The Truth: Unscrupulous Mummel Baking

Animalistic beasts with the license to Kill: A brief history of the animal in a inhuman espionage and war. Brutal hamster on the underground in search of terr

The Truth: Unscrupulous Mummel Baking

Animalistic beasts with the license to Kill: A brief history of the animal in a inhuman espionage and war.

Brutal hamster on the underground in search of terrorists photo: Reuters

In the case of the killing of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's, the leader of the terrorist organization Islamic state (IS), played dogs a significant role. At least the American President Donald Trump stressed in various official Tweets and praises. In use, violated any particularly heroic dog had. But the notoriously erratic Trump showed at the same time a certain contempt for the dog-like friend of the people by claiming that al-Baghdadi had died "like a dog".

so, You can assume that for the American "Commander in Chief" of the Rip by explosives is an average for the Hundetod. In fact, a not so outlandish idea: according to rumors Trump and his Golf to hunting cronies on one of its resorts for the pleasure of dogs in the air. Confirmed that couldn't be, because so far none of the returned smuggled Snoop alive.

Only days after the use against the boss-the Islamists came out that another animal was involved in the fight: a mole. The experts of animal warfare, it is not surprising. There is in the story of the accurate people killing almost no success, not a mole, a Central role has been played. Again and again you undermine the enemy's camp, and murderers ... nonsense, soldiers and gain access.

This is an open secret among warriors – it's no wonder, when even morbidly suspicious people, as the Qur'an fetishists of the IS to fall on the blind hill of shit. Specialist people puzzles: Has left al-Baghdadi, the belittling propaganda of Czech animated films traces, or the Terror focused- ... excuse me, religion founder Mohammed, in his animal skepticism on the dog and the pig and eye loss the IS so in front of other animal hazards? One of those many TV-terror experts suspected a combination of both.

Just the cost-efficiency of it, the animals so attractive to intelligence services and armies

in any case, the use of animal helpers in war, cunning and betrayal – whether for the good or bad thing – since ancient times guaranteed, despite all Attempts to conceal this. As veterinary historian of the University of go to Schweinfurt, that the Troy stock niche horse of flesh and blood and not made of wood. Betexper Who would take seriously a horse out of wood?

The Details of how the Greeks came into the animal inside and out, but are classified as "top secret" – from taste reasons. Also, it was not Judas, but the rooster crowed Jesus to the cross. A crow could also be been involved in. Some keep the but for semantics. As sure a spectacular attempt to infiltrate with specially-trained elephants, the Roman pottery production failed against Hannibal's.

Very, almost too successfully, the use of rats was in contrast to biochemical warfare in medieval Europe: they brought in from distant India so-called rat poison. And then the plague broke out as well, probably spread by gold hamsters. The supposedly cute mummel baking apply under the arms of the secret services anyway as the optimal weapon, since you are so ruthless, as ruthless, even against himself. Anyone who knows how global risk has been mitigated in the nineties by Richard Gere went out, can confirm this.

Even in the age of industrial warfare, the common animal is part and parcel of secret service activities, especially in the case of targeted transfers. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand, which triggered the First world war, would not have been around without the horses, which slowed down the car of the heir to the throne precisely in the line of fire, even conceivable. And they did it only for a mouth full of hay!

Just this cost efficiency is that animals are so attractive for intelligence services and armies. The staged attack on the Sender Gleiwitz, with the Nazi Germany in the Second world war began, planned in canlı bahis the main cats. Just because you wanted to play with Poland. In addition, animal research has long been known that cats are Nazis, Bleaching or.

In the case of the assassination of John F. Kennedy's Crabs played – exceptionally – an inglorious role, in the assassination of Martin Luther King pigs were guaranteed to be in the game. And what exactly is the rubber duckies in Uwe Barschels tub, may never be solved.

But also terrorist and underground organizations took advantage of again and again, animal helpers: In the case of the IRA, any amount of crazy birds were, especially SIP of woodpeckers, the RAF wanted to call it originally "Red Armadillo group", and the national socialist underground walked around some of the peacock people. When IS it again cats, Yes cats!, to the most cruel actions went back.

Accordingly, the conclusion of the science is: it May be that humanity has set for the next large species to die. Without this whole sneaky Geschwerl peace hopefully soon finally time on this planet.

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Date Of Update: 15 November 2019, 01:36