So a little servant, a politician in fact

If there is A topic, which is continually and in all eternity, popping up in the media, then it is how we remunerate our politicians. Some media have put it i

So a little servant, a politician in fact

If there is A topic, which is continually and in all eternity, popping up in the media, then it is how we remunerate our politicians.

Some media have put it in the system. They have simply the story once a year, is quite solid, and they have a list of who they are calling, so they can put pictures on, who else should be jealous of.

oh Well.

Before I write any further, I just want to reassure you, good reader, but before you furiously pulling the pencil up and writes: 'She is sitting just even with both a bold minister and folketingspension,' so I write even, that it has you as absolutely right. So saves you THE letter to the editor.

So yes, I'm one of the velbjærgede former levebrødspolitikere, after nearly 25 years as mp and more than 10 years, as the minister gets a good pension.

NOW, the new-day saints at Christiansborg change the rules solely to please the press and the envious. It keeps so until next time, which starts a new round of the immortal story.

But the fundamental question is: Why in the world should, however, behave as though political work can be equated with the ordinary labour market? Who has the bildt anyone it? Political work can in no way be compared with any other 'job'.

the Recruitment is different. You are not hired, but chosen by a group of the population which have confidence that you will do a good job. If they are not satisfied with the bet, will not be selected again. And the very political work. You can not buy to the majority in the Folketing or just make a new strategy, then it goes by itself.

90 is the majority, and who can't count to 90, forget about the good ideas. The political process takes time, takes place with small steps, and it applies really to preserve the impatience.

There is no fixed working hours. You may at any time be called on the job, to interview, to encounter out in the country, for Betpas committee work, to the internal party rallies, etc. etc. etc. There is not always meetings in the Parliament, no, but the press is published every day, and there is only one thing to do: to put up, 24-7-365!

And all of this has something to do with the greatest joy and pride. It was always for me the finest in my working life to be elected to Parliament. Minister, yes, that gets you nominated, but to be a real live elected official, IT is the top.

So if you take both personangreb, threats, abuse and general politikerlede in the bargain.

Yet the consideration is not greater than general management roles. 6-700.000 is not unusual in the private sector, and public sector executives will also more, significantly more.

Why would we not acknowledge that the 179 members of the Danish Parliament is to consider as top managers? Has been given the task to rule Denmark on our behalf? However, it could be called something of a liability.

In each case, the fault for much, so completely indifferent, they can't be.

Stop, however, for soren it is hypocrisy, dear politicians. Keep up with snobbe down. In IS something special and should hold on to, that it IS I. It is not a question of you as persons, but your role as lawmakers in the country, which is on the speech here. The respect should be the first to show.

I remember a funny example of hypocrisy, I even was a minister. I should like the minister of state for sport to the OLYMPICS in Los Angeles, and I thought 1. klassebilletterne on the plane was too expensive, so my secretary and I got happy at the monkey class, even though we were entitled to the good seats. It seemed SAS so not on, so we were upgraded to the 1. class. And look who we met there: all of the volunteer leaders from the sports organisations.

Here was no narrow places.

Down was the yet, when we got to the hotel in Los Angeles. As a minister I had a frame at about 6-700 dollars a day for a hotel room, and since the hotel rates rose dramatically as the OLYMPICS started, had some of the idrætsfolkene intercede with me in hoteldirektøren, that I could get a lower price, so I could be at the hotel along with a sea of Danish idrætsledere AND journalists. Here there was also no narrow places.

Spare us the hypocrisy, both from the press, whose own relationship we nothing hear about, or from the part of the population, there are enough would be to assume a politician's task.

Mimi Jakobsen Debater and former minister

Mimi Jakobsen was born in 1948. She is the former minister, president of the Centre-Democrats and the secretary-general of save the children. Today she is a writer and debater. She has two sons.

Date Of Update: 22 November 2019, 21:56