Tired of the snobbery on the Net: 'Lazy pigs'

Should graduates look for a job as f.ex. A cashier in Net, if they cannot immediately find a job that suits their education? It takes an overwhelming majority

Tired of the snobbery on the Net: 'Lazy pigs'

Should graduates look for a job as f.ex. A cashier in Net, if they cannot immediately find a job that suits their education?

It takes an overwhelming majority of the B. T.'s followers on Facebook, who think that unemployed graduates should look to get the finger out.

It came forward in the B. T. Live, where the main applications for low debatredaktør, Søren Villemoes, was a guest. Here were the readers asked about the unemployed graduates to apply for jobs in the Net, if they can't get jobs in their own subjects.

"Yes, of course, the the. How to some lazy bastard," said B. T.-reader Erik Hansen.

"Yes, they are not more than other people. They must take the hands up and get started, it is called to support themselves," wrote Henny Sindal Holmgaard.

Søren Villemoes was in the studio to follow up on the debate, 27-year-old Lea Tolstrup put in the time, when she stood forth, and told, how she in two years without success had tried to seek work within his education in culture & culture from Copenhagen University.

When the allowance ran out after two years, ended up she to search wider, and earlier this year she got a job as a substitute teacher.

the Debate was among other things, followed up by an interview with the Copenhagen beskæftigelsesborgmester Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard (V) in Berlingske, which, according to the newspaper calls the graduates, who will not take the job in Net for the ‘loafing’.

But the approach to the debate annoys the main applications for low debatredaktør. He believes instead that the Lea Tolstrup is the victim of a cynical education system.

"It is unfair that you go so hard for her, Lea. She has of course taken a training with the expectation of a career. Who would spend five years of his life on something, if they did not expect to get a job within the territory of the other end?"

"Why is there NO one who have asked why no one seems to be in demand for her skills? It is because that we are educating too many of her kind. There is an inflation of college graduates," said Søren Villemoes

It is mainly due to the so-called taxameterordning, which rewards universities per student, they get through the training, he believes. For the results in that level falls, particularly in the humanities, as he described it in Weekendavisen recently:

'Only since I began to read the study of religion at University of Copenhagen in 2001, the proportion of young people entering university has risen from around 25 to over 40 percent. All the while, there is gradually relaxed on the educational standards – especially in the humanities courses. Looking at a list of the 25 degrees with the greatest dimittendledighed, they are also dominated by the humanities'.

Since 2013, employment among newly qualified members of the academic a-boxes has grown from approx. Out 9,700 to approx. 14.000. At the same time, the unemployment rate has grown from less than 4,000 to approximately 6,000 under the umbrella of Academics.

The talented students and young people from akademikerhjem will do well, believe Søren Villemoes.

"But those who expect to be lifted professionally to a new level, becoming let down when you have educational institutions, where it just is all about getting people into and then out on the other side. Employers don't know whether they can do something," he added in B. T. Live.

Should new educated humanists such as Lea Tolstrup not to have considered whether there was a need for people with the training they took before they went in?

"Yes, but it is still a sign that there has been trained for many of her kind, when there is a job to her. So simple is it," said Søren Villemoes.

"You should not be too fine to take a job that you are overqualified for, but it would be bizarre if it was, the first thing you did when you were young."

a job in the Net is seen as a temporary job for unemployed graduates decreased Net director Michael Lion for the chest, and it is Søren Villemoes agrees.

"It annoys me infinitely that you are talking about, that you can always be a cashier in the Net. It can't. It's hugely demanding."

"My own girlfriend is a cashier, and I can't hold out, that people need to talk condescendingly about the profession."

Date Of Update: 13 December 2019, 21:00