Shocked by customers ' behavior

Christmas is the estimate – remember it now! It is the christmas party. But not everyone remembers to enjoy the view, and it is a shame. All the talk about ch

Shocked by customers ' behavior

Christmas is the estimate – remember it now! It is the christmas party.

But not everyone remembers to enjoy the view, and it is a shame. All the talk about christmas stress is just too much.

To completely honest – christmas is what we make it. We are so busy, that we choose to have in christmas. What is it that we must live up to?

There is no one who compels us to a needless christmas feast for the guests on christmas eve or christmas day. There is no one in Denmark who die of hunger and certainly not at christmas. A dish of food from or to go enough.

There is no premium to it, which can perform most or buy the most gifts. In essence, we must remember to relax. Breathe out. Let the christmas spirit get under the skin of us. The lovely food. The delicious gifts.

But we should in particular keep in mind, what in fact is important. And it is to be together with those who are close to us. The family and friends. They are not in what we accomplish, but who we are as people.

What I enjoy most at christmas is the church service in Viborg Cathedral on christmas eve. Here sings almost a thousand people with each its beak with the nice chorus and great music. The priest's sermon with the message of the most amazing thing that happened christmas night in the stable in Bethlehem.

Here I sit year after year side by side with my parents. It has been like christmas eve all of my life.

My parents are, respectively, 83 and 87 years old, and I appreciate to be able to celebrate christmas with them, even though the health of them is not what it once was.

We enjoy the service and the conversation about it afterwards. I love those moments. We are very much up in the presence. While I cook the meal finished, relaxing the in the living room. It has the deserved. Now it is my turn to be the that do nothing for them. Not just christmas, but all year round. I have it good with.

Christmas is, for me, a very special time. It starts already in late november, when I decorate for christmas at home in Viborg and in the office at Christiansborg.

I'm to put it mildly-very fond of traditions. Julepynten the same places, and on my desk at home, facing the goblin, I got in the grocery Store, when I was five years old. But I have also been so set that the icing should be nice and stylish. However, without the charm and the charm disappears.

When my life is in Copenhagen, but my home is in Viborg, it requires a bit of planning. So the christmas tree is felled and trimmed, and the presents are bought. Now waiting for the food, and whatever else just needs to be done.

But it is really lovely. Keep this in mind. I think it is great to have to prepare for the feast. The only thing I can easily do without, is worked with to take all adorned down – and januarmørket that awaits afterwards.

December has for me always been the lights we turn on in the dark time. I remember how my parents did too, I had a nice christmas since I was a child. I have always had, and the years where my grandparents were with, was something special. The dance of the tree ended always with the 'Lovely is the Earth'. My grandfather's favorite hymn.

of My childhood, christmas was love and presence. Not everything else. And I will wish for all, that they could have the experience.

I think unlike some, perhaps – that it is nice to buy gifts.

Something, which, in turn, is not so nice is to see how some people act in stores, when buying christmas gifts. The poor sales assistants, who work hard to serve the needs of all and pack the gifts are nice check, have enough to see to.

Both the employees and the owners of the shops are pressed. Patience among customers is obviously very different. And poor the, serving in the order. It can easily cause acidity and ugly words. But honestly – we when it is enough. Lower the shoulders and a smile to our sales personnel include and wish a merry christmas. It has certainly earned.

Christmas should be christmas celebrations. It is not enough to say that it is it. We will even make the to it. It requires that we decide that it is the way it should be. Completely without having to live up to any other. But just take care good care of each other.

The strong message should be enough in itself. So bring your family under your arm and take to the julegudstjeneste, enjoy the food, the presents and everything else is, but the stress now is not over it.

Merry christmas.

Søren Pape Poulsen

Søren Pape went in 2014 from the mayor of Viborg to be the leader of The Conservative Party. Today he is among the most experienced leaders of the party at the Palace, and he is known to drive a hard line against criminals and high taxes.

Date Of Update: 20 December 2019, 10:00