Sea Marie Serup: How have the political parties and their leaders done since the election

B. T. s political commentator the Sea Marie Serup judge partiledernes political form from the elections and to now Mette Frederiksen It is almost mind-boggl

Sea Marie Serup: How have the political parties and their leaders done since the election

B. T. s political commentator the Sea Marie Serup judge partiledernes political form from the elections and to now

Mette Frederiksen

It is almost mind-boggling good for the pure socialist government - not least the prime minister has put himself firmly in the chair. Now, the blue opposition has been pretty absent, but Mette Frederiksen, is so powerful, because she knows what she wants, is well prepared and is implementing its plan with a sure hand. She has even managed to be able to take on the holidays with one as well as completed in the new year - it is rare in the prime minister's office. What she wants, she shall have - the greatest christmas gift with extra marcipanrulle to the coffee. It is fully deserved.

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen

Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, took a Left-party, which on paper, was in fine form with twice valgfremgang in the baggage, but in reality, there is some serious K3’are in the tilstandsrapporten. And then it is right now a near impossible task having to stand at the head of a blue block, who insists on being known as a famous sausage - on broken. But even if we take the level of difficulty of the task in the assessment, one must say that, Ellemann-Jensen, both could have sat heavy in the chair and allowed the government more resistance. He has to take some walks in the woods at christmas and have thought about a plan for the new year.

Kristian Thulesen Dahl

Kristian Thulesen Dahl stands with a crazy heavy task. He gained the election-absolute greatest øretæve from the voters, the party living in a dark shadow of a Sign - and Feld-case (the suspicion of misuse of EU funds, as investigated by the fraud squad), and then he loses already now talk to the New Borgerliges president in crucial cases. In many ways he has used the time wisely on reflection and the reflections of the election results, just as there is a drive in policy development, but the bottom line is still that the DF is in trouble. Allocated trøsteklejner from here.

Pernille Skipper

the Device list entered to forståelsespapirforhandlingerne with trauma from Thorning/Corydon-era. They can now go on holidays with peace of stomach. The government is red, the ambition is green, and the Radical has not yet drawn something completely wrong. There is space to enjoy with a vegan-smæskesteg and a really good gift from the recovery.

Morten Østergaard

Hopes - not least from the Danish business sector and large parts of the civil Denmark - to what Morten Østergaard able to deliver in the negotiations on the budget bill, was simply too high. It is not The People's fault, but it was their problem. No matter how many beating hearts they sent out on social media, they were hailed (unjustly) as the debate's losers. Østergaard and The Radicals have not the same power of S as in the past, but they'll probably figure out how to use it, they have. Granted a grandpa on the couch under a newspaper. It'll probably go better in the new year.

Pia Olsen Dyhr

the SF has been an exciting - young and female - folketingsgruppe, as we will probably get more to look for, but in the meantime, the president has been here, there and everywhere. Always with a smile in the eyes and many words of praise for the government and the outcome of various negotiations. But it was a little strange that the parties behind the budget bill did not agree on whether or not it was delivered minimumsnormeringer or not with the agreement they entered into. The bottom line is, both, to the children's area, has been given a historic boost, but also to minimumsnormeringerne still have a long wait. It is recommended to cut-and-paste with some neglected two - to six-year-old grafts.

Uffe Elbæk

Christianborgs visionary kaospilot announced in december that Elbæks think-tank-the party from February to be led by another. It was a pragtpræstation to create a batch so quickly and to be elected in the Parliament with the strength, as the Alternative was. And the party has set the agendas, matured agendas and has been at the forefront as get. But it was in the last legislature. In this party's only been a subordinate clause. He must be greeted with warm slippers at christmas.

Søren Pape Poulsen

It goes good for the old Conservative Party. They've even got a mandate to go from V to K, as Marcus Knuth found a new group at Christiansborg. The optimism is back in the party both at the Castle and in the hinterland, but has not yet ushered in any new Immigration era, which is otherwise a great leadership vacuum in the blue block, as Pape was able to move into. K, however, is in a unique position to run away from the blue field and after christmas should be even to look at a new flerårsaftale for the police. It can almost not be better for a conservative former minister of justice and lawyer. He gets a marcipangris!

Alex Vanopslagh

Alex Vanopslagh is a breath of fresh air in the crowd of party leaders, but it is extremely hard to do LA's mandates is interesting, like it, of course, not helped, when 25 percent of the parliamentary group walked out and formed their own party. It is, however, his and LAs great luck, to Ellemann-Jensen clearly has tilkendeliget, that the Left needs to be a broad party. But Vanopslagh is as grandfather's stories from his childhood - on the way to school in short pants in a snowstorm and headwind on a bicycle without tires. He may well get the patter on the christmas tree, so he can make some noise in the new year.

Pernille Vermund

Pernille Vermund is stepped unimpressed into the Palace. She has not been affected by the classy and look, but continues in his usual style - including a frisprog, which provokes many, but enough to excite her own. It is even managed for her to be the obvious yndlingsmodstander in the debates with The Radical - a role that would otherwise have been DFs for the past 20 years. She can be happy with for a start, but more needs to be mandates must be used for more than talk. But she gets a hot glass of mulled wine from here.

(Simon Emil Ammitzbøll-Beetle)

Seriepartihopper and seriepartistifteren have used the time after the election to create the project Forward. But until now, only a website. And it even goes poor with the collection of vælgererklæringer. Maybe it helps with a little family time.

Merry christmas!

the Sea Marie Serup

the Sea Marie Serup is B. T.'s political commentator and also as director of the communication agency BY SERUP. Sea Marie Serup is one of the sharpest political observers and have been quite close in power as the advisor to the prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen in his first reign.

Date Of Update: 21 December 2019, 00:01