Father at childbirth: It is the raving

I get so tired of ligestillingsdebattens symbolpolitiske opinions. I neglecting the fact that more men could take more maternity leave. But to reduce it to a

Father at childbirth: It is the raving

I get so tired of ligestillingsdebattens symbolpolitiske opinions.

I neglecting the fact that more men could take more maternity leave. But to reduce it to a tool, which will help to improve women's opportunities for a better career, is just wrong.

In Denmark, we are now in a situation where an EU directive forces us to implement two months earmarked maternity leave to men. What effect it will have, we can only speculate about. But it does not mean that we should find ourselves in that family gender roles to become the next current of identity politics does battlefield.

Like the Danish Industry has just made to go out and say that we must have earmarked maternity leave for men – for women's careers sake. I myself am a father to two wonderful boys. At present I am on maternity leave. Or as we call it: 'farsel'.

My girlfriend is what you can categorize as a karriereminded woman, but she has always chosen to put the family in focus, when the need is there. The same applied when we had to plan the two barselsperioder. My maternity leave was something we as a family have taken a talk about and chosen to be in this place. Therefore, I must now fit the small, beautiful Fillip and teach him to know better.

But we chose different about our firstborn. Then we decided that my gf should have the full maternity leave so breastfeeding, the best possible start in day care and our son's well-being (prematurely born) was in focus. It went beyond her career? She was not fired – but she may have missed a pay raise. Yet doubt we not for a second, when we had to take the decision. Our son needed his mother, and if you look back, then it would have had implications for his well-being, if we had not taken the decision.

So I should have stood there with a prematurely born child, who needed extra care, nutrition and security. No, I will not be able to provide in the same way, as a mother and a woman.

Therefore, I think it is nonsense that we, as family lose the right to make the choice. And in addition it makes me angry when I see a trend to 'shame' to the families and women who give priority to their children rather than careers.

There is nothing wrong in that the mother is the supporting factor in the early childhood. Nor anything wrong in pointing out that there is a big difference between a man and a woman. The father's role is important. But the mother is more important in the first months of the child's life than the father.

there are tons of research that points to. And just think of such a simple thing as breastfeeding. Yes, you can that man give breast milk with a bottle, which is udpumpet via a diabolic machine, which forces his mother to be up at crazy times, and that cost a fortune. But the attachment, reassurance and proximity, a mother can give a child, disappears completely.

the national board of Health recommends breastfeeding until the child is one year. I think immediately, it is not in kvindeundertrykkelsens name, that they are doing this. In addition, the economic part. Many non-privileged families, the economy can potentially be destroyed, if the man SHOULD bear the maternity pga. pay gap.

If one were to do something, then you had to fight even more for equal pay in certain business fields. At the same time, we ought to look at employers ' attitudes to hiring women, who are considering to start a family. My boyfriend and others, she knows, has f.ex. experienced to be asked at a job interview, whether she would soon have children. It is, after all, a raving question in 2019.

But the change still not on it, which makes me the most tired. The pr. automatism chooses to take the current of identity politics does stance, which states that women give priority to the labour market until their children, and that the evil companies and their men are holding them back.

this is Why initiatives such as the earmarked maternity leave for me to see a kulturprivilegeret stance taken when one is privileged, or you despise kernefamiliens priorities. Therefore, I fear little families in the future.

I do not believe in the earmarked maternity leave for men is the last thing we see. What the next will be, I dare not say. But it would not surprise me if it becomes compulsory prenatal care for men.

Date Of Update: 14 December 2019, 21:00