I have had ENOUGH: What happens in the minds of the people?

I have had ENOUGH of the thugs on the labour market! Riots and stone's throw. The toppled cars. And not only that – a big fallen scaffolding. Which country

I have had ENOUGH: What happens in the minds of the people?

I have had ENOUGH of the thugs on the labour market!

Riots and stone's throw. The toppled cars. And not only that – a big fallen scaffolding.

Which country are these pictures from? It was the first thought that entered my mind when I saw how stilladsarbejdere threw stones and overturned cars as part of a protest against employees of another company.

It was gudhjælpemig in Denmark – and even of the Danish stilladsarbejdere. How is it come to this? I don't comprehend it.

Imagine what could have happened if there had been people at work, or there had been someone in the workplace. It could easily have cost human lives. What happens on top in the minds of these people?

We are wont to characterise Denmark as a peaceful, and our country is thankfully also quiet for the most part. We resolve conflicts at the negotiating table and talk about things. We do not use violence and threats. But is it for all?

We have within a short time, first experienced bagagearbejderne in Copenhagen Airport and now stilladsarbejderne in Copenhagen use methods that are far over the line. Direct criminal acts.

I am in favour of that in Denmark we have a labor market in which there are orderly, and where we have agreements. If there are things that happen that should not happen at a workplace, is that both the labour inspectorate and the police to contact. To use its own can never be defended.

In this case the starting stilladsarbejderne i.e. the day with the first, to abandon the work overenskomststridigt for then to go to Nørrebro and make trouble.

they Had drunk too much from the morning, or is it because, quite simply, undemocratic attitudes, expressed in this way? No matter what, there is no excuses to act that way.

I am deeply shaken, but gradually, not surprised. 3F are taking a distance – as they need to – but do you believe it? In TV the Newspaper on Tuesday evening struck a representative of 3F real, that this had consequences for the members. You draw not the marks of each other, I think, he said.

So, what is it here for something – is the code in a rockerklub? How can a trade union on the one hand, take distance, but in the real world, not wish that it should have no consequence? Wondering what to do, before the 3F says stop? How long tolerate the man mafioso-methods?

There must be something now! I am going to ask the minister of justice about several things in this case.

"How many of the protesters were arrested as a result of stilladsarbejdernes violent acts? It was obvious that there were thrown with stones or the like."

"Will you through the television images and the second pursuing the violent elements, and what is put in the work in this regard?"

"Will you investigate who toppled the scaffold and thus could have harmed other people?"

"How many were charged with violation of maskeringsforbuddet? On the pictures it is clear to see, that some protesters are masked out. This alone shows their mindset and the desire to pursue the crime."

Additionally, it could be liberating, if the minister of employment would go actively out in these cases and talking vehemently, but this I know well, is not going to happen with the minister's close relations to 3F, unfortunately.

But I would like to take the errors and rebutted here.

I shudder at the thought of how the next collective bargaining must go with such types. My guess is that they will vote no regardless of the result, and then there is the walk in the street. And it will these types of love.

But something larger is at stake. Negotiations on agreements are important to society, and it is essential that our labour market work for both companies and employees. No need for a conflict. It makes no richer, but may on the contrary be a big challenge for Danish jobs.

All of this, do the social partners deal with at the negotiating table and the subsequent polls.

However, the so – violence and vandalism should be completely and utterly on the shelf. The fight must take place at the negotiating table and be a battle of arguments.

Søren Pape Poulsen

Søren Pape went in 2014 from the mayor of Viborg to be the leader of The Conservative Party. Today he is among the most experienced leaders of the party at the Palace, and he is known to drive a hard line against criminals and high taxes.

Date Of Update: 06 December 2019, 07:00