Who gives we genuine Danish citizenship?

Who we provide genuine Danish citizenship? Could it not be nice to know? That is, I think, many danes are interested in. It is I in each case. Christmas is

Who gives we genuine Danish citizenship?

Who we provide genuine Danish citizenship? Could it not be nice to know?

That is, I think, many danes are interested in. It is I in each case.

Christmas is approaching, and many begin definitely to think about what we need to give christmas gifts this year.

One of the greatest and most precious wish, many have, is to be granted Danish citizenship.

this Gifts comes in many forms, but something so precious can you not equate with a christmas gift. This is the Danish citizenship is important.

It is vital who we give this enormously precious gift, if we are to be in the christmas terminology.

In the Parliament, we are dealing in the moment, a bill that provides many citizens with a Danish citizenship.

what happens is that The Indfødsretsudvalget in the Parliament get a long list with a lot of names, and then they get typically the nationality. Unless there are very special circumstances, that they may not get it.

But who are we actually giving citizenship?

For me it is paramount important to those who have a Danish citizenship, has taken Denmark to itself in all ways. Not in the sense that you have to eat something in particular or, for example, keep christmas. It allowed people though!

But you must respect, how Danish standards and traditions is the basis for the way we live. That, of course, respect that country's laws stand above the religion's laws. And then you can easily live in Denmark to be a Danish citizen.

Citizenship is something very special, and the value we should cherish. How is it, and how it should be.

In recent decades we have given citizenship to people who are not supportive of Denmark and Danish values. People who, for example, travel down and fighting for the Islamic State. People who support Hizb ut Tahrir Vegabet with several. They should never have had a Danish citizenship – even though they may be highly skilled.

We must demand that every person who want citizenship here in the country, backs up on democracy. Not just that they live up to the easily ascertainable claims – such as a certain number of years of stay in Denmark, language requirements and so on.

We want to fix the system on. Let us do a screening process with interviews so that we can get a better idea of who it is, who is seeking citizenship.

In connection with the application for citizenship write the applicant that he or she is loyal to our democratic values. Unfortunately, there are many who will sign anything to get a nationality.

If we have the opportunity to call the applicant in for an interview, it is far easier to assess the person. The conversations that the police today has the opportunity and the resources to carry out, is far too limited. We will need to get a new system.

We do not want to dictate people's minds – no way.

But if foreigners must be granted Danish citizenship, they must for example not be supporters of Islamic State, wish death to westerners or to abolish democracy.

We will sort out the worst people of this type from the – of course, without that, we sort people on the grounds of political beliefs or the like.

It will of course be more subjective, when we assess people, it is clear. But a conversation will give you a better opportunity to assess whether it is people we want as fellow citizens, who get the right to vote and the way it affects our community directly.

You must, of course, could not be denied citizenship, just because the interviewer does not like the person or his or her political beliefs. But if you go into in order to abolish the democracy, should not be awarded Danish citizenship – sentence!

I do not want to change the current system, because I'm malicious or not is open to other people. On the contrary.

There are plenty of good, decent people, who would like to Denmark for the good and become citizens in Denmark. As we love our country.

of course, They can become Danish citizens.

But I want this process, because I love Denmark. And I must just say – there are some people who don't want us it's good. That will not Denmark in the heart, and so one should not be a Danish citizen.

Søren Pape Poulsen

Søren Pape went in 2014 from the mayor of Viborg to be the leader of The Conservative Party. Today he is among the most experienced leaders of the party at the Palace, and he is known to drive a hard line against criminals and high taxes.

Date Of Update: 23 November 2019, 09:01