Known millionaire: My heat dream has come true

Where do we hear much about the public failure of it projects. These are important stories, which is about wasted millions and billions, which could have benefi

Known millionaire: My heat dream has come true

Where do we hear much about the public failure of it projects. These are important stories, which is about wasted millions and billions, which could have benefited the other places. But where is it tiring.

I would like to tell a positive story about it development and the public.

Two sizes, which otherwise seem incompatible in our country, where negative headlines about the Sundhedsplatformen, Forældreintra, EFI and lots of other more or less failed it projects have been everyday for a number of years.

Yes – now I smoked even in negativitetsfælden. A automatreaktion, when you hear about government it projects, unfortunately. On with the yes-hat, Thorborg. I would like to commend the parts of the public for their approach to it.

in Fact, I believe that some of my accounting firm Dineros most cutting-edge projects right now can only be made, because the government has begun to open itself to the outside world. For companies like us.

Let me give a current example from my own world:

on Monday we launched in Dinero automatic reporting of vat. A regnskabsrevolution, which has been one of my hottest dreams, ago we established the accounting program, which means that our users save both time and make it difficult to make mistakes. Win-Win.

Automatic vat reporting is only become a reality because the tax administration has understood it smart to open up and let us – on behalf of our 56.000 users – send data from the accounting software to the tax administration. Smart, right?

the Benefit for us is that we can make a bold, sought-after feature, and thus make our users happy. The advantage for the tax administration is that they do not have to develop the function yourself, and instead can focus on the core function. And the advantage for society is that there will be fewer errors in the momsindberetningerne.

another example, from the private pond is our ambitious project to Visma Rating. In Perabet essence, it is about ensuring small businesses ' survival, among other things, a flag with the red flag, if their customers is in bankruptcy. It sounds simple. It is not.

It can only be done because The Central Business register – in everyday speech, the CVR enables, that we can poke our digital sign down in their data, soak them over in our universe, and to process and disseminate to the people.

In Dinero grabs we have the opportunity to make something useful for our users when the public allows it.

It may sound complicated.

But really it's not much different than what Apple does with their iPhones. They have made the platform with a few apps preinstalled, and otherwise keeps the nallerne from the phone. They stick to it, they are sovereign to – namely, to make the phones – and then lets the other provide the content, in the form of apps.

It has created fertile ground for an entirely new market for entrepreneurs: App-development. Lots of new companies whose sole purpose is to deliver the content to your and my phone, have popped up, since smartphones were an inevitable and indispensable part of our everyday life:

Games, music, trading, reading, dating, and many other acts carried out today on the phone. And it has businesses with quite a few years old utilized to manifest itself in the market with turnovers in two - and three-digit millions.

With the arrival of smartphones, Apple created and their competitors to a new market for entrepreneurs. The same is going to happen when public organizations open up to the outside world – Excise and VAT has shown the way. When it happens, is the country's it-entrepreneurs (hopefully) ready to seize opportunities and create new businesses.

And perhaps some entrepreneurs resolve it the development better and more efficiently than the public organisations – and thus save us all the negative headlines in the media and spilled the millionudgifter.

Martin Thorborg

Martin Thorborg is the co-founder and adm. director at Dinero Accounting. He is a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of companies on his resume, including Leadership, Amino, Saxis, Ageras and SPAMfighter. He is the author of the book 'Entrepreneur to I die', and a much sought after lecturer. Martin writes about entrepreneurship, business, and everyday absurdities.

Date Of Update: 23 November 2019, 07:01