmark.

Just the very democratic foundation is important. In Denmark we have freedom of religion, and we judge or exhibits not on the grounds of religion. It is precisely this that is the strength and the focal point of a free and democratic society such as the Danish. the

on Top of all of this is many danes increasingly bored of refugees and immigrants, particularly from non-western countries, fill in the statistics on everything from crime to unemployment.

Are all of these people as muslims? No, they are certainly not, but very many of them are undoubtedly. Everyone knows it, but it must not say! Formaster you to say the sort, you are immediately greeted with outrage and condemnation.

We know, of course, all muslims who are doing really well, fits their work every day, and who wish to live in peaceful coexistence with all of us. And anyone will also be able to point to non-muslims, there are both criminal and exhibits a bad behavior.

this is Why it is important that we not lump all over one comb. The key is whether you can live peacefully, does his work and observe the law with respect to Denmark and our values.

But when a great many danes still equivalent, as they do, when they can give anonymous answers, so is it just that non-western immigrants is high in all the ugly statistics that a large proportion of these people precisely are muslims and everyone knows it, but almost no one dare say it, unless you respond anonymously.

on the Contrary, try them with the right and nice positions too often to neglect it, maybe even seem a little surprised, and then think that people with the kind of attitudes are not decent members of society.

The change is just not on, it is a real problem, and that it should not be neglected. We politicians have an obligation to take the concerns seriously and not just condemn it.

The Swedish politicians closed their eyes and denounced the concerns of the population, and it is not come very well out of. We must never end up like Sweden.

Inger Støjberg

Has been a member of the Danish Parliament since 2001 for the party of the Left. From 2015 to 2019 was she the aliens and integration, in Lars Lokke Rasmussen's minority government. Inger Støjberg is not afraid to express sharp opinions and has been both notorious and famous for providing cash requirements for immigrants and refugees.

Updated Date: 23 November 2019, 08:01

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