The question got me to sounds 30 years older

the Question makes me sound 30 years older than the 48, I was the other day. Anyway do I make it periodically for my 16-year-olds: 'What preoccupies the yo

The question got me to sounds 30 years older

the Question makes me sound 30 years older than the 48, I was the other day.

Anyway do I make it periodically for my 16-year-olds:

'What preoccupies the youth of the time?' I ask.

WE are talking shame together daily. But more about the everyday cares and blessings, the disadvantage of passing, it has deferred to the last moment, the trail of dirty socks, I'm on His and Mindy-the show can follow, if I wonder where she is, packed lunches and the sort.

And then I have a rule that we very regularly practicing konversationens noble art, when we sit at the dinner table. The decision I made after through life to have spent hours that felt like years, for companies with bordherrer (and ladies, for that matter, when you are single, you are often placed at the side of someone's aunt,) that either responds to any attempt at conversation with monosyllables or talk continuously for six hours on a combine without showing the slightest interest for the person they are sitting next to.

Some people get offended when I tell them that I teach my children to converse, because I think it is infinitely uopdragent not to know that it takes two for a conversation. 'Well, some are just more shy than others,' they say. In particular, if their offspring belong to them, sitting as saltstøtter at our family's weekly Tuesday-taco-dinner and can barely ask for water.

I think it is both stupid and lazy. All can conversation. And all will become happier and wiser, to learn to take an interest in other people.

Well, but I think it is exciting to know what concerns the youth. Not least because, as a rule, is far better than its reputation, and you can quickly go into a panic, if you settle for believing what the media tells.

So if now you do not have your own teen-notify at home, I can tell you that for the time being lively discussed, is whether Instagram removes the ability to see how many there on both sides but one's lookup.

It's also good to laugh a little at. And it did I also. It may well be no matter whether there are 27 people or 27 million, who love the image of one's avocadomad. Social media is not reality.

But then stiffened the smile still a bit. For it is the. And youth is not only about to Betebet have difficult to distinguish. I myself have profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And I had to greet and to say that my generation certainly did not hold back with the lookup that is intended to harvest likes – and gets the viewer to feel inferior, unhappy and uspændende.

There are several filters on the pictures, than there is photoshop on the election poster, and that is saying something. Therefore, I have decided to make 'The Grabowske Guide To Social Media For the Middle-aged'. You don't have to like it:

- Gf-/married couple who incessantly posts pictures of their mate with add-ons as #hamher #minelskede #digogmig #love, are often so insecure in the relationship, that they are using hashtags like spells. You can safely assume that one party has an affair, they quarrel, from standing up to going to bed, and they are only together with each other, because they are livrædde whether there are others who can keep them out.

- People who take selfies when they just stood up and not certain in the corners of the mouth and sovestriber on the cheek, have spent at least an hour to do my hair and put on a natural makeup, before they took the picture.

- Constant Instagram photos of the beautiful (healthy) food and prydelige procurement in presentable packaging is generally an indication that the senders 95 per cent. of the time live of unheated red sausages and krydderboller with tandsmør.

- Twitter-users who write moral opsange that 'we' must be better people, think NEVER themselves. They also grow often a strange sport, which is to write unpleasant and " spoiled things for others hoping to be blocked – after which they bring their blockages as trophies. In turn, they become mortally offended if you quietly points out their modbydeligheder. And blocks you – then you are of them.

- Filterfyldte nature means that the sender accidentally saw the sun stand up/go down on the way to work, but would like to work as a type of living in the present moment and dwell on life's small miracles. Endless and blurry videos from the concerts is to return a proof that the person is the direct descendant of people who in the old days was bored with their surroundings, with the cine film from their recent trip to the Harz mountains, because they had no idea what they were going to talk with them about.

Although thank you.

Scroll Grabow

Scroll Grabow has for more than twenty years been topledelses and kriserådgiver for companies in the Nordic region. In the last seven years she has operated her own consulting firm. She is born in 1971, msc. mag. in old norse philology, mother of two, liberal, and completely devoid of patience.

Date Of Update: 23 November 2019, 10:01