Gaardbo furious: It's a scandal!

It may well be that Britta Nielsen have dug some of our 117 million. down in the south african bush. But then we know at least that the money is there somewhe

Gaardbo furious: It's a scandal!

It may well be that Britta Nielsen have dug some of our 117 million. down in the south african bush.

But then we know at least that the money is there somewhere.

It is worse with certain other of the public's money. One gets dizzy, if you f.ex. searching on 'scandals in the public and discovering the flood of tax projects that have gone awry or poured directly down into the bin. And the man whips according to the weather, when you afterwards searching in vain for the layoffs and degraderinger, there surely could sometimes be relevant.

do I Need to remind you of its its famous system for recovery, after 1,000 million kroner consumption simply just was scrapped? And have you forgotten that you, in turn, has decided to try again with a new system to forecast at 1,100 million dollars?

not to mention the system that fejlberegnede 75 per cent. of property valuations, so that people now in its eighth year do not know how much they pay in taxes to have bought a home.

And what with the 12,000 million, that disappeared in the udbyttesagen? And the Amanda system to 1,000 million., that was scrapped? And the police system for 500 million., there also was scrapped? And the defence system, which was exceeded by € 400 million.? And all the other...

Money in certain public projects and as the smoke out of a chimney. In the beginning, it is visible, but quite quickly you can't see it anymore. It trickles up to invisibility, to scout in vain. And then pulls you on the shoulders.

But where is the anger? Where are the furious menneskemasser in the streets? Where is the requirement that the public cleans up after its own mistakes, such as we others do?

It is possible to amicably has shifted a little bit about some caps here and here. But it is indeed so with great discretion, so we know it's not.

And so take the Britta-case, where the state's own lawyer for the longest time has announced that there won't be a management responsibility after the Brittas unhindered looting of an apparently fallen socialstyrelse over 25 years. However, they have responsible through the same 25 years just as freely probably had their annual salary increases.

And who has the responsibility or the blame for the school-now five years after the school reform carried out read worse than they did before? The prime minister said the other day that she will not blame the teachers. It may also not. But who then?

Is it the parents? Antorini? The municipality? Or maybe Jesus or the UN? The answer drifts up like smoke - just like money - and disappear in the clouds. Just as the billion, the AP Møller foundation gave the school teachers to in-service training for some years ago. What's come out of it? Children who read better?

I'm personally how to set not on a witch hunt for either teachers or heads of unit and directors in the nice agencies and ministries. I'm on the hunt for everything that threatens to break the trust and contract between the citizen and the society.

For we pay the for it. Half of our working time to earn the treasure. So therefore, of course, there are gradually some who think that it hardly can be a crime to make a bit of black work or smuggle an extra carton of cigarettes through customs, when everything else can take place without more palaver.

And Britta? Yes, she is being punished, as she should. But she was, at least, I think-competent on its own, satan's way. And it is just before, and in the light of other public projects, experience her 117 million. as small change.

Jens Gaardbo Tv-host

Jens Gaardbo is a presenter on TV 2 NEWS. He has previously been a news chief at TV 2 News, but in a period of eight years he left the TV 2 to, among other things, operate its own communications agency. Jens Gaardbo has a subtle humour and a fantastic ability to consider the surroundings and fellow beings. Gaardbo is often antihelten in its own columns. He is often on edge with the passage of the currents and all the modern.

Updated Date: 30 November 2019, 10:00

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