I cried almost when I saw the piece of 'christmas decorations'

I is TOO MUCH. It is not a diagnosis – those I have otherwise several of the – just a definition. Probably the one I hear most often. My formegethed means tha

I cried almost when I saw the piece of 'christmas decorations'

I is TOO MUCH. It is not a diagnosis – those I have otherwise several of the – just a definition. Probably the one I hear most often.

My formegethed means that I live according to the motto ’high level of fly...’ with the continuation ’...is the place, where it sources most of the stomach, so let's stay there’.

I hate terms like ’eat bread’ and ’on the regular’. I do not understand how ’the head up and legs down’ can be an acceptable response to a question about someone's well-being.

It is dødbesværligt to be too much. Most of the others.

the People holding their ears when I sing, and four times I have had chefjobs, where I happily laid out with sitting in the storrumskontor – for quite a few quarters later to find myself in a small glasaflukke, where no one could hear me hum while I write or speak (too) high in the phone.

Last year I went to a church service in a black baptist church in Chicago. That pushed the ladies in yellow dresses me in the side and said: "You go, girl!" when I voted in. Unfortunately, they do never in Frederiksberg Castle church.

I have never understood how anyone can grumble about the celebrations. I get happy when I see julepynten come forward in the shops, and my window cleaner comes on a few days, so that we can get hung my magnificent collection of brightly coloured ornaments, up.

I have, among other things, a wonderful, overforgyldt and very trumpisk 3D-version of The White House, that my friend in Washington gave me last year. It made me almost cry of joy.

In the year I will increase the collection with a quantity of animals that light up. I really believe that my surroundings will also appreciate a lavishly luminous wildlife on the balcony. If not, is it more sad for them than me.

Each year I am celebrating my birthday for days. It is the fifteenth of this month and I will never, ever too old to lie sleepless the night before and delight me.

I love colorful clothing, gold and sequins. Countless are the letters and messages I've received from angry tv viewers, on decidedly show have told me that women who are over 40, talking about politics and using size 40 to 42 in clothes, NOT to wear tight fitting dresses with budgies.

Once there was even a pensioner from the north of Zealand, who told me that she could see the strap of my bra through my sølvbluse, and she found this utterly unacceptable. She also told me that my teeth were too crooked for tv, but it is more difficult to change, since I used the pacifier to the far Savoybetting reaches of primary school age and have a solid suttebid as a result.

Fortunately, my dentist lovingly but firmly stated that it is good that I have not had the hanger on, for, as she says: "You smile with all the teeth, and I think damn not, the fun would be there if you had moved the front teeth."

I am constantly falling in love with men, I can't get. I am also constantly telling them that. Unfortunately, I expect not, for they have called 3.6 times and invited me out, while I have played the expensive and failed to call back and refused.

If I like someone, I say it to them. It breaks the all too rarely on. I kiss all the people I care about. It breaks their wives all too rare.

in return I get a great gift of myself, every time my heart gets crushed. Last time it was a blue minkpels.

Once I met a naval officer on the web dating. He had lied ten centimeters taller than he was, and spent an hour and a half to lecture to me about what he liked about women. I didn't like him.

Subsequently he wrote to me, that I in his opinion would limit my body language and had ’too little estrogen’. I am so with safety not fit. In fact, I have so much PMS every month, I high down completely in the stomach, both when I look Merci-advertisement and skolepatruljen (they are SO cute in their too-big rain cover).

at Least once a day I wish that I was a simple clerk from Kalundborg with a copper wedding and a classic wardrobe in dark blue and beige. I never had a headache and nattesorg and følelsesstorme.

But then I think of the sweet friend that once, where I sobbed in the phone, gently but firmly told me that "the most prevalent common characteristic of people who think that you are too much, is that they themselves are too little."

Maybe. But it is now like that forlidthed is not quite so frowned upon. And in this country, where darkness falls at four o'clock, and there are associations for everything, we are actually someone who also wants us.

The Non-Anonymous. I think the logo in rhinestone.

I called the Roll, and I is too much.

Scroll Grabow

Scroll Grabow has for more than twenty years been topledelses and kriserådgiver for companies in the Nordic region. In the last seven years she has operated her own consulting firm. She is born in 1971, msc. mag. in old norse philology, mother of two, liberal, and completely devoid of patience.

Date Of Update: 23 November 2019, 05:01