Minister shocked by the ugly messages

Several of B. T.'s male followers smoke immediately in a defensive position, as the minister was over in order to focus on misogyny on the internet. Several

Minister shocked by the ugly messages

Several of B. T.'s male followers smoke immediately in a defensive position, as the minister was over in order to focus on misogyny on the internet.

Several users wrote messages that shocked the minister. Read some of them here.

Mogens Jensen (S) was invited in to B. T.'s livestudie to elaborate on what he will do to get so-called ‘incels’ on the internet for life.

the Concept of ‘incels’ covers over the extreme misogyny on the web, in particular forums, where men believe that women are the reason that they can't get sex. ‘Incels’ is the English abbreviation of ‘involuntary celibacy’ – involuntarily celibate.

What started as online support groups particularly for men, who could not have sex, it has developed to the John Horgan, who is a professor in psychology at Georgia State University, calls a new form of terrorism.

According to the university of persons with threads to incel-the environment was associated with 47 killing, the vast majority of victims are women.

John Hogan is leading a project to research the incel-the environment, development, and Mogens Jensen told Berlingske that he agrees with Hogan's assessment.

In B. T.'s livestudie deepened the minister for gender equality:

"In my eyes it is terrorism, when you commit violence, and in these cases killing and murder with a background in a case. When people begin to kill women because they believe women are the reason for their existence, is it for me to see terrorism, with the aim that women should not have the position in society, they have, or that the women is a barrier for that men can live the life they want or get sex."

And it was not long before several men felt the need to write comments about women in the commentary track.

'God created the woman in his anger and the women have made ever since', wrote Bjarne Skov Poulsen.'We must have blowjobautomater on every second street corner', wrote Bjarne Holm.'He could slip out in the kitchen with the other shortcomings of the creatures', wrote Kaare Jakobsen.'The worst thing that has happened in the story was that the kitchen window Betnano was invented .. so could the women see, there was a world outside', wrote Soren Egeberg.'Women just can't understand jokes... longer is not', continued Alex Holby.

"It's frivolous," responded Mogens Jensen, who has taken the initiative to a study of the young men from the North who move in forums such as 4chan, 8chan and Reddit, and how these forums on the internet affect and amplify young men's attitude to and understanding of gender equality.

"you can moderate your threads, because you have a media, you have control over. But there are plenty of places it can be allowed to flourish, where it will not get moderated. Therefore, we must have some ethical guidelines of how to act on social media, just as we have ethical standards for how we bypass each other outside," he continued.

Mogens Jensen told that the number of attacks against women based on incel environments has gained momentum after Meto campaign.

"Some believe it is a hadekampagne against men. It is creepy that it even led to men taking weapons in hand and begins to shoot the women."

the User Patrick Stoltenberg gave in the debate, he cares in his own gender's behalf.

‘I think it is more worrying that we talk so much about women's rights, that it may soon take the upper hand and tilt the balance that we oppress men soon.’

"In a country like Denmark we have come close to equality, but we are not there at all yet. You do not get equal pay for equal work. And if you look at political level and at the enterprises, there are far more men than women. Globally it is even worse. There is a big difference between men and women's opportunities," said Mogens Jensen.

Date Of Update: 23 November 2019, 15:00