My son's question got me to thinking, so that it creaked

"Mother, do you think, vinduespudseren polishes the windows, because he thinks it's fun, or do you think he does it for the sake of money?" the Question wa

My son's question got me to thinking, so that it creaked

"Mother, do you think, vinduespudseren polishes the windows, because he thinks it's fun, or do you think he does it for the sake of money?"

the Question was asked by my 10-year-old son, and I must admit that I just had to think about the answer.

on the one hand, working the majority of people for the sake of money, and, on the other hand, one can easily have a job you love. And some people are even free!

"most people are probably not happy with their work," said my son, concluding, and back I sat with the thoughts that crushed loose: the Gods must know that I am extremely happy with my job, which currently costs me up to 60 hours a week, but originally it was not the entertainment I sought out.

In 1990, I began to read French at university, but dropped out within a year. Still it was not something for me. In 1992 I was started with my ejendomsmægleruddannelse, but you must keep in mind that it was a time with 16 and 17 percent annuity, which meant that there were sold very few properties.

Many small real estate agents had to turn the key on and let the big chains get to. I left the profession after my graduation and then had a time as annoncesælger on the TV, the triangle in Fredericia and later as a manager of a café in the vicinity of Kalundborg, before I landed, as a journalist, first at the SEE and HEAR and ago on tv.

It was also a time when it was difficult to get to work, so all the concerns about geographic location, or talk about being overqualified didn't even exist. If I were to have money for the rent, it required that I occasionally had to move me.

I can even hear it. I sound like an old aunt who preaches morality: "at the Time I was young, it was hard... blablabla."

But in reality, I want to send comfort to those academics who recently have been the focus of attention in the media, because they find it so difficult to find work. They have been called lazy, and several have defended themselves with, that they have sent hundreds of applications, but just not got the bite.

It must simply be such a pity to have taken a long and distinguished training and so could not use it. I can well understand, if the young graduates are disillusioned.

the Politicians were so busy, that young people should educate themselves, and see what it led to - unemployment.

Therefore perhaps the time has come to realize and accept that you are with the wrong diploma. The ambitions should be about, and it feels like to move back to the start.

But for you, disillusioned academics, I would say: be of good courage! Education is never bad. Never. To acquire specialist knowledge means that man is dressed to think abstractly. This means that I can easily use a part of your knowledge... just for something different, than you thought.

When I think after, I can't actually think of many of my friends who work in the profession they are trained for. At one time or another they have had to be reprogrammed.

It requires that you dare to let herself fall and perhaps a number of years working in an occupation they had not dreamed of. Believe me: There is PLENTY of work for you.

I know no one in the whole catering industry or service industry, there is no lack of people. Funny enough is the most important qualification: Mødestabilitet. So if you can figure out how to meet up at a job every day, so there is work to get. It was not so, In which academics favoured up to, but it is certainly not, In the end, if you will. In the same way as I have not had the ambition to become the big annoncesælger in his time.

My good friend has a son who started as flaskedreng in the Net. Today he sits high in the same group. I know virtually no managers in the Danish tv-production environment that did not start their career as a runner (errand-boy). And too bad it was not for myself.

What I saying is: See not obstacles, but grab the opportunities. They are there... if you dare!

Annette Heick

Annette Heick was born in 1971. She is a journalist, tv host, singer, and entrepreneur, and is married to the chef Jesper Vollmer. She is the mother of two sons.

Date Of Update: 08 December 2019, 08:00

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