B. T. mean: Fear not ‘vintermandens’ shade

A bizarre debate has been raging on social and other media in the past week. It is whether we are to displace the word ‘christmas’ to put the word ‘winter’ in

B. T. mean: Fear not ‘vintermandens’ shade

A bizarre debate has been raging on social and other media in the past week.

It is whether we are to displace the word ‘christmas’ to put the word ‘winter’ instead.

the Reason was going to be a kind of berøringsangst to the christian christmas, and an expression of concern for muslims in Denmark. A ‘prostration to islam’, as it quickly came to be called in the kind of debates.

DF-profile Peter Skaarup wrote on his profile on Facebook, that it was his “experience”, that there was a “great tendency” to replace the word ‘christmas’ with ‘winter’ and urged his followers to send him similar examples.

Although he was dropped over a ‘vintermedister’ from the supermarket Aldi. Skaarup stressed that the advertisement did not intend to create conflict, but that he simply found it 'too much with all the respect, we must continually take'.

Thousands commented Skaarups lookup, and hundreds shared it. It created nothing but conflict.

But alas. In addition to the above-mentioned vintermedister is also a spring, a summer and a efterårsmedister. In addition to julemedisteren, which is also available.

As a witty soul wrote on Facebook it was perhaps also a weird ‘prostrations for islam’ with a sausages, containing more than 70 percent of pork.

But suddenly raged the danes over ‘vinterboller’ at the bakery in the Supermarket (but completely forgot, that it is something other than juleboller, as one can get), and a collection of IKEA called the "Vinterfest" (but that was not something that replaced christmas in IKEA).

On the B. T. we received the following photos from the stores, who apparently showed signs of ‘vintermænd’ in chocolate and other Egobet things in the major. Also the Facts and the Net was skoset on the cross to abolish christmas by people who shared these pictures: "Shame on you!" was the example.

the Problem was however, that it was common image manipulation - in the shops was called the goods as usual santas.

the Whole christmas-winter-the situation was in other words a fake news-storm in an upset glass of water.

point-by-Point dropped the ‘trend’ from each other - there were simple explanations and intentional manipulation behind the many misunderstandings.

But not everyone reads the right media, and therefore misunderstandings, unfortunately, live on.

As the national Museum afterwards, as a joke, made a poster with a picture of their beautiful christmas tree and wrote:

"yesterday morning arrived vintertræet here at the main entrance to the museum. So now you can vinterstemningen really begin to descend. With vinterpynt and lovely vintermad. We turn on the tree and singing winter into 1. december. Seen we?"

the Result? Yet a shitstorm from outraged danes, who did not in fact had anything to be outraged.

Immigration to Denmark in recent decades has certainly not been without consequences or challenges of our society today.

But we must not be afraid of our own shadow. Or for the shadow of a ‘vintermand’. Our own vacillation and doubt is the biggest sign of weakness.

Our christmas and our other traditions are strong.

thank god for it.

Date Of Update: 24 November 2019, 07:00