How could the strange woman see that everything wasn't okay?

"do you Think it may be true that I have met an angel?" whispered a friend betroende to me over the frokostanretningen on stamrestauranten in the heart of Cop

How could the strange woman see that everything wasn't okay?

"do you Think it may be true that I have met an angel?" whispered a friend betroende to me over the frokostanretningen on stamrestauranten in the heart of Copenhagen.

She squinted quickly to the right and left to ensure that the frokostspisende guests at nabobordene not had the long ears.

The weird with the cutlery, chatted, scooped tartare and French fries into, and no one seemed apparently upset by the word 'angel'.

a Little quickly she told what it was about. A regnvejrstung afternoon tea at one or another bus stop she stood and waited for the 5C, which last year transported over 18 million passengers.

There, through the tangle of all nationalities, languages and sounds – people with turbans, scarves, ladies with strollers, and ten thin plastic bags in hand, the laborer, the students and all those from the creative class, looked a woman on her, and said:

"I'm Sorry, are you quite alright? Can I do something for you?"

Perpleks and a little puzzled, maybe a little cautious and a little timid, beat my friend it go and assured the woman that everything was fine. But exactly the kind of regntunge day, everything was not actually fine. She was not completely okay. But how could the alien woman see it? She could see through her? And who was she? An angel? Maybe.

For the angels, it has to come unexpectedly in the midst of the hustle on gråvejrsdage, in the midst of all that is our life – in the midst of darkness outside of Bethlehem christmas night lit by the angel of the Lord suddenly stood before the shepherds.

Also they were perplekse, puzzled and concerned about what their eyes saw. Yes, they were exactly 'the grip of great fear'.

But the angel said to them: "Fear not!"

And it means in fact: "Lower your guard, dear human. Always stay a little and try, if you dare to open yourself to all that I come with."

For even if we know that an angel brings everything good with it, so begins the always with engleordene: "Fear not."

we have just always guard up for the unexpected – for it is, we can't explain it, but what can explain us with a glance, that looks a little more, a little truer and a little more tender than any other has done, or even we could see.

Therefore, witnesses the story of the christmas night, where the angels visited the earth, that man at that time, 2,000 years ago and the modern man today is just puzzled, reservations and fearful of the miracle and angel, heaven and love, because it is contrary to the way we understand ourselves as people: As some who has a grip on our lives, on ourselves and on who we are.

Why are we so timid, so cautious and puzzled, when the unexpected turns out – when another human being shows itself to us. An angel appears in the midst of the tangle of Nørrebro – in our daily life, where space may seem a little more cramped in here during christmas, when the hearts of failing banks and distressed a little more than at all other times of the year.

For it is, paradoxically, in the evening, christmas eve, to the under – we hope, will come, to life goes a little more up – does not appear. To the angel of the lord, we want to descend and linger fredskonfetti down upon us, all the better to keep each other and themselves out, not going as we hoped.

Every child knows how an angel looks like. Any adult need to be reminded of it. For the angel in our life is definitely coming in a different form than we expect.

Some angels are with us throughout life. Other angels and wonders to disappear again in the rush and in the dark, but leaves a forever imprint. It is wondrous – small wonders change our small world.

How it changed the world, when God's angel with a silvery-white wings christmas night put his feet in the mankind of narrative, to disappear again, but like the beloved, not without leaving the imprint. Shrouded in a light it came to us in the regntunge the dark with a message that makes us heirs to salvation. To the sky. To love.

So there is good reason to ask, did it happen really? Dare I believe it? Do you think it may be true that I have seen an angel? Yes, dear man, – believing you, just that there can be wonders in your life. Merry christmas.

Everything has a time, and from the new year disappears bloguniverset on the B. T. Thank you to all the readers for their comments, criticism, praise and everything else. Of the heart thank you to all who have read with.

Marie Høgh parish priest and commentator

F. 1985. The vicar and debater. Graduated from The Faculty of Theology in 2013. The church in Lynge-Uggeløse. I write about faith and existence. About christianity, love, values and a lack of the same. To be human in society and the world in the year 2019. And the most important thing in the big little life, with all that life is.

Date Of Update: 24 December 2019, 10:00